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Codeta Awarded Newcomer of the Year Title

Codeta Casino are one of a kind. The folks behind the scenes were proactive in it’s creation- running focus group upon focus group prior to going live, to ensure they could carve their own space in the already overcrowded casino market. So it came as no surprise to us when they were named ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the prestigious industry ceremony, Casino.SE Awards in Stockholm. 

Explaining their decision to award the coveted title to one of the latest new casinos in the industry, judges at the 4th annual Casino.SE awards praised the casino for living “up to it’s motto as the ‘The home of live table games’,” and suggested that the games sat comfortably alongside the portfolio of other slots and table games on the site. 

Why Codeta Casino is One of the Best New casinos in 2017

Codeta CEO Edward Ihre was quick to announce his delight at being granted the sought-after award, saying “the team behind live and breathe table games, and their passion and enthusiasm is reflected in the world-class product we offer our players”, and he promised great things from them in future, detailing their wish to go from ‘newcomer’ to power player in 2017. 

In the time since it’s launch in June 2016, Codeta Casino has been subject to a second round of funding and, as such, their ambitious expansion plans are set to become reality. Their intuitive site features a sleek, user-friendly design and, while their vast live table game offering is their primary claim to fame, they also offer a burgeoning selection of the top slots from industry-leaders Micrograming, NetEnt and Play’N’Go. 

A Casino for High Rollers and Power Players

Codeta Casino has been built with high rollers in mind. Besides the various live table games from Baccarat and Roulette to Blackjack and Poker, Codeta offer a completely mobile-friendly site, dedicated VIP support and a completely unique welcome bonus including both a percentage bonus, a cashback scheme (if you lose) and even a generous top-up offer (if you win).  The atmosphere they seek to encourage is an open, honest one which is focused almost entirely on the games. 

Further information on this award-winning casino can be found in our complete Codeta Casino review


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ShadowBet: Win an Apple watch + €1,200 bonus & 520 free spins

ShadowBet: Win an Apple watch + €1,200 bonus & 520 free spins

Everybody loves a fantastic welcome bonus, especially one that comes paired up with an additional fantastic prize. Brand new online casino ShadowBet boasts all all the features you’d expect from an up and coming player on the casino market.

The fresh and clutter-free site brings you a wide array of mobile games and a loyalty system where you level up to gain bigger and better rewards.

This week, the casino is also giving you the opportunity to be one of three lucky players to win a great reward. All you have to do is to register an account within the next week, and three randomly-picked new sign-ups will win an amazing prize.

Enter The Competition & Win

ShadowBet’s feeling very generous indeed!  Enter this competition to get your hands on some fantastic prizes. But hurry! You have until the 26th of February to enter the competition by following the following steps:

  1. Click here to enter competition for a chance to win 1 of 3 Apple Watches
  2. Sign up for an account with ShadowBet
  3. Make a deposit of €20 into your account to play
  4. You are then in the run to win one of three prizes being offered in addition to the superb welcome bonus

Win 1 of 3 amazing Apple Watches

Join the growing crowd of smartwatch users, and add the power of a phone to your wrist. If you are one of the lucky new sign-ups to win the latest Apple Watch, it will open a new world of opportunities for you including: The ability to read notifications, text, hold calls and play games without having to hold or unlock your phone. As always, Apple’s aesthetics never fail to disappoint. The watch comes in a variety of options: In a stunning stainless steel, aluminium or rose gold casing.

If Apple is not your preferred brand of choice, you can opt for a Samsung smartwatch instead. Get ready to deck your wrist out in the latest wearable technology.

A Welcome Bonus fit for Kings

ShadowBet Casino is rewarding all new users with a year of free spins and a welcome package worth up to €1,200!

This means that once you sign up, you can get your hands on 520 no wagering free spins (awarded as 10 free spins per weekend).

Make a deposit to increase your chances of winning:

  • Receive a 100% match bonus up to €300 on your first deposit
  • Claim a 50% bonus up to €400 on your second deposit
  • Obtain a 25% bonus up to €500 on your third deposit

If that’s not enough, as soon as you register you get to play ShadowBet’s own game where you have the golden opportunity to win anywhere from 5 to 50 free spins. Even better, there’s no need to make a deposit.

