How to play Live Blackjack


One of the most popular table games around, Live Blackjack has been taking the world by storm since its inception. The main purpose of this exciting game is to create a hand whose points amount as near as possible to 21 than the banker’s hand but without going over.

Adopting the international 52-card deck without jokers, the basic version is popular across the globe. Over time, online casinos have created new and exciting variations of the blackjack much to the delight of blackjack players.

The new variations have added a touch of zest to the casino players’ gaming experience. Read on to learn more about this thrilling game.

Win your way to the top with our live blackjack cheat sheet

Online Blackjack Cheat Sheet

Since this game was created, it has enticed plenty of players. The first written reference of the game is found in a book by celebrated Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes, renowned for writing Don Quixote. We have created a detailed guide to help both beginners and advanced players to become as successful as possible at this game and to maximise their winnings.

Thanks to our detailed Live Blackjack strategy and tips, you should be able to quickly move from beginner levels to become a professional in no time.

If you have always wondered when is the best time to hit or stand or you never quite understood the concept of Doubling Down, we are here to shed some light on how everything works so you can use this knowledge to beat the dealer at Live Blackjack.

Live blackjack strategy

There are a number of situations that can arise at the blackjack table, and each one of them has an ideal response. Some may be obvious, but if you’re just starting out, some guidance is always welcome.

There are many images, strategies and tips online based on what to do with your current hand and the dealer’s visible card. Since you are playing online, having our cheat sheet on the screen at all times, is a great reference when you are pondering your next move.

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Hitting and standing in live blackjack

One of the most crucial decisions you must make when you are playing Live Blackjack is to know when to hit and when to stand. This decision can lead to either winning or losing your bet.

A “hit” refers to requesting another card in addition to your current hand from the deck. If you have a higher chance of reaching a hand closer or equal to 21, you can ask for a hit. In a land-based casino, you wouldn’t say “hit” but instead, you would tap the cards or the table with your finger.

A “stand” means that you are sticking to your current cards in hand. Players usually do this when they think they have a higher probability of winning or think there is a higher chance of going bust if they ask for a “hit”.

If the dealer’s card is an ace

This is potentially one of the worse scenarios that could crop up at the table. Since the dealer has a bigger probability of drawing cards without going bust, this is a tricky situation. Your best approach would be to play aggressively by trying to get a hand with a count of 17 or above but be warned that the dealer is still likely to win this hand.

If the dealer’s card is a 10, J, Q, or K

You need a strong hand to compete. If you have an 11, you have a great chance of making 21 with a hit but if you are still at risk of going bust, you should hit if you have 10 or less, hit between 12 and 16 and stand if you have 17 or more.

If the dealer’s card is a 7, 8 or 9

You have a better chance of winning in this scenario as the dealer has a smaller chance of getting 21. There is still the possibility of the dealer getting a good hand such as 17 or more. 10 and 11 give you a fantastic chance of getting 20 or 21.

However, there is still a probability of busting so you should only hit if you have 9 or less, hit between 12 and 16 and stand if you have 17 or more.

You can learn more about when to hit and stand by reading the following article here

Doubling down in live blackjack

One of the best ways to win at this game is to double down provided the situation is ideal. This could lead you to either doubling your bet or else costing you twice as much if you do it at an inopportune moment. It’s always ideal to double down a hand that has a total of 11.

You can learn more about Doubling down by reading the following article here

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Splitting in live blackjack

This feature is one that can truly turn things around for you, provided you have the right cards for it. We don’t recommend splitting 10’s or 5’s.

However, you can always split Aces and 8’s. Splitting a pair of 8’s gives you the best chance of boosting your wins since the chance of hitting two hands higher than 16 is bigger and better.

If you are a beginner at live blackjack

Live Blackjack, as well as other variants of online blackjack, is one of those games that result in higher chances of winning depending on your skills and level of understanding of the game.

We recommend starting off by learning the very basics of the game by going through our guides. Many players tend to skip the basics and end up stuck in the beginner stages.

Moving on to the next level

Even though our guides cover every principle of the game, you must remember that each hand has an average win or loss associated with it.

If you are doubling with a hard 20 against a dealer’s card of six, then you are likely to have a very low payout in comparison to standing.

It is of crucial importance to eliminate potential mistakes so you can better recognise winning opportunities and protect your bankroll in the long run.

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