Video Poker

Video poker is one of the youngest additions to the online casino and poker family. The rules of the game are simple and are for the most part reminiscent to normal poker. Video poker can, however, be played alone on a sort of slot machine, similar to when you play on online slots and video slots. This creates unique and independent gameplay that mixes a variety of functions and rules that are recognisable from both regular poker and slots.

Video Poker Bonus

We recommend you try the Video Poker games first for free. Which will hopefully give you more knowledge of what the game really is about and how the rules work with no monetary risk.

Leaving you ready to advance and play for real cash prizes. If you want to play online and for cash but are on a bit of a budget, it might be a good idea to take advantage of a video poker bonus. As video pokers are considered somewhat standard at casinos, there are plenty of bonuses and you need not look far to find one.

It could have been a disastrous combination, but instead, it has become a successful integration between the casinos’ two most popular games.

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Different Video Poker Bonuses

There are no dedicated video poker bonuses akin to online slot free spins or poker cashbacks.

If you want a free bonus in video poker, you will have to rely on the good ‘old deposit bonus. This means that you should look out for bonuses that give you the option to double or sometimes even triple your deposit. 100% deposit bonuses and 200% offers are very popular at UK casinos.

Such bonuses are awarded to you as soon as you become a member of a new casino site and typically referred to as welcome bonuses, later on, you can also take advantage of video poker specific bonuses through promotions, competitions and loyalty schemes.

Video Poker Rules

Playing with bonuses is a smart decision if you have not played video poker before, you can play for free and learn which video poker rules that apply before you start betting real money.

However, keep in mind that we can only offer one version of the game, but you should know that online casinos have a lot more. The different game versions have unique video poker rules, even if the basics are the same. The basic rules of video poker are very simple and you learn them quickly, so it is usually fairly easy to get the hang of different variations of the game.

Video Poker Basic Rules

If you have played poker before, then you are familiar with card combinations such as: straight, four of a kind, full house, three of a kind, etc. the same poker hand combinations are used to determine the value of the cards dealt in video poker.

Just as in Draw poker, you are awarded 5 cards before each game and have the option to toss the cards and get them replaced during the next round. A pay table shows the winning card combinations and how much they are worth each.

Double Your Bet

In some versions of the game can choose to double your winnings by betting all or half of your winnings in a double-up move. This is when five cards are placed on the machine’s table, four of the cards face down.

Your mission is to select one of the four cards and hope that it is higher than the already visible card. If successful, doubling your bet. Otherwise, you lose the whole or half of the bet depending on how much risk you are willing to take.

Video Poker Online

Many people think that video poker is a new phenomenon created by online casinos. It would be honest to call it a revamped version of the somewhat lacking stationary variations.

Video poker is as mentioned a combination of poker and slot machines. Poker has been around since the early 1800s and slot machines were first seeing the light of day some odd 70 years later. So the actual game is in fact quite old, even if it comes in a flashy new package.

The first time the world saw video poker was in the birthplace of gambling, Las Vegas. Today, online video poker’s popularity has risen immensely and overtaken the previously land-based phenomena.

Video Poker vs Regular Poker

It would be a lie to say that video poker is the same as regular poker. The basics are definitely similar as you use the same hand values in both video poker as regular poker. But other than that, the differences are quite significant.

When you play regular poker, including Texas Hold’em and 5 Card Draw, you’ll play against other players and the game is monitored and controlled by a dealer. The difference between video poker and slot machines is that real poker can be considered more skill oriented, while chance and luck will determine the game result on a video poker machine.

Mobile Video Poker

When game developers chose to focus on mobile games, video poker was one of the obvious additions to online gaming.

Today, it is considered standard for casinos to accommodate video poker on their mobile casino platform. Having access to the game on mobile is excellent for those times you need some quick entertainment. Not many ways of killing time that will cash out this well!

How to Win at Video Poker

To be a winner in video poker requires skill and luck. If you want to have the chance to influence the game and control your profits, skill and game knowledge are essential. As with anything in life, you need to practice, practice and practice again.

But no matter how seasoned you get, lady luck always has the last laugh. Luck determines what cards are dealt and the cards that pay out your winnings at the end of the day. To become a winner requires a combination of luck and skill.

Different Video Poker Games

There are a variety of video poker games that are suitable for different types of players. JohnSlots recommend beginners to test the 1-hand Video Poker games before the 5-, 25- and 100-hand games. A benefit in comparison to playing on a land based casino is that players can play more than one hand at once.

The beginner should initially focus on the one-hand classics and then advance when he or she feels ready, once you have the hand of one-hand poker, you will have a huge selection to try, for example moving on to 50 Hands Deuces Wild, 25 Hand Jacks or Better 100 Hand Jacks or Better are all good suggestions for those who want to take their game to

Video Poker Tips

As soon as you found a video poker game you like and start playing, we encourage you to keep our few short video poker tips in mind!

  • Choose a game appropriate to your skill level
  • Deuces Wild has a high payout percentage but is also a difficult video poker game to win at
  • Jacks or Better is a simpler version that would be suitable for beginners
  • Test the demo version of the game and learn the rules first
  • Begin to play for money if you feel ready and have the budget to play
  • Always use bonuses when available.

Find the Best Video Poker Games at Johnslots!

JohnSlots hope you will appreciate your video poker experiences and hope you will take advantage of our reviews and tips. Don’t forget to check out our casino bonus section to pick a bonus which can really get you stuck in! Best of luck!

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