Finding Out If You Won

ShadowBet Casino will announce the winner on February 28th via their Facebook page. Follow their Facebook page to see if you are one of the three lucky winners!

When you create an account with ShadowBet, you are guaranteed to be rewarded with a superb welcome bonus with which you can’t lose!


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Pachinko – Gambling the Japanese Way

Until recently, most forms of gambling including casinos had been banned in Japan. This changed with the passing of a bill that will see this law being amended so as to accommodate casino complexes; an astute move, to say the least, with the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 looming. That being said, Japan is no stranger to gambling, but not of the types we are mostly used to in the western world. Japan, like with almost everything else, spun gambling on its head to concoct its own iteration – Pachinko – a machine somewhat akin to a cross-breed between a slot machine and a pinball. And since it came to light in the 1940s, it has increasingly taken Japan by storm. In this article, I’ll take the reader to the far east gem of Japan to catch a glimpse of Pachinko in all its craziness and allure.

Breathe in the Sights and Sounds

Walking into a Pachinko parlour for the first time can be quite an overwhelming experience for a foreigner. Foggy clouds of cigarette smoke and a cacophony made by a river of clinking miniature metal balls and over-the-top cartoon and video game character voices and sound effects suffuse your senses. Each Japanese player sits stoically in front of their respective machine, which are lined up in seemingly endless rows occupying most of the area in the room.

Pachinko Defined

The concept of the Pachinko has changed little since its inception in the 40s. The name itself – Pachinko – combines two Japanese words. ‘pachin’ is the Japanese onomatopoeic word used to explain the sound little metal balls make inside the machine. ‘Ko’, on the other hand, is one way to refer to the tiny metal balls themselves. The player feeds tiny metal balls which s/he would have bought beforehand into the machine. He turns a dial – his/her only form of control over the game. Depending on how much he turns, he can regulate the speed by which each metal pellet shoots out. And as with a pinball machine, these little balls rush up and around before descending onto the main area where they bounce uncontrollably against the glass pane and several pins laid out behind it. After the player chooses the speed at which to shoot balls into the machine, s/he leaves it up to its own fate as he watches attentively from behind the glass pane, hopeful that the balls will plummet into a hole in the bottom centre. The more balls s/he collects through the hole, the bigger the prizes s/he gets.

Tech Evolution

What has changed predominantly over the years in the world of Pachinko parlours is that they have cranked up the technological aspect. One major feature that was included at one point is an LCD display in the centre of the machine. This allowed for animated videos to be played. Usually, the videos follow a story narrative that is played on loop until the player wins and makes progress. This triggers the next chapter in the story to unfold. This eventually ushered into an era of pachinko parlours endorsing themes borrowed from famous video games, movies, TV series, and cartoons. And Pachinko parlours are not relegated to backrooms in bars or other areas hidden from sight; very much to the contrary actually, as they feature huge street-facing facades with large glass windows and flashy billboards and lights. You wouldn’t be judged for confusing one for a large videogame arcade.

From Loophole to Top-Grossing Biz

Despite Japan’s former stringent rules against gambling, Pachinko found a loophole in the system that eventually exploded into a market, now a national obsession, featuring over 12500 parlours dotting the Japanese map. The altogether yearly revenue accrued from Pachinko parlours rests at 30 trillion Japanese yen, that is, about 4 times the entire profit of all the world’s legal casinos combined. What is this loophole, you might ask? Well, according to the Japanese legal code, gambling for money was (and still is, in some respects) prohibited. So, Pachinko owners started rewarding their players with alcohol, toys, or other prizes. These ‘other prizes’ include gold-coloured, plastic tokens. These tokens can be taken to TUC shops, usually located right outside the parlour, and swapped in for money. Pachinko parlours, with the money-rewarding feature in particular, used to be predominantly regulated by the Yakuza (Japanese mafia). However, this has been largely cleaned up by Japanese police.

