Casumo to launch new mobile casino

Casumo, the casino with a niche, are about to release their all new and improved mobile version of their casino. All functions and features have been upgraded and given a fresh new touch. All so you can play even more conveniently whenever, wherever you want.

Casumo has simply improved the existing mobile casino version of their web casino and it will be released very soon.

Casumo mobile casino

The new and improved mobile casino is on the verge of being released and the improvements are many. Casumo is currently accessed via the web browser and it’s being optimized in preparation for the real mobile device app which will be released soon.

First of all the mobile casino has been completely re-done with a new design accompanied with a more user-friendly desktop, which you can personalize, resulting in an easier way to navigate the casino than ever before. You can even create your own top list for your favourite games. All in all, it is a user-optimised mobile casino with a truly responsive tablet design.

Besides these fundamental and important features, Casumo has also improved:

  • Games graphics – it’s now big, bold and beautiful
  • Notification systems – are now synchronized with your web account and all notifications are immediate
  • Deposit systems – are now working as efficiently as the web casino. A lot faster than the previous mobile version

You can soon log in by the touch of a button and you´ll be back in the last game you played when you last visited the casino. Log in on your iPhone, iPad or Android unit or any other modern device to play, where you can check your current level and planet. Or collect space crystals, why not, which are exchangeable exchange for great rewards.

More new features and functions will gradually be added after the launch.

Casumo welcome bonus

At Casumo, all new players are welcomed with a fantastic bonus. You are offered 100% extra value on your first deposit up to €400 and 100 free spins on top of that. Should you chose to max out the bonus and deposit the €400, you will get a total of €800 to play for at the casino, along with the free spins.

Still not convinced to sign up? Try the 10 no deposit free spins, which you get by registering your new account. That will give you a nice insight into Casumos’ casino.

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