There ‘aint no Party Like a Karamba Christmas Party

Karamba; usually one for exuding an exotic feel- tropical paradise backgrounds with palm-lined islands, white sand beaches, and a bright blue parrot as a frontman, things are looking a whole lot different right now. For this Christmas period, Karamba have gone very festive indeed; the parrot has donned a Santa hat, it’s snowing all around and (and this is the bit we love most), there are gifts galore for all who wish to grab them at Karamba’s Christmas Party!


Thankfully, Karamba’s Christmas party is likely to be a little different to any you’ve been to before. There will be no drunk Tim from accounts busting moves on the dance floor, no utilising the photocopier for ‘extra-curricular’ copying, no useless Secret Santa Gifts (Gee thanks Janice, socks again!). Karamba’s Christmas Party is all about free spins, bonuses and cash prizes. Here’s what you can win:

  • 20 Free Spins- with 2 coins
  • 50 Free Spins- with 4 coins
  • 100 Free Spins- with 10 coins
  • €50 Bonus- with 32 coins
  • €100 Bonus- with 85 coins
  • €50 Amazon Voucher- 240 coins
  • €150 Amazon Voucher- 720 coins
  • €300 Amazon Voucher- 1000 coins

Just a little better than socks.


Rather refreshingly, you’ll find it easy to get involved in Karamba’s Christmas Party. Just deposit and play your favourite slots as you would any other day and you will accrue coins as you go. You can also boost your coin pile by doing some additional ‘Candy Cane Challenges’, such as; 

  • 14th December: Make at least €300 in deposits for 4 coins
  • 19th December: Play for 3 days in a row for 3 coins
  • 24th December: Make at least €100 in bets for 1 coin
  • Anytime in December: Email Karamba with a Testimonial and Photo for 30 coins (that’s just 2 coins shy of that €50 bonus!)


You’ll also- as a gift for just getting involved in the promotion, be awarded 5 free spins when you place a deposit in December. Just log in, deposit as you would normally and, the following evening, your 5 free spins will be sat waiting in your account. 

The only downside? You won’t get your Christmas Party prizes until the holiday period is over but, if we’re honest, after the madness of Christmas is over and it’s back to normality, a nice little gift on the 28th December will be very welcome indeed!