Casumo enters UK market on a mission

casumo smallOnline casino Casumo is now available to UK players after the casino has integrated pound sterling into their platform. Casumo’s launch on the UK market is part of the company’s expansion campaign. The company ran a very successful campaign in Sweden, Norway and Finland, where Casumo has doubled its active player base in the last 12 months.

John Harmander, chief marketing officer at Casumo, said: “It’s an incredibly exciting time for our fast-growing company and the UK launch of Casumo is just the beginning”.

 Casumo to erase UK bordeom

Casumo, a highly rated online casino, consider themselves to be the world’s first adventure casino where players are part of a community. It is Casumo’s mission to erase boredom and they are doing their utmost best to keep their players excited and engaged. As part of their launch on the UK market, Casumo commissioned a UK-wide survey on boredom. The findings of this study revealed that British people are bored for 18 days a year on average. The research has also shown that the British public is more likely to grab their mobile phones to fight boredom, 60 percent of respondents, rather than read a book, go to the gym or even talk to their partner, the latter making up 25 per cent of respondents. Harmander: “Many people’s first instinct when bored is to play a game on their phone, tablet or desktop and we look forward to many thousands of Brits using Casumo’s casino adventure as the perfect antidote for when a serious case of boredom arises”. With this in mind, Casumo, like many online casinos, is keen to focus on its mobile operations.

Casumo Boredom Survey

According to the boredom survey, people from Bristol are the most bored as they reported feeling bored for an average of 90 minutes each day or almost 23 full days a year. Second on the list of most bored UK cities is Glasgow, with Liverpool, Norwich and Belfast making up the rest of the top five. Nottingham is considered the least bored city with residents feeling bored less than an hour a day.Brits aged between 16 and 24 are considered to feel bored most easily and no less than 27 days in a year.

Harmander: “Casumo exists to erase boredom and it’s quite clear from our survey results that the British public is bored, with some losing over three weeks a year.”

Now Casumo has a good insight on the boredom score in the UK, it can start their mission of bringing adventure and erasing boredom to the benefit of UK players.