Cultural and Economic Icon

Japanese Pachinko parlours are a feature of contemporary Japanese culture and economy that sheds light on the more urban, dazzling, and somewhat crazy side to Japanese lifestyle. And yet it’s organised, regulated, and streamlined in a way only Japanese society is capable of. Visiting a Japanese Pachinko parlour, even if only to get a taste of this upbeat side to Japanese culture, is a must-do for travellers venturing to Japan. It will help create a stark contrast with the more austere, minimalist, and quiet aspects of traditional Japanese culture in a country that embraces extremes and reconciles them seamlessly.


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Choose an Online Casino that Suits You Best

If you’ve been around the online casino block, then you’ll know that there are different platforms depending on your preferences. Websites are now fully aware that players want variation with their experience, and this has led to a rich period of innovation within the iGaming world.

Adventure casinos, lifestyle, party and other themes are now readily available to gamers, while there is always the classic ploy of combining different online gambling areas under one domain. Let’s take you through your options.

Head Off for an Adventure

With the adventure casino, there’s only one thing on everyone’s mind. You’ll be introduced to some form of storyline when you register, with the goal of overcoming a villain or restoring a region’s former glory the sort of scenarios that we’ve come across.

The first casino to pioneer the adventure theme was Casumo. They have special missions and achievements to complete and unlock for treats, so check out the Casumo bonus you can get when signing up through JohnSlots.

Live the Life of Luxury

When people think of casinos, there’s always the glamour tag that comes with it. Las Vegas, Macau, Monaco – all these places of beauty are huge gambling capitals of the world, with the ideology being that their players live luxurious lives.

Park Lane Casino understand this thinking and have created a platform for all players revolving around the glitz and glamour. There’s even a whopping 200% up to €2000 as part of the Parklane bonus to really roll out the red carpet.

Keep the Party Rocking

Next up, there’s those who like to keep the action going as long as possible. There’s generally a lot of gaming content for players to enjoy – video slots, live casino, classic table games, scratchcards, and more – so you won’t be running out of ideas any time soon.

One such party casino is Karamba, with a huge selection of titles to be seen using their All Games tab. You’ll get a €200 + 100 free spins Karamba bonus by signing up with us too, so don’t wait around.

Female Friendly Casinos

While there’s a certain stereotype that casino players are male, some casinos are attempting to remove that stigma by creating a platform which is more appealing to females. It’s a well-known fact that women enjoy casino entertainment too, so losing out on this demographic would be a huge blow.

Madame Chance is one such website, with special features such as Madame’s Favourite looking to entice players in. We should note that they don’t exclude males in any way either, with all players able to take advantage of a gigantic €2400 Madame Chance bonus to welcome them through the door.

Add a Little Sportsbook

And finally, there’s the extremely popular category of offering more than just casino as a gambling activity. It seems as though sportsbook with your video slots is a winning combination for players in this day and age, and there are plenty of websites which satisfy this craving.

One such example is Betfred – a popular bookmaker in the UK who expanded their online operations to accommodate for this thirst for entertainment. Kick start your life here in style with a £200 Betfred Casino bonus, with further treats as you go along.

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Playtech launches the biggest Live Casino in the industry

Online casinos have been growing at an exceptional rate and although there’s a massive selection of casino slot games available, the choice of Live Casinos seems to be lacking. One of the big names in the industry, Playtech has opened the largest live casino studio in Latvia’s capital so expect more gaming options in the coming days.

New live casino boasts state of the art technology

Based in the heart of Riga at the top of the Old Town walls, the studio oozes charm and the latest art technology. The brand new Playtech studio has been designed based on a futuristic approach. By applying the best and latest technologies, this casino game provider giant is providing its licensees with a never seen before gaming experience.

The studio boasts high-quality cameras monitoring hundreds of casino table games available. Playtech has also a dedicated section within the complex where it trains its Live Casino staff to make sure that they are offering top notch service. The rest of the studio is reserved for licensees to give them access to a massive selection of custom tables and gaming areas.

Playtech CEO Mor Weizer said that the launch of the new studio represents a big leap in the Live Casino niche. He added that the studio will provide all Playtech licensees with the opportunity to deliver next generation Live Casino experiences to all clients. He also admitted that he feels very confident about the latest achievement that makes this company stand out from the crowd.

