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What Are Your Casino New Year’s Resolutions?

2017 is finally upon us, and that means a whole new list of new year's resolutions that 99% of us will probably throw in the bin in less than a week. We usually see the classic lose weight, do more exercise promises around these times, but are there any for the casino world? Of course!

We'll be taking you through some casino new year's resolutions that we've heard of so far, with all being well within reason.

Take the Time to Learn New Games

One thing that's guaranteed with free spins promotions is the chance to play Starburst for free. This NetEnt classic has been at the forefront of casino bonuses ever since its release many years ago, but this has diverted attention away from others.

While there's no doubt that Starburst is a heavyweight for good reason, 2017 is the chance to check out a few other titles by NetEnt and other software providers to ensure you're not missing out.

Diving head first into the deep end isn't always a thrill for some, but the rewards of finding your new favourite slot are unrivalled.

Properly Understand that Casino Terminology

We understand that knowing the complete ins and outs of casino terms and conditions can be a pain, however we implore you to understand the basics that most online casinos follow.

Wagering requirements are the most common term that's understood by players, as they determine what needs to be done before you can withdraw any winnings.

Other areas of the casino agreement such as account parameters, what's considered bonus abuse and withdrawal times should also be known before signing up.

Try Out a New Casino with a Different Theme

If you're looking to start 2017 with something fresh, take a look at our list of some of the newer casinos to hit the shelves. Some casinos are often built around a unique theme, adding much more innovation and interest to a domain than simply casino games.

We know it's easy to find yourself stuck in your ways in anything you do, so that's why you should start to branch out in the casino world for added experience.

Be Treated Like a VIP

As online casinos are founded on an almost daily basis, the competition between websites to offer players a long lasting platform is fierce. Gone are the days when online casinos would be hellbent on attracting only new gamers, with loyalty schemes often rolled out for continued play.

The most popular of these schemes is the VIP program, with different levels deciding what casino bonuses are on offer. If you're still playing at a casino in 2017 which doesn't offer any incentive to stay, it's perhaps the perfect time to seek out a new domain!

Make the Most of Online Casino Playing

Some people are better at casino games than others, it’s that simple. If you’re a seasoned casino player, online or in person, you will be well familiar with the fact that things can fluctuate pretty quickly and randomly.

During the past 10 years, there has been some independent research done on various different forums. Although, full disclosure, there are no scientists or actual raw data involved in the following study. The data used to accumulate the following tips is taken directly from players, who all submitted their answers to some basic question about gaming habits, strategies and methods. Here is what we found out:

  1. Self-control

This is number one for a reason, and a good reason at that. But, let’s face it, we all love gambling and there are few things which can compare with the rush a successful bonus round gives you. But, it can be easy to go a little overboard. Many online casinos offer the players option to set themselves limits on how much they can deposit in a set period, or how much they can bet, in order to stay in control. Players can even self-exclude either temporarily or permanently, should the temptation prove to be too much.


  1. Positivity

There is substantial proof showing that the best players are in fact those who play purely for pleasure, play the game for what it is, a form of entertainment.

  1. Be responsible with your funds

This again comes down to self-control. Don't deposit more than you can afford to lose and never 'chase losses' by carrying on playing, with the hope to win them back.

  1. Set a goal prior to gaming

This is one of the most useful tips to apply to your actual gaming strategy, ask yourself the question before you begin your gaming session; how much do I want to win? Set a goal, either to double or triple your money, stick to this goal and quit while you are ahead. Should you not reach your goal, take it like an adult and live to play another day.

  1. A realistic attitude

The house always wins, don’t fool yourself. But, this is in the grand scheme, for the individual however, the chance or raking home a big win is only as big as you make it. Follow sensible gaming strategies, don’t play out of frustration or to win back lost money.

  1. Patience

As mentioned, chasing your lost money never ends well, never play for more than you are prepared to lose, it’s as simple as that.

  1. Thinking on your feet

Knowledge is power. The master gambler needs to be able to adjust to the situation and think on his feet. Read each bonus offer carefully and if you are unsure of anything, that’s what customer service is for.

Happy hunting!