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Jackpot slots are not ordinary online slots. Slots with jackpots have prize pots that can go well into the millions! Jackpot hunters get their kicks out of spinning the reels for the chance to win the 6 or 7 figure prize money. The possibility of winning a jackpot, on top of matching symbol payouts, adds an extra element of entertainment and excitement to slots. Read on to discover more about the different types of jackpot slots, along with all the player favourites.


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What are Jackpot Slots?

The main difference between regular slots and jackpot slots is that the regular slot comes with a fixed max payout. By contrast, jackpot slots vary in top prize size and can offer you a seven-digit win on a single spin.

While becoming an instant millionaire sounds like a dream come true, there’s much to learn about this type of online slot game. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do further down this jackpot slots guide. Here goes.

A ‘Jackpot’ is a large cash prize that you are awarded when playing an online game. But it can also refer to the progressive slot games we mentioned earlier. These are the slots with crowdfunded jackpots that build up over time.

From this point onwards, to avoid confusion and to make this guide clearer, we’ll use the term ‘jackpot’ to refer to the cash prize. We’ll use the phrase ‘jackpot slots’ to refer to the online slot games that offer jackpots.

But before we dig into the technicalities of how to play a jackpot slot, let’s look at some basics. Knowing is half the battle so let’s begin with dismantling the types of jackpot slots available online.

Local Jackpots

Contrary to pooled jackpots, slots that offer local jackpots have a prize pool that’s accumulated by bets made by players at one specific casino. Oftentimes, these types of local jackpots are much smaller since fewer players contribute to the total prize pot.

For example, while a certain slot can be available at several different casinos, the prize pot at these casinos is formed exclusively from bets made by that casino’s players. Hence the term ‘local’. As a result, only the players registered with the casino are eligible to win the top cash prize.

Two slots that perfectly illustrate the meaning of progressive local jackpots are NetEnt’s Tiki Wonders and Gold Rush. Both are capable of reaching some very healthy jackpot payouts so if you haven’t yet, be sure to check them out soon.

Progressive Jackpots

By now you’ve seen us mentioning the term ‘progressive jackpot slots’ a couple of times. These are the jackpots that steal the headlines when they reach astronomical totals over a period of time.

The most impressive thing about progressive jackpots is that they grow each time a player makes a bet. And that bet contributes towards the top prize whether you make it at one participating casino or across the entire network of linked slots.

So, every time you wager £1 on progressive jackpot games such as Mega Fortune or Hall of Gods, a small percentage of your bet is added to the top prize pool.

Since these two slots are some of the most popular progressive jackpot slots among UK players, we are talking about thousands of bets made every single day. This results in the potential of a multi-million cash prize for the lucky winner.

But there’s a catch. Progressive jackpots can grow to such extortionate amounts because they are extremely hard to hit. It’s only once in a blue moon that you’ll see someone hit a massive progressive jackpot giving it the time to increase to unbelievable amounts of cash.

If you want to test your skill and luck, here are recommendations for some of the best progressive jackpot slots:

You can play progressive jackpot slots at a lot of casinos, but this one is a great place to start:

Network or Pooled Jackpots

The so-called network or pooled jackpots are the largest of the lot. Pooled jackpots are crowdsourced from the bets made by players across multiple casinos that host the same particular slot game with the desired jackpot.

Each player’s bet counts towards increasing the main cash prize making it grow to an incredible amount of real money that’s up for grabs to anyone who’s contributed.

Think of it as the National Lottery where all ticket sales across the UK contribute the top prize. Consequently, anyone who contributed to the main cash pot by purchasing a ticket can win the jackpot.

To try your luck at a progressive jackpot slot, seek out the Hall of Gods slot by NetEnt. It’s one of the most popular slots of its kind which regularly amasses astonishing cash prizes.

CampeonUK players, for example, will be hoping to win a prize on Hall of Gods that includes bets made by players from SlotsMillion and many other online sites.

Fixed Jackpots

Sometimes referred to as cash pot jackpots, fixed jackpots don’t grow or change in size because they are fixed. It’s an in-game feature that is not dependent on bets made by other players or any other factors that affect pooled or progressive jackpots.

Depending on the game developers, some jackpot slots come with both fixed cash prizes and progressive jackpots. The latter, as we’ve already covered, can grow in size significantly, but can be harder to achieve.