Playtech Live forms part of the company’s ONE Omni-channel and gives players easy access to all available content via the use of a sole account and wallet making it extremely attractive to many online casinos in the industry.

Online casinos that use Playtech Casino’s services

Betfred Casino: Sign up to this casino and receive a 100% welcome bonus up to £100 on your first deposit plus 50% up to £50 on your second and third deposits.

Betfair Casino: Register to Betfair Casino and claim a 200% match bonus up to €100 on your first deposit.


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Illegal gambling operations around the world

For a lot of people, the mention of casinos brings to mind luxury surroundings, bright lights and an aura of excitement and fun. However, like most things in life, there are those who would seek to create their business outside the law, for a variety of reasons. Today we are talking about the fate of two of the world’s largest underground gambling operations.

Russia cracks down on gambling dens

When the Soviet Union fell, gambling was reintroduced to Russia and developed into a prosperous industry. During this time, the people’s appetite for gambling grew. It grew so much, in fact, that addiction had become a serious problem, prompting the authorities to ban the practice. In 2009, before it was outlawed, the Russian gambling industry was valued at a whopping $6 billion!

In 2009, Russia declared that all forms of gambling were henceforth prohibited, save for four remote regions where you would still legally gamble. Their distance from populated areas, however, made them poor gambling destinations.

The police force were in large part responsible for keeping gambling dens open, even in big cities like Moscow and St Petersburg. They would take bribes to turn a blind eye towards illegal gambling, in both the cities and rural areas.

In 2010, the government cracked down hard on these operations. Over 4,000 slot machine arcades and some 70 casinos were shut down, and 600 gamblers were brought to justice.

A billion in illegal US bets

This illegal gambling ring stretched from coast to coast and even included a laundering operation in Costa Rica!

With bases in New York and California, the four masterminds behind the operation applied a number of illegal methods to make and shift they money. One bought several Brooklyn properties to help make their illegal gains look like rental profits. Another would stash up to $50,000 in his luggage every time he flew from one base to the other.

The secret to their success? It was all online and all secure. Players used passwords to get through to secret websites where they could access illegal games. And it was so profitable, they could pay to keep it going – the Costa Rica team received $200,000 a month to keep the sites operational and to obscure the real source of the money from the authorities.

To get an idea of the scale of this operation, take a look at this. During the 2015 NFL season, an estimated $927 million was funnelled through the circuit. That’s $.36 million for every game! They also dabbled in blackjack and poker on their websites, no doubt making a pretty penny there.

This tale, like the others, doesn’t end well for the perpetrators. All four have been arrested, with more arrests expected. The decision on how they will serve their sentences has not been reached yet but we’re willing to bet it won’t be a walk in the park.

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With Canada Booming, Can the Rest of North America Follow Suit?

Although online gambling and the iGaming industry continues to break down barriers all over the world, there are some notable regions that are hesitant to bring it on board.

The US are the go to example for online betting regulations mostly being outlawed, but could they take some inspiration from north of the border? Canada’s operations have been booming in recent times, and here’s how that happened.

Quebec Led the Way, Now Others Are Following Suit

In a similar manner to the US, online gambling laws in Canada are determined by each individual province. The decision to either allow or prevent iGaming from thriving is dependant on specific regions, with Quebec’s lawmakers deciding to take the wheel.

They were the first to adopt this industry and allow it to spread its wings, and now further Canadian territories have decided to follow their example. Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta are just a few instances that are lowering crippling rules, with Canada as a whole enjoying more than €30bn in total output for iGaming.

Mobile Casino Availability is a Key Driver

Amongst many other aspects, one of the crucial ingredients to making Canada’s online betting market rocket is the ability to do so using smartphones and tablets. Being able to bet on mobile eliminates much of the time constraints that players have – such as needing to find an exact period of time and internet connection to enjoy the gaming content.

Instead, with 4G data plans now readily available in major cities, gamers can kill some time by spinning away on their favourite slots rather than requiring WiFi or wired connections.

