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Playing online slots and casino games is fun. JohnSlots reviews interesting new slots each week. When you are ready, deposit at your favorite online casino and play with real money. Check out the most popular slots, the retro slots or the latest slot releases.

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There are thousands of online slots and casino games out there, and new games are launched every month. So, how do you choose which casino games to play? How do you keep up with all the new slots?

To help you, JohnSlots reviews the most interesting slots and latest releases each week. In our growing range of slot review pages, you can read all about the most important features and highlights of each game. If you want to know about the Return to Player, maximum win or bonus games and jackpots, we have it all covered in the game reviews.

Also, many online casinos offer demo games, so you can test any slot for free. There is no need to register, create an account or make a deposit. Simply click  ‘Play’ button to get the reels spinning – completely for free. A Demo or free to play is a useful tool for players who want to test out games without any risk to their bankroll.

Free slots are available on any platform, so you can spin for free on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. There is no need to download or register any software, leaving your machine’s storage free for other things. It’s a great opportunity to try out newly released games for free, including the latest titles from leading game providers like NetEnt, Play n’ Go, Microgaming and Quickspin.

JohnSlots prides itself on being at the cutting-edge of the industry, keeping up to date on all developments, including game releases. Our Games page is constantly updated with the latest titles, so keep checking back to see what are the newest, most exciting games available.

What are No deposit slots?

The term ‘no deposit slots‘ can sometimes be a bit confusing to players since it can have several meanings. To be frank, these are online slots you can play without making a deposit. The free play or demo slots are one form of no deposit slots. You cannot win real money when playing on fun mode, but neither are you using real money to wager so it’s all just for fun and completely free.

Casinos also offer no deposit slots in the form of free spins. No deposit spins will be awarded without having to make a deposit, oftentimes as part of a welcome package when you sign up for a casino account. With no deposit spins you can win real money however it is important to note that some casinos apply wagering requirements to winnings from free spins winnings or there might be a limit for how much you can withdraw from the winnings of no deposit spins.

NetEnt slots

Casino Games from your favorite game providers

Game development studios, also known as game providers or developers, are the teams that devise and create online casino games. Studios include animators, engineers, developers, artists and other creative professionals to design games that are appealing to players and that are completely fair and random.

A number of big names dominate the industry, including Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Pragmatic Play, and others. Several smaller game providers are also creating new casino games and players often love these titles for their unique looks and their willingness to think outside the box when it comes to design and features.

The JohnSlots Game Developer pages are the perfect place to learn all there is to know about different game developers, what kind of games they specialise in and where to find the biggest selections of games by specific studios. Find out about jackpots, the latest titles or the most interesting game features from your favorite game provider.

Why should you play online slots?

Online slots are a great way to get in on the gambling action with relatively little effort. Slots are 100% luck-based, which means you don’t have to learn complex rules before you play, like in poker or other table games.

Because they are at an online casino, these slots can be played anywhere and at any time. All you need is a compatible device and an internet connection. A land-based casino would never be able to match the sheer range of games offered online and are unlikely to be able to offer the same casino perks and bonuses.

  • Easy to get started
  • Play anywhere, anytime – on your terms
  • Higher RTP compared to land-based slot machines
  • Larger selection of games
  • No cash and fast deposits and withdrawals

Another huge advantage of online slots is that you don’t need to carry cash at any point as you would at a land-based casino – it all takes place online! This means that, in some cases, deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous or take place within a few hours. No trudging to the bank to deposit your winnings.

Online slots are held to extremely high standards when it comes to random outcomes and fair play. Licensed casinos are bound to follow the strictest rules which ensure that slots cannot be rigged or tampered with. Independent auditors will regularly review the games offered at trusted casinos to ascertain that everything is above board and completely fair.

New online slot releases

Every month, slot enthusiasts can look forward to the release of several games, from a variety of game studios. New slots are of interest to players for several reasons.

A game provider’s latest title will build on previous successes or the lessons learned from previous failures. If you liked past Microgaming titles, there’s a good chance you’ll like the newer games too.

Casinos also take the opportunity to launch promotions and bonuses linked with slot releases, often giving players free spins to pique their interest. A great way to try out a new game without any of your real money on the line.

