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John Slots’ Top-Tier High-Rollers

It might take high-rollers more than just a little rummaging to find out which online casinos are most well-suited for their needs; it tends to take some experimenting with any given potential candidate casino. These players who like to push the limits would need to know, usually by trial and error, if the casino in question offers an optimised VIP lounge scheme with perks such as a handy personal manager, generous special bonuses, and quick withdrawals amongst other things. Another attractive feature is tables, and sometimes even jackpots, with high wagering limits.

These are just a few of the things that high-rollers might be on the lookout for. With this all in perspective, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the online casinos that appeal to high-rollers.


BetVictor runs on the momentum of its own name, being the virtual persona of Victor Chandler – a famous British bookmaker – and the franchise of physical UK betting shops that precede the online embodiment. This stylish and simply-designed website provides services in casino games and sportsbook.

It’s lavish welcome bonus package is one feature that gets the attention of some high-rollers. Upon signing up and depositing for the first time, you get 200% your deposit and 200 free spins added to that:

  • 1st deposit – 200% + 200 free spins

However, some high-rollers prefer casinos with no compulsory welcome packages. This is because of these come with wagering requirements. Knowing this, BetVictor gives newcomers the choice to opt out of a welcome package.

One more feature that high-rollers will probably find attractive is the Live Casino section at BetVictor. With four types to choose from – BV Grand, Victor’s Live Casino, Victor Royale, and BetVictor’s Extreme Live Casino – the more daring players are bound to find tables that fit their betting tastes more easily.

Energy Casino

energyminiJSThe slick and streamlined-looking Energy Casino also makes into onto our list for some good reasons. One of these being the fact that players have the option to deposit between €10 and €5000 at any one time. Also, the amount of payment options is numerous and free of charge. This maximum deposit allowance and the range of deposit/withdrawal options will undoubtedly appeal to high-rollers.

One more feature that shines through is the VIP club. The more you play, the more you collect Frequent Player Points (FPP), which can be traded in for cash or anything from the virtual shelves of the Energy Store. And as a VIP member, here’s what you can expect:

  • Dedicated VIP Managers providing red-carpet attention
  • Exclusive promotions and special prizes
  • Special bonuses
  • Faster withdrawals
  • Special events exclusively for VIPs


casumo-johnslots-toplist-logo copyCasumo departs from the previous two in style as it’s a casino with a quirky and entertaining style. That being said, it’s a true favourite amongst players – high-rollers or not – for providing a truly original experience and great customer service. What sticks out the most is that introduces itself as a real adventure casino. Casumo constantly comes up with novel challenges. Most of these bring in the social aspect, and all of which get you in with the chance to win great prizes.

On the note of high-rollers, super-fast withdrawals and a slew of payment options is one aspect that makes Casumo attractive.

More relevant to the actual gaming experience, Casumo’s library of both jackpots and table games is remarkable. There is a real-time counter on the front page that shows you the total amount amassed in jackpots waiting to pop. Also, if players are intrigued by the allure of challenges and adventures at Casumo, you might want to check out the Reel Races. This are tournaments that happen every 30 minutes, and that allow you to bag wins, big wins, mega wins, and wins in a row. And there are a lot of prizes – cash and otherwise – tagged to the end of these tournaments.

Casumo’s VIP program is one geared toward all players, making it easy for players of all kind to join. However, leveling up and obtaining the top-tier prizes is the kind of leap probably only high-rollers will make. To level up and obtain the rewards, you’re going to need what Casumo calls Achievements.

And if you’re thinking of signing up right now, you might be pleased to see that Casumo offers quite a generous welcome package:

1st – 5th deposit - €1200 + 200 free spins (total)


While there are several online casinos that design their experience in a way to appeal to either appeal entirely to high-rollers or only partially, we’ve decided to focus on these three since we believe they offer a solid service for high-rollers in particular. But there’s only one way to find out – jump in and try them out for yourself!


Bad behaviour that will get you banned at online casinos

When you’re playing casino games, chasing that big win and planning your next move, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement – after all, that’s why we keep coming back to play! Online casinos, however, are constantly vigilant against bad behaviour from players.

Cheating, bonus abuse and fraud are all very serious infractions, the consequences of which may extend beyond sanctions from the casino and can even involve the law. In this article, we will be talking about what can get you banned from an online casino while dispelling some common myths.

The winning myth

In many online forums, you will find players talking about a ‘win limit’. This is a self-imposed limit players adhere to in an effort to avoid being banned or having their account suspended by the casino after a big jackpot or consecutive smaller wins. Players will stop playing, even if they’ve hit a lucky streak, because they are worried they will be punished.