Can the US and Mexico Do the Same?

While there are clear differences between the policies of these 3 countries, could Canada’s example perhaps lead the US and Mexico to relax their own laws? Sure, online gambling is legal in the latter, but it’s widely accepted that they’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible.

New Mexican laws proposed in 2014 were delayed and haven’t been heard from since, but surely a change is on the horizon?

As for the US, newly instated President Trump has a lot of things on his plate before online gambling is thought to cross his mind. However, he has been quoted in the past as saying the industry is a missed opportunity for the country, so there is some hope that the US can finally be cracked.

For the time being, please read out in-depth guide on online gaming in America.

Play at These Online Casinos in Canada

If you’re a casino gamer currently in Canada and you’d like to know where you can play, why don’t you try the following casinos for a tasty welcome bonus to match.

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Try These Brilliant Bitcoin Casinos in 2017 with Tasty Welcome Packages

Technology continues to be a key driver in the modern world. Less than a decade ago it was pretty much unheard of for people to be checking the internet using their mobile phones, but now it’s literally everywhere you walk.

This isn’t necessarily a negative aspect, as better smartphone connectivity has seen the rise of quality services such as the mobile casino – and it doesn’t look as though technology is going to slowdown any time soon.

Is 2017 the Year that Bitcoin Casinos Take Off?

With this in mind, we’re going to look at one of the areas in which technology is likely to boost the iGaming industry even further – Bitcoin! This virtual currency has long been advocated as the future of payments, with some online casinos looking to get ahead of their rivals early.

Here we pick out 3 of the best 2017 Bitcoin casinos, with quality welcome bonuses thrown in to match.

7Bit Casino – Over 600 Titles to Choose From

With pure casino entertainment within their ranks, 7Bit have built a website that is perfect for gamers who love the classics. Slots, roulette, blackjack, jackpots and more categories are available to play at the touch or click of a finger, with more than 600 games from multiple providers to choose from.

They’ve also got a cracking Bitcoin casino welcome bonus to see your virtual currency go even further too. Let’s break it down for your first 4 deposits:

  1. 100% up to 500mBTC (or €150) + 100 free spins
  2. 25% up to 250mBTC (or €100)
  3. 25% up to 250mBTC
  4. 25% up to 250mBTC

Grab this 7Bit Casino bonus now.

Betchan Casino – Enjoy a 4BTC Boost Right Here

Betchan Casino are looking to go one better, with a total of 4BTC up for grabs when you sign up as a new player below. With 120 free spins also thrown in for your pleasure (30 for your first 4 deposits), there’s really no reason why you should wait around as a Bitcoin casino player.

Similarly to 7Bit, classic table games and the rest are the catalyst for the fun. Simply login using either your desktop or mobile device, make your deposits for the welcome bonus, and spin away on the many games at your disposal.

Sign up for your Betchan Casino bonus.

Playamo Casino – Join Their VIP Program for Even More

In an industry that continues to evolve at such a pace, online casinos need to be able to keep hold of existing players as well as attract new ones. The tried and tested method for this is the casino VIP scheme – essentially offering gamers the chance to net more bonuses, perks and other benefits simply by continuing to play.

Playamo Casino offer such a service, with a massive 10-tiers in place for you to climb for free spins, deposit bonuses and point exchange shops. Their 2.5BTC welcome bonus is nothing to be sniffed at either, so you can be sure that you’ll be looked after as a dedicated Playamo Casino player.

Create your new account for the Bitcoin Playamo Casino bonus.

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What’s the Most Popular Super Power that Casino Players Crave?

It’s a bit of a strange question, we know, but what are the types of super powers that casino players wish they had to net prizes?

Of course, fantastic casino bonuses are already an option, so we’re looking mainly at the classics such as telekinesis, time travel and X-ray vision. Read on to find out which are the most popular.

2000 Participants Were Asked About Their Desired Super Power

This whole article came out of a survey that was recently conducted between 2000 casino players which asked about their super power preferences. Things such as being able to fly or go invisible are, of course, out of the question – but it did still throw up a few surprises.

Let’s take a closer look.

