Win 1 Million Calories with RoyalPanda

Did you know that May 6th is International No Diet day? That’s right – for one day a year, everyone is allowed to abandon their diet regimens and eat whatever they feel like! While for some people that sounds just like a regular Thursday, RoyalPanda is helping the health-conscious celebrate this day of gluttony with a massive one million calorie prize to be won by hitting the biggest combo on one of three video slots.

What Do A Million Calories Look Like?

The average ham and cheese sandwich contains about 350 calories. A single slice of cheese pizza sets you back about 270 calories. What do one million calories mean, in real food terms? Well Royal Panda has kindly worked that out for us –

200 x bags of potato chips; 50 x bars of chocolate; 50 x bags of toffees; 50 x bags of salted peanuts; 50 x bags of popcorn; 50 x packets of biscuits; 30 x chocolate puddings; 30 x steamed puddings; 30 x bags of marshmallows; 30 x packets of pork scratchings; 30 x cans of baked beans and sausages; 30 x tins of meat stew; 30 x tinned pies; 30 x dips; 20 x hotdogs; 20 x tins of corned beef; 20 x tins of canned ham; 20 x tins of meatballs; 20 x packets of gravy granules; 20 x boxes of chocolates; 20 x boxes of butter cookies; 20 x rice puddings; 20 x jars of chocolate spread; 20 x jars of peanut butter; 10 x jars of boiled sweets; 10 x jars of jelly beans.

Once you’ve caught your breath after reading that list, we’ll talk about how you can go about winning this near-unbelievable amount of food.

How It Works

Try your hand at three slots – So Much Candy, So Much Sushi and Big Chef – for the three days of the contest, between the 6th and 8th May.

Score the highest combo across these three slots using your cash balance and then prepare yourself for a food extravaganza, shipped right to your door! You might want to miss a meal or two prior to tucking in to this haul, or recruit some friends to help you work your way through it.

Royal Panda Welcome Bonus

New players can take advantage of Royal Panda’s welcome bonus, which offers a 100% deposit match up to $100 on the first deposit.

That’s not all though. All players can benefit from RoyalPanda’s weekly Bamboo Bonus. Just make a deposit on a Friday and select the Bamboo Bonus to have your deposit matched 50% up to $150. A great way to start off the weekend on a positive note!