Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes casinos are a great way for players across the US to enjoy some fun online casino games legally and safely. Whilst playing at online casinos for real money is limited to only a handful of locations in America, almost every state permits residents to play at sweepstakes casinos, also known as sweeps casinos.

Sweepstakes Casinos

On this page, we’re going to break down exactly how you can find the best US sweepstakes casinos, purchase gold coin packages, and start playing online slots and table games for fun. We’ll also tell you where it’s possible to obtain some sweeps coins and redeem them for real cash prizes.

Find the Best Sweepstakes Online Casinos at JohnSlots!

Our casino experts have used their extensive knowledge of US online casinos to create the below list of the best sweepstakes online casinos around right now. They use some strict criteria to ensure that only sites that are the best of the best make it into our recommended list. Here’s what they look for in any US online casino:

  • Safety and security – we look for top-grade encryption so that your personal details are always securely stored to help prevent fraud and identity theft.
  • Official licenses – we’ll only ever suggest online casinos that hold legitimate licences and provide a safe playing environment.
  • Great coin deals – our team strives to bring you the best coin packages around so that you can get maximum value any time you choose to play at a US online casino we recommend.
  • Games selection – it’s important to have access to a great range of casino games wherever you choose to play. Sites with a solid selection of high-quality games are sure to make it into our top list.


Sweepstakes Casinos

What are Casino Sweepstakes?

Sweepstake casinos are great for anyone in the US who wants to enjoy a gambling experience online but lives in a state where playing for real money isn’t permitted. The good news is that these coin-based casinos are legal in nearly all 50 states of the US, so Americans can sign up and play no matter where they live.

These styles of online casinos use their own virtual currency system, known as ‘gold coins,’ that players can purchase in packages. The coins can then be used to play a selection of casino games for fun, but the winnings have no real money value and can’t be cashed out.

However, as part of a coin package, players will often get some ‘sweepstakes cash’ or ‘sweep coins’, which can be used to play slot games, poker, and table games for real cash prizes that can be withdrawn. It can sound like a complicated way of doing things but stick with JohnSlots, and we’ll explain everything you need to know about sweepstake casinos.


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How Do Casino Sweepstakes Work?

Popular since 2005, casino sweepstakes work in pretty much the same way as regular US online casinos. Players can sign up and play casino games, just like they would at any real money casino. The key difference is that the currency used to play, typically called gold coins, is virtual and has no real-world value.

When you purchase a bundle of gold coins, they will typically come with some sweepstakes cash included; this is the currency that can be used to play for real money. It’s important to know that you cannot purchase sweepstakes cash, also known as ‘sweeps,’ directly but only ever as part of a coin bundle. The exchange rate is usually 1 sweep for one US dollar when converting them ready to cash out.

Types of Casino Sweepstakes

When looking at playing at a sweepstakes casino, it can be confusing as there are two distinct types of currency available to players. Both operate in different ways, but only one can be converted into real cash and withdrawn, so it’s important to know which is which. Here we will break down some of the key differences between the two coin types, how to obtain them and how they can be used.


Sweepstakes Gold Coins

Sweep Coins

Sweep coins are a virtual casino currency that can be converted into US dollars and cashed out. At online casinos, players can sign up and get sweep coins for free as part of their purchased gold coins package. It’s important to know that sweep coins can’t be purchased on their own, and any site which offers this is most likely illegal in the US.

It’s also possible to obtain sweep coins just for signing up and verifying your email address at some casinos. Players can also get free sweepstakes coins by participating in contests on Facebook and Twitter by answering some basic questions, and then winners are picked at random.

Players can then use their sweep coins to play slots and table games, just like they would at a real money casino. Any winnings can then be converted into real cash using the casino’s own exchange rate. Just be aware that there’s usually a minimum balance required to cash out, for example, having a balance of $50 in sweeps coins.

Gold Coins

Gold coins can be purchased in bundles at sweepstakes casinos. These coins can then be used to play slots and other games for fun, with any winnings adding to your total gold coins balance.

Some casinos might even give packages of gold coins for free when you sign-up and open a new player account. The main thing to know is that this virtual currency has no real-world value and cannot be exchanged for sweep coins or cash.

Sweep Coins vs Gold Coins

Here’s a direct comparison between these two types of sweepstakes casino currencies:

Redeemable for real cash Hold no cash value
Play for real money Play for fun only
Cannot be purchased directly Purchased as a coin bundle
No purchase necessary Must be purchased at an online casino

Payment Methods at Sweepstakes Casinos

The best sweepstakes casinos use a range of trusted payment providers to ensure that you can fund your account and make withdrawals whenever possible. We’re going to run you through all of the methods available and how to use them to make purchases and withdrawals.


Sweepstakes Payments

Sweepstakes Purchase Methods

The exact payment methods that you can use to purchase gold coins will vary between sweepstakes casinos. The following are typical methods a player can use to make a coin package purchase:

The number of gold coins in a bundle will also vary between casinos and special offers. It’s not uncommon to see a package containing over a million gold coins and several sweep coins for $10.