For excellent slots that feature fixed jackpots, check out the slots below:

And if you’re wondering where you can play some of the best fixed jackpot slots, check out this casino:

Slots with Multiple Jackpots

This is another category of slots that can feature more than one jackpot. Take Mega Moolah as an example. It features four jackpots positioning itself as one of the most popular jackpot slots of all time across the world.

The simple mechanics in this game allow you to trigger bonus rounds that set off a chain reaction giving you more and more spins to win multiple jackpots. A bonus wheel or series of wheels are the two popular choices among game developers for such rounds. In some instances, multiple jackpots can be triggered randomly during routine gameplay.

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to winning multiple jackpots. Your best bet is to study the slot’s paytable (found within ‘i’ symbol) to understand how the game works. By examining the pay lines, special symbols and bonus features, you’ll be better prepared to nail the steps needed to hit that big win.

And don’t forget to play for free in demo mode before you play for real money to learn more about the main features.

Why play Jackpot Slots?

Why Play Jackpot Slots?

The biggest draw to playing jackpot slots is, of course, the jackpot itself. But we’ve listed a number of extra benefits below:

  • Jackpot slots games have larger cash prizes compared to regular slots.
  • Those prize pools can grow rapidly over a short space of time.
  • Jackpot slots can also come with multiple jackpots.
  • These types of slots are easy and convenient to play.
  • Progressive slots online are easily accessible at any time.
  • Most of the progressive jackpots are mobile-optimised.
  • Jackpot slots based on different themes are entertaining and exciting.
How Do Jackpot Slots Work?

How Do Jackpot Slots Work?

As we’ve already mentioned several times, by playing jackpot slots you can win a massive cash prize on a single spin. But how can you hit the winning spin?

One way to hit a jackpot win is to trigger a bonus game or a bonus feature. Usually, there are two ways to trigger bonus games, random and via free spins round.

Jackpot slot games, for the most part, are similar to regular slots, except they come with bigger prize funds. Therefore, most of them have similar reel structures and bonus features.

Bonus games and bonus features in jackpot slots can vary depending on the slot provider. They can be anything from bonus free spins, games of chance, and re-spins to frozen symbols and bonus wheel, often called the wheel of fortune or jackpot wheel.

The jackpot bonus wheel is particularly common in multi-jackpot games. During this feature, one wheel can unlock another wheel and so on, with better prizes offered each time.

How can I win the jackpot?

This will depend on the slot you’re playing. On some jackpot games, you could win the jackpot on any spin as the top prize is awarded completely at random on what could be any ordinary spin!

To win the jackpot prize on other jackpot slots, you might have to trigger a particular feature or bonus game. In the bonus, you will then have to get lucky and satisfy certain conditions to win the payout. Maybe you’ll have to match up 5 jackpot symbols or use your mighty warhammer to smash through a wall and rescue a princess! Check the paytable or information tab of the slot to see how you can win the jackpot prize!

What are the chances of winning a jackpot?

There’s no guarantee that you will win a jackpot and there is no strategy you can use to make a jackpot payout more likely. Wins on both regular or jackpot slots are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) to make games fair. And that makes the jackpot wins a mystery to us and everyone around us. Translation: it’s all down to chance.

If we could tell you how to win a jackpot, we would be rich ourselves! The best advice our jackpot slots experts can give you is to play for fun and not chase your losses.

Do jackpot trackers really work?

Jackpot trackers monitor current jackpot sizes in real-time all while keeping tabs on the big wins that have already happened. So, you can when jackpot slots have paid out in the past and how much the winners received!

All of the above is exciting, but does it really work? These jackpot trackers are a useful tool indeed, but in the end, that’s what they remain – only tools.

Due to the RNGs, there is no guaranteed way to predict a jackpot drop with any certainty. And while following the trackers is fun and somewhat beneficial, you shouldn’t solely rely on them to plan your game strategy.

What happens when you win a jackpot?

What Happens When You Win a Jackpot?

The symbols aligned and you won a jackpot on your favourite slot! But do you know what happens when you finally hit that 6 or even 7-digit cash prize?

You’ll have to take a few steps to claim your win, and we’ll explain everything shortly. But first, you need to stay calm.

