From Casumo to Tokyo for lucky JohnSlots winners!

You might remember a promotion we did just a few months ago, in conjunction with Casumo, which promised a selection of lucky winners the chance to visit Japan! 

After visiting the beautiful country back in May, we’ve just been given the lowdown from the players who managed to scoop this fantastic prize and we thought we’d share it with our readers!

Casumo’s Win-a-Trip-to-Japan Competition

Just to refresh your memory/inform you if you missed it, here at JohnSlots we ran a promotion for Casumo players which offered them a chance to win a trip to Tokyo. Included in the deal was 3 nights in a 5* hotel, meals and a ticket to a sumo wrestling competition.

Players had to deposit and wager a minimum of €10 on Casumo between 17th Feburary and 2nd March to be entered into the prize draw. Three lucky winners were then notified of their win shortly after the end date, with all of them expressing their delight at scooping the fantastic trip simply by doing what they enjoy!

Introducing Tokyo to the Casumo Winners


After touching down in Japan’s capital, the 3 Casumo winners were treated to a traditional Tea Ceremony to immediately immerse themselves within the new culture. Japan is often considered to be one of the most interesting places in the world, so the excitement shown by all 3 to be here was particularly evident as this ceremony started.

Green tea was provided by the hosts in a perfect example of how to treat guests, with this ancient Japanese tradition dating all the way back to the 8th Century after Chinese influence. The blend of steamed tea leaves mixed with hot water in a very specific way left our winners feeling particularly relaxed and ready to experience more of Tokyo!

Sumo Wrestling Tournament

One of the most famous aspects of Japanese culture is undoubtedly sumo wrestling – and not just the guys actually doing the fighting but the infatuation that it seems to create within the general public. The winners watched the 13th of a 15-day tournament, with plenty of salt-throwing, bowing and stamping being on show.

After plenty of wrestling had occurred, the Mongolian Hakuou was eventually crowned as the champion of this tournament, with all the winners delighted that they had managed to catch the classic Japanese spectacle.

Other Tokyo Experiences

Once the sumo wrestling tournament had finished, the Casumo winners went to sample Japan’s favourite type of food: sushi! Instead of the moving buffet tables, they were taken to a sit-down restaurant which resulted in shoes off and sitting on the floor with cushions to dine at a low-rise table.

As is usually the case with sushi, the winners liked a decent amount of the foods on their plates but also disliked a decent amount of the foods on their plates. However, it certainly is an interesting delicacy and everyone was glad that they had managed to sample it in authentic surroundings.

Over the next day or so, the winners were given the opportunity to wander around Tokyo as they pleased. This saw a variety of different visits being made, including the old Asakusa, the Sensoji Buddhist temple and the modern electronics district Akihabara, just to name a few.

Others even took the time to venture out to the magnificent Mt Fuji and the mountainous town of Hakone to really make the most of their Casumo-JohnSlots competition win!

Now to Prove That a JohnSlots Promotion Can Change Your life!

Just to convince you even more that entering a JohnSlots promotion isn’t a waste of time, one of the Casumo winners made a truly life changing decision during the trip. Currently living in Liverpool, Casumo’s Japan trip gave R.K the opportunity to visit a few relatives who lived in the country, before going on to see his old boss.

He was offered a new job on the spot, which he gladly accepted, deciding to swap the docks of Liverpool for a new life in Japan! Truly an incredible story to cap off an absolutely fantastic competition!