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Hall of Gods

Try your hand at Hall of Gods, where mortals are made millionaires! Join the mighty Norse gods and their fearsome weapons on an exciting slot that never disappoints.


Hall of Gods Free Spins

Hall of Gods offers some insane jackpot winnings, which helps us understand why casinos are not queuing up to offer players free spins on this game. That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from free spins.

Check out our casino listings to see which casinos give the best free spins offers. Who knows, you might win with your free spins and then use those winnings to place a bet or two on Hall of Gods!

Hall of Gods Slot

As ancient religions and cultures go, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more fascinating than that of the Vikings. The rich lore and legend of this mighty race of ancient peoples remains to this day an inspiration for literature, cinema and, yes, even slot games!

Hall of Gods is all about the big names in Norse myth. Ancient weapons share the reels with depictions of the most famous Norse gods – Loki, Thor, Odin and Freya, among others. This game really taps in to the emotions, with dynamic background music that evokes the rush of the ocean and the crack of thunder. A number of slot features keep things interesting and those 3 available jackpots certainly keep us coming back for more.

Symbols and Features

The fearsome Midgard Serpent looks scary (and its roar certainly is) but the appearance of this symbol on the reels is good news. It can appear on the three middle rows and represents the game’s expanding wild feature.

Odin’s Ravens Huginn and Muninn – Thought and Memory, respectively – act as the Scatter symbol in this game. An appropriate assignation as ravens have long been considered wild tricksters in many cultures.

The jackpot bonus feature is triggered when three symbols showing Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir appear on the reels. Use Mjolnir to break the shields that will appear on your screen and match three symbols to claim one of the three jackpots.

Hall of Gods Jackpot

One jackpot? Only for mere mortals. Two jackpots? Peasants! Hall of Gods boasts three jackpots – the mini, midi and mega jackpots, in order of increasing size. With the biggest one regularly hitting the millions, this game remains one of NetEnt’s most popular slots. Even the smaller jackpots are nothing to sneeze at, with the mini jackpot regularly amounting to several hundred euro and the midi jackpot easily hitting the thousands. Either way, a win on Hall of Gods is sure to make you feel like Thor.

Hall of Gods on Mobile

With such a winner on their hands, NetEnt would have to be really off their game not to offer this slot on mobile. Hall of Gods Touch lets you chase that Norse-themed jackpot on iPhone, iPad or any Android device. Feel that icy thrill of the win anywhere, whether you’re waiting for the train, taking a break from work or wanting to unwind after a long day. Hall of Gods jackpots have routinely changed lives and we love that we can play this game anywhere we please.

Hall of Gods RTP

RTP stands for ‘Return to Player’, which indicates the theoretical return a player can expect on a game over time. Hall of Gods has an RTP of 96.5%. This is just a theoretical figure and does not guarantee that you’ll always make 96.5% of your funds back, however the higher the RTP, the higher the payouts are in general and the higher the chances of winning.