It is the claim of iSoftBet that the I in their name represents their intention to keep their players’ needs at the core of their business model. It is fair to say this is certainly the case when you look at their game selection and their previous form in the gaming industry.


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They offer intuitive games that aim not to overcomplicate things in the pursuit of providing engaging experiences to their players, with clean and stylish designs. Let’s take a look more closely at exactly what iSoftBet offers its players at casinos around the world.   

New iSoftBet Games

Part of ensuring a constant flow of happy players is providing something fresh for them to try their hand at. This is why the team at iSoftBet do their utmost to make sure that they always have new slots in their game library to keep players refreshed with an ample supply of high-quality games.

These new offerings will be unique in their design with innovative new gameplay to make sure that every time you play a new slot from iSoftBet, you are not disappointed with your experiences playing it.

iSoftBet games

Why play iSoftBet games?

iSoftBet keep their design elements at the core of their business plan. While this means that they deliver games with crisp and clear graphics, there is more to it than just this. They want their players to get maximum thrills with minimum stress.

In order to do this, they maintain a balance between complexity and simplicity so that while the gameplay might be advanced, it is easy enough to comprehend so that you can engage with the game effectively and make the most out of the gameplay they offer.

This same approach to game design goes for slot games, as well as the other casino games services that they offer.

iSoftBet Slots & Video Slots

iSoftBet offer a comprehensive selection of slots for players to enjoy. What this entails is that no matter what you are looking for from your slot gaming experience, you will get it on one of their many games.

They have their own unique concepts to create video slots, which you wouldn’t have seen before, as well pop-culture inspired games such, as their high-octane Rambo and Platoon inspired, slots and games that juxtapose these concepts such as the 90210 or Basic Instinct slot. 

However, designs aside, various gameplay styles are another token of theirs. For example, they don’t shy away from new and exciting technologies by offering 3D Slots or just keeping it simple with Classic Slots with a modern twist. All of which are combined to provide a well-rounded slot gaming experience to players.

Jackpot games

iSoftBet offer their fair share of jackpot games too.

Their slot games cover a wide range of different jackpot win amounts, whether they bet set amounts ranging from 5000-200,000 coins to others that are unrestrained and offer progressive jackpots. It is the latter of these two options though that you are more likely to find trawling through the iSoftBet library and they offer several different progressive jackpot games for you to attempt to trigger the big wins on.

Table games

It’s not all about the slots here though at iSoftBet and to be a real contender in the game software business, diversifying your portfolio is key. This is why iSoftBet offer a nice number of table games for players to enjoy too.

These table games include various blackjack games, with multi-hand and VIP options, various roulette styles, again with the choice of VIP, Video Poker games and much more. Allowing you to use iSoftBet for all-around casino game experiences.

Live casino

Unfortunately, iSoftBet does not yet offer live casino games. However, this might change in the future so stay tuned for updates on this.

Best iSoftbet Gaming Slots

iSoftBet offer a massively diverse selection of games. However, there are a few that stand out from the pack as the pick of a very impressive bunch.

Below you will find the top three slots from iSoftBet which should be your go-to if you are only just now beginning to explore their great gaming options. 

Platoon Wild Progressive

iSoftBet has three games inspired by the classic 80s war film, Platoon, but this one stands out from the bunch. This is because it takes the improved version of their first offering, Platoon Wild and adds a progressive jackpot on top of it, ensuring top gameplay and the best possible payouts.

As well as a great design and the potential for a massive payout, you can also claim yourself free spins to further your adventure on its way.

Neon Reels

Take the elements of a classic slot, add the gameplay of a video slot and then implement a 3D immersive and futuristic gameplay into that mix and you have yourself Neon Reels.

However, if that still doesn’t do it for you then this game also offers a progressive jackpot, alongside two other bonus features, free spins and frozen reels. All of this combined makes it a stand out slot from the guys at iSoftBet.

Pinata Fiesta                                                                                                                 

If you want to party like the Mexicans do, then hit open the Pinata Fiesta from iSoftBet. When you crack open one of 4 Pinatas in the game, then each one will award you some very special treats.

These treats will come in the form of Popping Wilds, where balloons pop and leave wilds behind, Mega Spinata, where a massive wild will take over a selection of reels, Fiesta Frenzy, where high paying symbols will appear, or Grande Reels, where whole reels become wild.

Whichever prize falls for you, one thing that will remain is they will all be very lucrative for you.  

What does John have to say?

iSoftBet offer intuitive games that aim not to overcomplicate things in the pursuit of providing engaging experiences to their players, with clean and stylish designs.
  • Pop-culture inspired games
  • Fair share of jackpot games
  • Nice number of table games
  • No live casino

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