This idea however, doesn’t hold up well to logical scrutiny. It is important to remember that any online casino is, at its heart, a business – making a profit is the main idea. So it would make no sense to punish players by locking them out of their accounts after a win. The data shows that most players will channel some or all their winnings back into the casino eventually. Suspending player accounts means the casino loses the chance to make further profit. So you can go ahead and keep enjoying your winning streak for as long as you like - we promise the casino is just as happy as you are!

Now we’ve put that rumour to bed, time to look at what can get your banned from a casino.

Fraud and abuse

Everyone loves a good juicy bonus but there are rules that must be followed, namely that bonuses can only be claimed once per player, often once per household or IP address. Fraudulent behaviour can include creating multiple accounts while using proxy servers to hide location, providing false documentation when asked to verify identification by the casinos, and working with other players to defraud the casino in any way.

Casinos will take steps to prevent players committing fraud and/or bonus abuse, and will punish those who do by locking them out of their accounts. If criminal activity is involved, casinos are also bound by the laws of the country in which they operate to report such activity, particularly in cases involving money-laundering, to the competent law enforcement authorities. In other words, if you’re trying to trick a casino, you might have bigger problems than a banned account to deal with.

Ignoring the small print

The Terms and Conditions section of any website is important, regardless of what the website actually does. As a user or player, it is up to you to stay up to date on the terms and conditions of sites you use, particularly when it comes to using casino sites to play for real money.

As they say in the legal profession, ignorance of the law is no excuse. The same holds for casino sites and their terms and conditions – the onus is on the player to make sure they adhere to the rules or risk being banned.

Cheating the system

Many players have a ‘system’ when it comes to playing at online casinos. These can include reading up and learning about different playing strategies for card games and so on. Having a strategy is a perfectly legitimate way to improve your game play but some players will employ less savoury tactics to their advantage.

Casinos closely monitor player betting patterns and game play, keeping a sharp eye out for users out to game the system using specialized tools or bots. These are 100% not allowed and when (not if) you’re caught, you’ll be locked out of your account before you can blink.

The answer

Looking to keep playing at your favourite casino? It’s simple really. Read and play by the rules! Another way to ensure you never get tangled up in anything unpleasant is to make sure you play with a reputable casino. Explore our casino reviews page to read up about online casinos with excellent reputations and a solid track record. Some great examples are Mr Green, Loki Casino, Betfair, Kaboo and BetVictor.


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Best iGaming summits in the online casino industry

The igaming industry is constantly evolving and getting bigger and bigger. With many iGaming exhibitions and conferences held all over the world, we wanted to highlight our favourites. Read on to learn more.

The very best in the online casino industry

Online gaming is big business, worth billions of dollars. In the last decade alone, they have experienced a boost and filled out a much burgeoning gap in the entertaining industry, namely for people who enjoy casino games online from the comfort of their own home.

One way of garnering success is by offering players competitive welcomes bonuses, reload bonuses and cashbacks. It is a fierce industry where each casino competes in offering the vastest selection of casino games and jackpots in comparison to their competitors.

The point of iGaming summits is to bring together digital gaming experts, casino game providers and vendors in one convenient place and to promote their product. Here are some of our favourite iGaming summits.

Sigma, Malta held in November

With Sigma being held in Malta, you know you are going to bring together the very best iGaming companies in one place. With many online casinos running their headquarters locally, this year’s Sigma showcased four conferences namely on sports betting, regulations, payments and affiliates.

Held in November in an exclusive location in Malta, sees over 3,000 participants from various sections in the industry participating in this event. After all, Malta is home to over 300 iGaming companies so you can rest assured that you will find the crème de la crème of the industry at this event.

London Affiliate Conference (LAC), UK held in February

This 2-day conference held in London provides a wealth of information including presentations and panels with special focus on industry updates, analysis, and highlighting trends throughout the event.

Over 3,000 participants including affiliates, affiliate managers, speakers and casino game operators descend on this relaxing event to network and to discuss a multitude of topics with other participants.

Exhibitors include Karamba Casino, Video Slots and BetVictor among many others.

BAC – Berlin Affiliate Conference, Germany held in October

Held in the heart of Berlin, the Berlin Affiliate Conference is one of the biggest events when it comes to the iGaming affiliate industry. The event gives you the opportunity to do business in the iGaming affiliate market, make new acquaintance and to develop your best performing affiliates as well as to strike up some of the best deals on offer.

ICE Totally Gaming, London held in February

Held in February in London, the ICE Totally Gaming saw the attendance of 28,487 this year alone, increasing its reputation as one of the most prominent international business event in iGaming.

The main purpose of this event is to see the launch of hundreds of new products over the span of three days, learning more about solutions to key challenges, gathering major gaming players including casino game providers, regulators etc. in one place for networking opportunities and giving you access to a myriad of industry information with debates around what the gaming industry is talking about.