All the Best VIP Perks at Karamba

Karamba are one casino who know how to treat their players. And considering they’ve been around since 2005, it’s not really surprising- they’ve had plenty of time to polish their approach. From their customer support provision; live chat, email and phone, to their focus on being accessible- with assistance available in a huge variety of languages and deposits possible in a wide range of currencies, they’re really getting it right. 

While nearly all players love Karamba, there is one type of player in particular who adores the casino more than most- the VIPs. While many casinos adopt an off-the-cuff approach, Karamba make it very clear from the outset what their VIPs can expect from them; the bonuses they’ll get, the additional support and personalised offers they’ll receive and various other important factors. 

Let’s face it, when you’re a VIP, you have your pick of the casinos. So if a casino wants to gain your trust and your custom, they really need to set themselves apart, and Karamba do just that. At Karamba, the VIP levels are staggered- with players moving up the levels as they deposit and achieve more reward points.


Unless you’re a VIP who has been specifically invited to join Karamba (in which case you join the upper echelons of the ‘Premium’ and ‘Prestige’ levels from the outset), all players begin as a ‘new member’. Even at this comparatively lowly level you’ll be treated like a VIP at Karamba; getting a sought-after welcome bonus, access to a super-fast cash-out process and a birthday bonus. But, as you begin depositing, you’ll slowly but surely rise the ranks. 



Each and every time you deposit and wager €20 you’ll receive one reward point and your VIP level will rise as your reward points level goes up. Get 10 reward points to achieve Bronze VIP Level- where you’ll be gifted 25 free games, and be given access to VIP tournaments in addition to your new member rewards. 


Achieve 60 reward points and you’ll move up to Silver VIP level. This level sees its members grab 50 free games from the start, 10 free games each and every Sunday and, again, get access to all the rewards from the levels below. 


The gap between levels really begins to grow from this point on, and the levels become far more exclusive. Achieve ‘Gold VIP’ status by collecting 350 reward points and, on top of all the perks Silver VIPs get, you’ll also get 20 free games every Sunday and a 50% bonus when you deposit. 


From the platinum level onwards, the VIP perks offered at Karamba start getting a little more bespoke. You can deposit higher amounts, and cash-out more too, get access to an express cash-out service so you can pocket your winnings faster and get a monthly cash back benefit and your own dedicated account manager too. To reach this level? You’ll need 1000 reward points. 


Premium level and up are ‘by invitation only’ so quite how you get here is not widely publicised but, if you do reach Premium VIP status, you can look forward to personal offers from your account manager, cash bonuses and 50 free games every Sunday. Your cashback benefit will also be doubled. 


The pinnacle of the Karamba VIP pyramid, Prestige VIPs are only there as they’ve had an invite to be there. In addition to everything you receive from the lower levels, Prestige VIPs also get gifted free games on a regular basis, bigger and better personalised offers from their account manager and triple cashback bonuses. 

What we love best is that, in effect, all Karamba players are VIPs but, where many casinos simply want to hook you in with a welcome bonus, Karamba give players more reasons to continue playing long after their first deposit has been wagered. So if you want to be a Karamba VIP, visit our Karamba Casino Review page and grab their welcome bonus to get you started.