Types of free spins

How to find free spins and no deposit free spins?

Finding some free spins offer you like isn’t always as easy as you’d imagine. When you know what you want, you want it now, fast and easy, right? We’re here to help with some tips on how to find free spins to enjoy.

Free spins for new players

Keep an eye on this page and our free spins toplist to compare the different free spins available through welcome packages for new players. Sometimes it is enough to just sign up at a casino, to get no deposit free spins as part of a welcome bonus, which requires you simply to register your details.

These generally range from 5-20 no deposit free spins to even hundreds of free spins but can also exceed that quite a bit. These also give you the chance to explore the site and decide if they have the right options for you, which is a nice extra side benefit. If you decide to sign up at that casino, then there could also be plenty of no deposit deals later on during your time again. This is because casinos tend to always update their bonuses which could benefit you for a long time to come.

Free spins for all players

We also collect some attracting casino promotions each week, so you might find new free spins offers available there, not only for new players but for all players.

Some online casinos offer free spins when a new slot is being released. Make sure to stay up to date on new slots launches by reading our slot reviews and news and not to miss an opportunity to try them with free spins.

There are also other direct channels you can follow at online casino themselves too. One way to do this is to subscribe to the many casinos’ newsletters that are just a click away. These will email you directly with any news about no deposit free spins, so you will be able to claim them immediately

At casinos, there are also numerous other ways to get your hands on some free spins no deposit deals. One way, which is for more avid players, is to get involved in their VIP programs.

Once you are part of a casino VIP program, they will often dish out special deals to you which can include no deposit free spins or deposit free spins deals among other things. These are usually the most generous and you can get as many as 100 free spins no deposit UK spins, depending on your level within the VIP program.

100 free spins

For players who want the big bundle of bonus spins right away, PlayOJO offers a welcome package with a total of over 100 free spins.

50 free spins no deposit casino

Unfortunately, the likelihood of finding yourself a 50 free spins no deposit casino is pretty low. Casinos tend not to offer quite as many as 50 free spins no deposit free spins, particularly not for a sign-up bonus.

This is not to say that you can’t get them ever, but you would likely have to be a member and had shown previous form playing at a casino, for example, as a perk of a VIP program. The closest you may be able to get is between 10-30 free spins no deposit.

50 free spins no deposit casino

50 free spins

Thrills offers players a 50-spin bundle on their first deposit and what’s more, those spins are all wager-free!

30 free spins no deposit

If you are looking for 30 free spins no deposit required & keep what you win, then right now you can get your hands on these by heading over to Casumo Casino. These guys offer 30 free spins no deposit required for UK customers when you sign up via JohnSlots.

This number of no deposit free spins with no wagering requirements is seldom seen in the industry and is really a steal.

Types of free spins

When you claim your free spins, it is important to know exactly what type they are. While, of course, the fact there is no wagering required stays the same, the amount they will benefit your gameplay will differ.

However, regardless, it is still a great deal, but you should still bear this in mind before you start playing to ensure you aren’t under any false notions.

No deposit free spins vs free spins when you deposit

You can find offers for both no deposit and deposit free spins. No deposit free spins are exactly like the name suggests, free spins you can get without depositing any real money.

Usually, no deposit free spins are available for new players upon registration or through casino campaigns and VIP programs for any customers. You don’t have to wager any of your winnings but there might be other terms and conditions worth knowing, for example, your winnings might be capped to a certain amount, like £100.

In order to claim deposit free spins, a deposit of some sort is required. Often you need to deposit a minimum of £10 for example to claim a number of free spins. These free spins can then be played on slots that are mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Low value no deposit spins

Low value free spins are the most common you will find at online casinos. What they will offer you is generic free spin gameplay, usually on the lowest bet amount on games.

As such, if you get 10 low-value free spins on a game that offers a minimum bet of 0.05, then this will be what they will be worth. This will make them less effective, then say, if you were betting without free spins on the highest level.

When it comes to the no deposit free spins, they may often have capped win amounts, which even if you trigger something that would normally be a big win, it may payout only to a certain amount. These are common when you are a new customer as part of a sign-up deal.

More valuable spins

More valuable free spins, such as Mega or Super Spins, a definition will usually depend on the casino. More often than not though, this will mean that they are like playing the game on a much higher bet level and so, they will provide more effective gameplay and wins will come frequently when these are in play.

It may also be defined as a spin that will be guaranteed to pay out a lot more if you get a win. Usually, on more valuable spins, they will have no cap. In a nutshell, they are more likely to generate wins and when they do, they will be a large amount.

These are more often seen as rewards when you are already a player, either a loyalty bonus or as part of a VIP scheme and can be available as no deposit or deposit free spins.