Winning a top jackpot is something to be mindful of because without realising it, you can be in a state of shock. Make a cup of tea and check all the details carefully. Maybe count the digits of your prize.

But before you plan how you’re going to spend the cash, here are a couple of important steps you’ll need to take to receive your prize:

1. Verifying the win

Each casino has its own procedures to verify the win and will start doing so with the thorough checks to make sure you’re the rightful winner.

This means checking their records to ensure that no fraud or abuse was involved and no terms and conditions were violated. They’ll also check your details and that’s why it’s important to register at any casino online with your real name and address and only use your own debit card etc.

Once all the necessary checks are completed, the casino will contact you via your registered phone number to congratulate you with the win. They’ll also give you an overview of how you will receive your money.

Finally, they may request an interview with you for their news section of the site. If the sum is substantial, you may receive invites for an interview from other media too.

2. Show me the money

The most important step – the payout – depends on the casino’s rules.

Microgaming casinos, for example, tend to pay their winners in full as soon as possible whatever the amount. So if you land a lucky win while playing Mega Moolah, you can expect your prize to appear in your account within a week or so.

Other casinos are not so generous and may take their time to payout depending on their T&Cs. That’s why it’s really important to read the small print beforehand to familiarise yourself with monthly withdrawal limits and other terms regarding payouts.

This means that a multi-million-pound jackpot could be paid to you over several months and sometimes years at a casino that limits monthly withdrawals to £10,000 or less.

However, with some respectable casinos, you might be able to negotiate the payout rules, especially if you agree to do a little bit of publicity for them.

Jackpot Slots Winners

By far the biggest jackpot win at an online casino game from Microgaming’s Mega Moolah which went berserk and spilt virtual coins all over the shop. All told, the progressive jackpot reached a whopping €18,915,872 – just over £17 million – when the lucky spin occurred.

That win was some 10% higher than the previous record-holder: a €17,861,800 (around £16.5 million) jackpot wrangled from NetEnt’s Mega Fortune progressive slot.

To track the biggest slots, sports, lottery, casino and bingo jackpot winners in the UK and across the world use our handy jackpot interactive map.

€18,915,872 on Mega Moolah£13,213,838,68 on Mega Moolah
€17,861,800 on Mega Fortune£7,100,000 on Mega Moolah (mobile)
€11,736,375 on Mega Fortune£6,300,000 on Hall of Gods
€8,500,000 on Mega Fortune£6,235,372 on Mega Fortune
$9,200,000 on Mega Moolah£2,700,000 on Mega Fortune Dreams
Game developers with jackpot slots

Which Game Developer Has the Best Jackpot Slots?

Below we’ve listed the top 5 game developers who offer some of the best jackpot slots online. Collectively they’ve created and released a number of all-time favourite titles among UK players.


The Norse mythology-inspired game-changers Yggdrasil is known far and wide for their cutting-edge mobile slots and seamless gameplay. For the most entertaining jackpot games available from Yggdrasil, we’ve listed 4 of their top jackpot slot games:

Jackpot Raiders slot from Yggdrasil


With over 20 years of casino experience and now known as the millionaire maker, Microgaming is best known for their Mega Moolah jackpot slot. We’ve selected the best 4 Microgaming jackpot slots for you to enjoy whenever you feel lucky:

Mega Moolah jackpot slot screenshot


NetEnt has been rocking the casino world for over 20 years during which time they’ve released countless amazing titles. Alongside innovative and stunning slots, they keep entertaining millions of slot fans with their mega jackpot slots. We’ve chosen 4 of the most popular NetEnt jackpot slots for you to try.

Arabian Nights slot screenshot


The world’s largest supplier of online content, Playtech offers a wide range of exciting slots for both desktop and mobile including their Age of the Gods (AOTG) jackpot series. We’ve picked out their best slots based on these mythical deities:

Age of the Gods King of the Underworld Screenshot

Pragmatic Play

The multi-award-winning Pragmatic Play comes with a library of unique in-house built slots that are both lucrative and entertaining. We’ve been enjoying their jackpot slots for hours on end and picked 4 of the best that you can try on your desktop or mobile:

Great Rhino Deluxe slot screenshot

Best Jackpot Slots of 2022

Overwhelmed by the choice of slots available online? We hear you! Here’s the list of the best-rated jackpot slots to play in 2022.