Different types of slots - 3-reel slots, 5-reels slots and slots with hexagonal reel structure - JohnSlots

What types of online slots can you play?

Some enjoy playing the simple 3-reel slots, or fruit-machines, while others love the modern video slots with animations, exciting special features, and new innovations. You might play slots depending on your day – sometimes a simple retro slot might be exactly the kind of game you need while another day you might feel more adventurous or want to play something new.

We’ve written a guide explaining online slots paylines for you. Regardless of the type of slots games you enjoy, you can play them all for free on online casinos and find your favorite. So have a look at our games selection above, pick the game you like and see if it is something for you!

Video Slots

When many players today think of online casino slot games, they think of video slots. These games, their structure, theme, and features are only limited by imagination, thus giving game providers plenty of room to experiment and get creative.

Video slots can have traditional reels or none at all with symbols floating in midair or crashing to the bottom of the game screen. They can have no special bonus features or have several. From just one payline to hundreds, the sky’s the limit when it comes to video slots and that’s why they are such a popular type of casino game.

All this room for creativity has allowed game studios to create some immensely popular titles, like NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest, alongside new titles like Jumanji and Berryburst. The massive jackpot Mega Moolah is made by Microgaming, which also brought us classics like Jurassic Park and Immortal Romance.

You are guaranteed to find a slot you like somewhere on the web and JohnSlots is dedicated to helping you do that quickly and efficiently.

3-Reel Slots

3-reel slots commonly take the shape of the old-fashioned fruit machines, having the same structure as the very first mechanised slot machines. Having only 3 reels, these games are simple and straightforward, a great way to unwind without all the bells and whistles.

Of course, 3-reel slots can include any number of features but this structure is mostly utilised by titles that appeal to those looking for simpler things. Excellent examples of three-reel slots include Twin Spin and Jackpot6000 by NetEnt.

5-Reel Slots

Perhaps the most popular reel layout, there are hundreds if not thousands of 5-reel slots available. More reels often mean more room to add features and players who love a good in-game bonus feature will likely gravitate towards this kind of slot.

Other reel structures do exist and this is another way game providers can get creative. For example, NetEnt’s When Pigs Fly slot has a 1-3-5-3-1 structure, with a layout that changes as the game goes on.

High limit slots

There are slot games suited to all budgets, with stakes as small at £0.01. For players who want to spend a little more, high-limit slots are the way to go.

Big wagers also mean bigger payouts, if luck is on your side, with bets per payline that can reach £100 or more. Advantages of high-limit slots include a higher payout percentage, as well as perks for high-rollers from the casino operator. It is important to always have (and keep to) a casino budget, ensuring that your casino play is always fun.

Free casino games

Besides slots, you can also play other casino games for fun, like table games. If you are interested in Blackjack, Roulette, Craps or Video Poker, for example, you can test them out.

By reading our guides of different table games and slots you can find out important information regarding Return to Player (RTP) and house edge, improve your skills or learn to play new casino games.

Which type of casino games gives the highest chance at winning?

When it comes to playing online slots and other casino games, we are naturally also interested in our chances of winning – playing at an online casino should always be fun but winning will take fun to the next level. Which casino games have the best odds of winning? Are the chances of winning better with table games or slots? Is there a strategy that can help you win?

All casino games have a house edge, which means the house will always win and players will lose money in the long run. Obviously, you are better off playing games with a lower house edge. If you are looking for gaming sessions that will maintain your bankroll for a longer period, then RTP, or Return To Player, is the figure you want to look out for. Or maybe you need to wager your bonus money? Then look for the high RTP games where wagering is allowed to have the best chance to withdraw at least some of the winnings in the end.

However, RTP is not the only factor that matters. There’s also volatility (or variance) which describes how often and how much you can expect to win. High volatility slots often feature a large number of big wins in a short period of time, whereas low volatility slots will let you score winnings often, but the payouts are on the smaller side.

Below we’ll go through some of the most popular casino games types and discuss the Return the Player (RTP) and house edge, which are important terms to know before playing with real money.

Online Slots

Online Slots are the most popular casino game but it’s no secret that their Return to Player can be worse than in other types of casino games. The RTP of each online slot is always mentioned in our slot reviews, and this will make it easier to choose the slots with a better RTP if you choose so. Some slots remain popular despite their low RTP because they are simple and fun to play.