Wagering requirements

We have already gathered that getting free spins are a great deal. What makes them so great is that there are never any wagering requirements – otherwise they should not be called free spins at all!

If you see any wagering mentioned, it means that instead of free spins the casino is offering you bonus spins.

Bonus spin deals will come with wagering requirements, which means you will have to wager any money you win with them a set amount of times before you can withdraw it. If you score a big win, this can take a long time and can also be quite frustrating.

However, when you are claiming free spins, there are no wagering requirements, allowing you to win cash and then withdraw the winnings at your pleasure.

Are free spins offers worth it?

For the most part, they most definitely are. Especially no deposit free spins offers! First of all, because it is essentially something for nothing.

No deposit free spins give you a set of extra chances to build your funds. What’s more, they also give you a chance to explore casino options for no extra fee on your part, which is also a perk of them.

As there are no wagering requirements, free spins are risk-free and can be very lucrative without any hidden catches.

Are free spins offers worth it?

Maximum win from free spins

A casino may set a maximum win especially on your no deposit free spins which means you can’t hit any amount higher than that set amount with your free spins.

While you may play with no deposit free spins and win if it exceeds the max win, then you won’t be able to keep that win. Usually, max wins are fairly high, but they can range from as low as £100 to as high as in the thousands.

Maximum win limits are more common with no deposit free spins offers than deposit free spins.

Time limits

Time limits quite simply are how long you have to use your free spins before they expire. Exceed that time limit and you won’t be able to use them any longer.

Often you will have about 7 days to claim them, but other times, you have just 24 hours. These are especially common for welcome deals.

Other free spins terms and conditions

Another big term and condition is that you won’t be able to play free spins on just any game. The casino will often select eligible games, or even just one game, for you to use the free spins on.

Other free spins terms and conditions can vary greatly. However, these are the main ones. We would always recommend making sure you read the terms and conditions of any free spins deal before committing.

What is a good free spins offer?

Terms and conditions can make or break a deal. While it may be alluring to grab that 50 no deposit free spins, but if you are facing a tiny max win, then you might want to use them to test the casino and its games without expecting to win much.

However, the best free spins offers out there are the no deposit free spins. In these cases, even if there is a max win, you can’t grumble too much as it is all yours to keep.


Overall, free spins and no deposit free spins are a great deal permitting you to know what you are getting yourself in for. They will give you free playtime to rack up funds and check out a casino’s slots.

Frequently asked questions about Free Spins and bonus spins

Frequently asked questions about Free Spins

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about free spins without wagering requirements.

What are Free Spins?

Free Spins are a type of casino bonus where online casino will give you either no deposit or deposit free spins without any wagering requirements. If any wagering is required, then they are not free spins but bonus spins.

Why casinos offer no deposit free spins?

They offer them usually as either way to draw you in for a first deposit or keep you in as a way of showing good faith. Ultimately, it is to try and keep you sweet.

I claimed free spins but want to cancel them. Can I?

Yes, you can. Usually, there is an opt-out option, but if not, speak to the customer service there. Remember, if you have won funds with the spins before you opt out, they will be lost.

Why can’t I withdraw my winnings from free spins?

This is likely down to not fulfilling some term and condition, for example, there could be a maximum win meaning you can only withdraw your winnings up to that limit. Make sure you have met all terms and conditions before trying again. Failing this, it may be down to other failures on your account. Contact their customer support.

How do I know the terms and conditions for free spins?

These are always required by UK law to be clearly visible below the bonus, or via a clickable link somewhere on the bonus.

Is there a limit for how much I can win from no deposit spins?

Sometimes yes, some casinos will cap your maximum win. However, not always.

My friend got free spins but I didn’t. Why?

This could be because it was some form of loyalty bonus, VIP scheme or was just a temporary deal. It may also be to do with elements of your account, such as not being KYC’d or failing to opt in for the bonus, for example.

How do I claim no deposit free spins?

Usually, all you have to do is register details for new player bonuses. However, these may have an opt-in option at some point during the signing up process. No deposit deals later on down the line will also have this opt-in option or will require you to click on the bonus itself and then they will explain anything else you need to do.

Do I need to use a bonus code to claim free spins?

Sometimes, yes, but not always. It may require simply to opt it or do something else. It varies from deal to deal so make sure you read the instructions carefully.

Can I use my free spins on all games?

Sometimes, yes, but often no. The casino usually selects games that the free spins are eligible on.

Can I win from no deposit spins for real?

Yes, you can. However, sometimes there is a maximum win that you can get from free spins. If that is the case, it’s always mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Can I get free spins on mobile?

Yes, you can. There are often even mobile-specific deals that reward you for downloading an app or just merely signing in via your mobile device.