Kaboo’s Casino Boot camp Wants YOU!

Kaboo Casino take a new approach to what has previously been referred to as the ‘Adventure Casino’ fad, where casinos implement point systems that allow players to follow their progressions as they level up and become better at the games. Generally speaking these point systems are implemented to let players earn themselves different bonuses and actively see how close they are to said bonuses, giving the typical slot and casino games a sense of achievement as they progress further and the bonuses get grander! 


Kaboo's Casino Bootcamp Wants YOU

This trend has skyrocketed recently and many new casinos have taken this approach to casino bonuses, but not only the bonus system is affected by the Adventure casino tactic, this is also a determining factor when regarding the general theme of the casino brand. In the case of Kaboo Casino however, both have been dynamically implemented to result in a function-able casino site that also is able to take the player on a fantasy adventure comparable to virtually any top-end video game.

 If you are looking for something completely unseen before then Kaboo Casino have what you’ve been searching, a casino with lots of frequent bonuses that will take you on an adventure like no other. 

Kaboo Casino Boot camp

For the next coming weeks Kaboo Casino’s Boot camp will be ongoing and is certain to get you right back into shape after the holiday gluttony. Each week will include a different amount of bonuses and unfortunately we do not have all of the insider info regarding which bonus will be on which day, you will simply have to stay tuned and visit Kaboo for yourself! 

Other than the free spins Mondays that have already passed, Players can hurry on over and take advantage of a Quantum Mode Weekend, which basically entails that players can earn double the Echoes they would normally throughout the whole weekend. These Echoes are later exchangeable for free spins in your choice of online video slot.