Telekinesis Takes Top Gong!

Of course, with 2000 different answers, they had to be separated by demographic. Different generations don’t always consider something to be as good as the next, and that’s certainly apparent here.

Telekinesis takes the award for the largest share of the answers by demographic (32% by Baby Boomers), while Generation X also saw the highest percentage (30%) plump for this super power too. 

For the Millennials, however, the award of largest share went to time travel with 22%. The other areas included X-ray vision, super intelligence and mind control – but these weren’t selected quite as much as their counterparts for whatever reason.

Grab Freebies to Super-Charge Your Casino Experience

While it’s obviously a pipe dream to be able to change those slot symbols simply by using the power of your mind, you can get ahead of the game at online casinos by taking advantage of their freebies.

Almost all gamers want a quality welcome bonus for them to be willing to part with their money, and this allows you to play casino for free!

Take a look at our free casino & free spins webpage for the pick of the bunch, with JohnSlots being your number one source for all things casino bonus-related.

Keep checking back for all the latest news and deals as soon as they come in, with freebies being thrown around left, right and centre to get players through the door.

There’s never been a better time to register with an online casino than today!

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Top Video Games with Some of the Best Gambling Mini Games

While we tend to lean towards online betting and gambling, we have to acknowledge that online casino games’ sibling – video games have been taking the world market by storm. Millenial kids are growing up in households that possess at least one game console or gaming PC, and more often than not, more than one. Video games can provide fun in bunches, especially since there are so many genres and styles to please almost all tastes. And whether you’re looking for a triple-AAA game or a casual game developed by an indie developer, there is nothing less than a vast sea of options.

So, how does this connect with online gambling and betting, you might ask? Well, some video games are so big that they incorporate mini games inside. And there are several instances where the mini games of choice are actually betting/gambling games. When the developing team plays this card carefully, it can make up for a thrilling experience that adds depth and dimension to otherwise barren virtual space within the overall game.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top betting/gambling games to ever feature in top-grossing video games. Read more to find out!

Final Fantasy VIII’s Triple Triad

The Final Fantasy series is one of the longest running ones, and is credited with having brought Japanese role-playing games to wide popular acclaim in the West. Final Fantasy Viii featured a little card  game called Triple Triad. When triggered, it played to a groovy background tune.

This game is played on a grid containing 3×3 blank spaces. Each card would have 4 numbers (from 1 to 9, and A standing in for 10), each of which corresponded to 1 side of the card. Your cards were blue while your opponent’s pink.  You played by placing cards in empty spaces on the board, and adjacent cards would be compared for the number value. The highest number won, and the losing card would change to the colour of the opponent’s card. The player with most cards in his colour amongst the 10 on the board won.

Red Dead Redemption’s Poker

Red Dead Redemption was another big hit by the company Rockstar who brought us the likes of the notorious Grand Theft Auto. During Red Dead, you could take a seat at a table in a saloon for a few hands of poker. This particular version of the classic borrowed the Texas Hold’Em rules. One feature that made it particularly thrilling was that you could cheat. And if you got caught, you’d be challenged to a showdown to the death!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Gwent

Witcher 3 is arguably the biggest game to have hit consoles and PCs in 2015. It swept away a slew of accolades and is still considered a benchmark in many fields of game development.

This little card game featured in it called Gwent was a prime example of how the game’s intertwining storylines made it so intriguing and successful. You didn’t simply play Gwent to catch a breather from the (not so) rote and mundane business of hunting down monsters. You were actually encouraged to find new cards whenever coming to a new area. This was mainly because you had to build up a strong deck of cards, familiarise yourself with your cards, and learn the ropes of the game well if you wanted to complete certain important side quests that required winning at Gwent.


So, there it is. We’ve taken a quick look at a crossroads point where gambling/betting games and video games meet. There have been several other skill and luck based games implemented in video games; too many to feature here. However, this is already enough to show that such cross-overs offer a fun and original approach to both genres. If, on the other hand, you want to take things from the opposite perspective, and you want casinos that implement video game-inspired environments and challenges, take a look at Casumo and Casino Heroes!


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