Sweepstakes Redeem Methods

As mentioned previously, players cannot redeem gold coins at a sweepstake casino as they are a virtual currency used to play for fun only. If they are playing with sweep coins, then these can be converted into real cash. The exchange rate is typically 1 sweep coin to $1 US dollar.

It’s important to know that there’s usually a minimum balance of sweeps coins required before they can be redeemed. This varies between casinos but is often somewhere between $50 and $100 worth of coins. There is also usually a requirement for players to verify their account using a form of a photo ID and proof of address. Once verified, funds are paid directly into the player’s account via bank transfer.


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Sweepstakes Casino Games

Players who sign up at sweepstakes casinos can get access to a wide range of games that they can explore and try out. Some casinos have their own in-house development team to create unique games that can’t be played anywhere else. Here are some of the most common types of casino games that players can enjoy using gold coins or sweep coins.


Sweepstakes Casinos Games

Slot Games

Slots are by far the most popular type of online casino game at US sweepstake casinos, with some casinos focusing slowly on these. Players can use their gold coins or sweep coins to spin the reels on a massive range of classic and new slot games. Using gold coins is a great way to get familiar with the games and their mechanics before playing with sweeps cash.

Since moving into the world of online casinos, slots have evolved way beyond the basic fruit machines typically found in land-based casinos. These casino games now come in a host of themes and configurations with all sorts of funky bonus features to appeal to a wide range of online casino fans.

Table Games

Some sweepstakes casinos offer a range of table games. These are video versions of classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Players can pit their skills against virtual dealers to see if they can get the upper hand or land their dream number.

Video Poker

This classic card game is available to play online across the US thanks to sweepstakes sites like Global Poker. Here players can join in with video versions of this epically popular card game that has the highest RTP percentage of any casino game going.

Progressive Jackpots

Some sweepstakes casinos offer progressive jackpots to their players. These are slot games where every wager contributes towards an ever-growing total jackpot until one lucky player claims it all. Progressives can be played with sweeps coins at some US online casinos.


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Best Online Casinos with Sweepstakes

Now that you know exactly how sweepstakes casinos work, we’re sure you are keen to find the best ones to sign up and play at. Well, luckily for you, our casino experts have sniffed out the 3 best online casinos with sweepstakes in the US right now:

Luckyland Slots

There are 30+ exclusive slot games available at Luckyland sweepstakes casino alongside some scratchcards and instant win games for US players to enjoy. The real advantage of playing at Luckyland is the gold coins that are awarded daily just for logging in to the site.

Sweepstake coins can be picked up as part of their generous gold coin bundles and can be used on games such as Power of Ra and Snow Queen. There are also a few progressive jackpots available here if that’s more your thing.


Global Poker

Players in the US and Canada can legally play poker online by using this sweepstakes-style online poker room. Gold coins can be used to play for fun, and these are purchased in a welcome bundle offer that usually contains some sweeps coins. Sweeps coins can then be used in any game and converted into real cash that can then be redeemed.

For now, the variants of poker are pretty limited here, with players having access to No-Limit Hold’em and PLO ring games, MTTs, and S&Gs. Also, the regular leaderboards and challenges can reward players with some sweep coins as an extra bonus.


Learn More About US Casinos at JohnSlots!

Now that you know all there is to know about signing up and playing at sweepstakes casinos in the US, it’s time to get started. Check through the list of the best sweepstakes casinos added to this page. It’s been carefully compiled by our casino experts to bring you the ultimate signup deals and coin packages possible.

FAQ Section

If you still have questions about playing at an online sweepstakes casino, then take a look at the below list of frequent questions for some answers:


Sweepstakes FAQs

Are sweepstakes casinos legal in the US?

Yes. Sweepstakes casinos are entirely legal in 49 of the 50 states of the US. Because you are purchasing and playing with gold coins for fun, instead of instantly playing with real cash, sweepstakes are allowed to accept US players. The only exception is Washington State, which prohibits playing at such online casinos altogether.

Can I redeem sweepstakes coins in casinos if I win?

Yes, you can. If you play using your sweeps coins instead of your gold coins balance, then your winnings can be redeemed for real money. Some casinos will perform an ID check before you can cash-out any winnings to ensure the funds go to the right person and everything is fully legal.

Are sweepstakes casinos safe?

Playing at sweepstakes casinos in the US is totally safe, and thousands of people participate in online games every single day. If you are unsure about which casinos to trust, then check out our list of the best US sweepstakes casinos at the top of this page. Each site we recommend has had to pass our rigorous testing, and we only ever add secure and licensed casinos to the list.

Can I play at sweepstakes casinos with real money?

When you sign up at a sweepstakes casino, you’ll need to purchase a coin package to get started. These packages often include sweeps coins (also known as sweepstakes cash) which can be used to play and redeemed for real money if you win. That said, it’s not possible to directly play for real money at online sweepstakes casinos in the US right now.

What games can I play using sweepstakes?

Several sweepstakes casinos have used their own in-house team of game developers to create some slot games that are exclusive to that casino. You can enjoy a range of slots with unique features as well as progressive jackpots, video poker, and other table games. The exact games on offer will vary from one casino to the next, so check out their games library before you sign up and make a purchase.

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