Mega Moolah – MicrogamingOn average, the jackpot is just under £6 million & falls every 4 to 6 weeks. The biggest win was £13.2 million in 2015.
Hall of Gods – NetEntUsually, £5 million & falls roughly every 5 months.
Mega Fortune – NetEntOn average, the jackpot is between £2 million and £4 million and drops every 2 months. The biggest jackpot has been €17.8 million.
Arabian Nights – NetEntJackpot is usually around £1 million and drops every 5 months.
Mega Fortune Dreams – NetEntOften around £3.5 million, drops every 80 days.
Great Rhino – Pragmatic PlayThe Grand Jackpot can grow to 500x your bet.
Age of the Gods Series – PlaytechOn average pays out £478,698 every 6-7 weeks. The biggest win so far – €1 million.
Holmes and the Stolen Stones – YggdrasilPossible jackpot of £100,000.
Immortal Romance – MicrogamingPossible Jackpot of £729,000.
Divine Fortune – NetEntAverage jackpot is around £120,000 and drops every 3-4 weeks. Biggest win so far €640,721.
Best jackpot slots

Best Casinos with Jackpot Slots

To help you pick the best casinos where you can find the most popular progressive slot games as well as smaller jackpot slots, we’ve listed our recommendations:


What could be luckier than a four leaf clover? At CasinoLuck, you can play a number of different jackpot slots. Whether you get lucky or not is a different question! Head over to the jackpot aisle and you can see the likes of Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods.


You don’t want to miss the den of lions when searching for the best progressive slot machines online. At LeoVegas, among 1,000+ online slots you’ll find all the favourites: Mega Moolah, Divine Fortunes, Major Millions, Mega Moolah Isis, Mega Fortune Dreams, and the Holmes & the Stolen Stones jackpot slot.

The Best Jackpot Slot Strategies

To quickly recap on what we’ve covered in our ‘how to win a jackpot’ section, there’s no magic formula to winning a jackpot. But having a jackpot strategy in place could help you have a better overall experience and keep it fun. So here are our top tips:

  1. Create a jackpot budget and stick to it.
  2. Set yourself a loss limit and stick to it.
  3. Learn about the games and their features by playing them in demo mode.
  4. Choose your slot wisely. Seek jackpot slots that are based on themes that you like.
  5. If you think it’s beneficial, use jackpot tracking tools available online (but don’t rely on these as a guarantee).
  6. Keep an eye on bonuses and promotions to help you find casinos that can offer extra spins and boost your chances of winning.


It’s not hard to understand why jackpot slots are such a huge draw for casino players. The possibility of winning a massive cash prize appeals to many slot aficionados. Plus, the headlines of people winning millions only fuels the desire to hit that winning slot.

And while the theory of how to win a jackpot remains a mystery, this guide is here to help you learn the ins and outs of jackpot slots for better and more enjoyable gameplay.

Dis you know?

Did you know this about jackpot slots?

We’ve covered a big chunk of information related to jackpot slots, but in case we missed anything, here are the frequently asked questions by jackpot slot players.

What are fixed jackpots?

Unlike progressive jackpots, fixed jackpots can not increase in size, because, as the name implies, they are fixed.

When will I get my jackpot winnings?

It all depends on the casino where you won your jackpot prize. Some casinos may arrange a full transfer to your account within a few weeks, others may take a year or longer. Be sure to read the T&Cs carefully to avoid any disappointment.

What makes progressive slots different from other video slots?

The biggest difference between regular slots and jackpot slots is the payouts. While both can be similar in looks and gameplay, progressive slot games come with much larger, sometimes multi-million jackpots.

How often do people win jackpot slots?

All online slots including jackpot slots use a computerised random number generator (RNG), therefore it’s hard to tell exactly how often jackpots drop. It’s been calculated by the die-hard jackpot slot players, that certain jackpot slots like Mega Moolah have wins every 4-6 weeks while Hall of Gods jackpot drops every 5 months on average. But this is no guarantee.

Are jackpot slots fair?

Yes, they are fair because they are random thanks to the RNG mechanism. Also, we only recommend casinos with progressive jackpots that are licensed by the UKGC. Casinos with unfair games wouldn’t be able to pass the test of these strict regulations.

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