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Authenticity Is All

Both positive and negative reviews are welcome as long as they represent your own firsthand observations and impressions. Be honest, because that’s what other players expect when reading your review.

Facts Matter

We truly appreciate your honest opinion, regardless of whether it is negative or positive. That’s why we strongly encourage you to support your review with relevant facts. When facts speak, Gods stay quiet, right?

Mind Your Language

Feeling inspired and want to express your opinion in a poetic way? Or maybe you want to let your sense of humor shine? Sure, JohnSlots welcomes you to showcase your writing skills! However, any usage of offensive, threatening, or other forms of verbally aggressive language is completely forbidden and will be dealt with accordingly.

Formatting & Grammar

No one likes reading poorly formatted reviews with a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes.  Well, we certainly don’t. That’s why you are strongly encouraged to format and proofread your review before submitting it. Think about what you want to write and how you write it so others can benefit from your review.

Original Content

Stealing content from other sites and presenting it as your own is a demonstration of bad taste. JohnSlots knows for a fact you are much better than that.

Keep Your Privacy

Once reviewed and approved, your review becomes public. Please make sure to respect your own and other people’s privacy. Refrain from mentioning sensitive personal information in your reviews such as full name/s, personal data, payment or banking details, etc.

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