There are some slots with a high Return to Player. As a rule of thumb, the highest RTP of some online slots can be around 98% or even a bit more. However, the average RTP of online slots is around 95-96%, and land-based casinos usually have even lower RTPs. This means that you have a better chance of winning at some table games, like Blackjack.

If you are after big wins, you might think progressive jackpot slots are the way to go. A jackpot slot can offer huge wins if you manage to be the one lucky player who wins the jackpot, but jackpots don’t fall very often. Chances are, you never hit that main jackpot that could make you a millionaire. So, even if the RTP is high, it doesn’t mean you have the best chances to win.


Blackjack is one of the most popular and easiest table games both in land-based and online casinos. Depending on the Blackjack variation you play, the house edge is usually less than 1%. This means the RTP is above 99%.


Roulette is a simple casino game and there’s no strategy which can change the house edge. Some strategies can give you more shots to get lucky, but the RTP remains the same no matter what you do.

In Roulette, the house edge or RTP depends on which Roulette you are playing – European and American Roulettes have very different house edges. For European roulette with only single zero, the house edge is 2.70%, which means the RTP is fairly high, 97.3%. For American roulette with both zero and double-zero, the RTP is much lower, at 94.7%.

If you want to improve your chances of winning, then European roulette is the better option.


Most online casinos offer Baccarat, the game James Bond chooses to play. However, it’s not as popular as Blackjack and Roulette.

Baccarat is the game of choice especially amongst high rollers offering an RTP of around 99%. You can bet on the banker with a house edge of 1.01% or bet on the player, which gives casino an advantage of 1.29%.


Craps can be an exciting casino game offering different types of bets which all affect the house edges and odds. On average, the house edge is between 1 to 1.5%.

Video Poker

Video Poker has many different variations from Jacks or Better to Deuces Wild. Video pokers usually offer high RTP and some variations go over 99%.

What is RTP and how does it interact with volatility? - JohnSlots

What is RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player. This value indicates the percentage of all the wagered money a slot will pay back to the player over time. It doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to get at least this percentage of your money back when you keep playing. You might win more than your stakes, or lose the money you wagered.

For example, a slot game with a 90% RTP will pay out in 90% of total spins on average. 90% RTP is considered low by current standards, with the average range being between 95% and 96%. The best RTP slots are those with RTP of 98% or higher.

It’s no secret that the house always wins in the long run. RTP is the flip side of house edge, so if the RTP of a slot is 95%, you know that the house edge is then 5% – meaning that over time the slot will keep 5% of all money and return the other 95% to its players.

It’s good to have a look at a game’s RTP, alongside other factors, to determine whether it’s the right one for your playing style. A high RTP may indicate that a game pays out regularly, in small amounts, which may suit some players more than others.

How to win the jackpot

Jackpot slots are a great way to try your luck at winning big.

Progressive jackpots keep growing until they are won, which means that the potential for sizeable payouts is significant.

Local jackpot prize pots are specific to one casino while pooled jackpot slots rope in all the casinos in the network of that game provider.

Slots like Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune have regularly paid out million-pound prizes, changing those lucky players’ lives with a spin of the reels.

There are jackpot trackers following how the jackpots of the popular jackpot slots grow trying to predict when the jackpot might fall next. If you are a jackpot enthusiast, you most likely know which jackpots are ‘hot’ so you can try to snatch that jackpot of a lifetime. However, jackpot trackers are only predictions and there’s no way to know when the next jackpot will fall. That doesn’t mean they can’t be a fun way to bring some more excitement to the jackpot hunting.

Play Casino Games with real money

There are many good and reliable online casinos that have slots, table games and other casino games in their game selection. Many casinos even offer live casino, where you can play your favourite table games with live dealers.

If you want to play casino games for real money, JohnSlots is helping you with a toplist of the best online casinos in UK with Online Slots. Depending on what you are looking for when choosing the right casino for you, you can compare the welcome offers and other features of each casino by checking our toplists and reading our casino reviews.

Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses while others have deposit bonuses often combined with a hefty amount of free spins. At some online casinos, you can even play with real money without opening account.