Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune

Play Mega FortuneIn addition to the amazing millionaire jackpot, the Mega Fortune slot is a sparkly slot game completely oozes luxury. The Mega Fortune is the slot that let you live your virtual jet-set life with luxury yachts, exclusive watches, expensive champagne, limousine transportation and glitzy jewellery.

Mega Fortune

Play Mega FortuneIn addition to the amazing millionaire jackpot, the Mega Fortune slot is a sparkly slot game completely oozes luxury. The Mega Fortune is the slot that let you live your virtual jet-set life with luxury yachts, exclusive watches, expensive champagne, limousine transportation and glitzy jewellery.


Mega Fortune Free Spins

If you are looking for free spins on the Mega Fortune slots then you have come to the right place. At you will find many opportunities for Mega Fortune free spins such as at registration- you won’t even need a deposit! Mega Fortune is so popular that the gaming sites are able to offer some Mega Fortune free spins to its members so even if you don’t use the slots this is a good time to practise. You never know you may get lucky and win with your free spins. The main purpose of the free spins at slot machines is that you will get more playing time, which is great news because it will automatically increase your chances of winning. If you get free spins in the game itself this usually can mean double the profits. In this particular slot when the free spins are triggered a multiplier comes in and you could win up to 5 times more during the free spins rounds. If you want to have a test play on the Mega Fortune, you can get a full 50 free spins at Betsafe registration. In casino mode on Betsafe will find plenty of slot machines and Mega Fortune is naturally one that you will choose to play.

With your 50 free spins on the game you will have time to get a clear insight into how the game works and can easily tell if the slots on the Mega Fortune are for you. When John Slots tested ten rounds on Mega Fortune slots we found that 6 of 10 rounds yielded profits! Take time to investigate how many winning combinations these 50 free spins from Betsafe can give you! Chances are that if you are lucky you will win some money in your free-spin!

Mega Fortune Bonus

With a bonus when playing Mega Fortune you increase your chance of winning. Bonuses generally offer free rounds which give more chance of winning which means you have more to play for and in turn will hopefully mean more profits. Finding a Mega Fortune bonus is easy since they are easy to find online. Online Casino sites have nearly always got some kind of Mega Fortune free bonus or no deposit bonus being offered at any time. A gaming machine of this calibre can attract many players and increase activity significantly at a casino site, especially when they offer a free bonus. You can find all bonuses here!

The number of Mega fortune bonuses usually increase when a large Mega jackpot finishes. They are normally available on all gaming sites which the game available on for instance NetEnt customers, have special promotions and bonus promotions just for the Mega Fortune. Is a good idea to follow the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot if you want to get more bonuses and have more to play for.

Mega Fortune – How To Play?

Mega Fortune slot may have an exclusive mega jackpot but basically it’s a pretty simple 5 reel, 3 row and 25 bet lines. The wheels spin when you start the game and you can create multiple winning combinations from left to right. The special thing about the Mega Fortune is the game’s scatter wins, free spins with multipliers and bonus game with the world-famous triple jackpot. You only need three bonus symbols in succession and that bonus game is activated then you can reach the third and final Mega Jackpot bonus if you are lucky! You can also play Mega Fortune for free here at JohnSlots and then freely choose which casino site you want to play from. Get a feel of the game right now by testing it free here above.

Winning Symbols

Mega Fortune has a total of eight winning symbols you can see in the picture. All the luxuries correspond with varying distribution depending on how they fall out of the board. In addition to these, there is a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and a bonus symbol. Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter and bonus which can quickly give you the winning combinations. Scatter can give you free spins and during the free spins rounds multiplied your profits 1-5 times.

Mega Fortune Jackpot

Mega Fortune jackpot is the most valuable feature of this slot game Mega Fortune made exciting and special. There is not just one but three jackpots built into the game that can be won if the bonus game is activated. Three or more bonus symbols in succession from left to right activate the bonus game. The bonus game can be activated during the free spins and consists of three different wheels that you spin. On the first and second wheel is your chance to win coins or a game on the next wheel and on the second and third wheel, you can win both coin and win jackpots. The jackpot is progressive and part of a global pool games and is estimated to have a default value of 4 million euros. The progressive jackpot keeps growing as more people play and wager money. Because it is part of a global network its connected to all the Mega Fortune jackpots together which means that the jackpots can become mega-sized for real!

Mega Fortune winners

There are a record number of million euro winners who won the jackpot on the Mega Fortune in recent years. Since slot machines Mega Fortune came on the market you may ask if anyone has been able to completely transform their lives thanks to the assets Mega Fortune slot can yield. Take a quick look at the list below of some selected Mega Fortune winners, you will understand why! January 2013: 154 million – a Finnish player bet two dollars and won the jackpot! June 2012: SEK 28.2 million – Christer from Linkoping got a nice national day! January 2012: 60 million – a Finnish unknown player won the jackpot! September 2011: EUR 11.3 million – a young Norwegian won after having invested € 10! February 2011: EUR 5.3 million – Smålänning won at Paf Casino! June 2010: EUR 4.3 million – a Dutch woman became the first big winner! Interested in becoming the next winner? Go directly to Paf Casino where several Mega Fortune winners have been crowned!

Mega Fortune Mobile

Mega Fortune on the cell phone is available on several gaming sites. All casino sites that want to be seen as serious and want to offer a good selection of games must have the Mega Fortune in mobile. Being able to reach the games through mobile and anytime play is an absolute must because of it being an increasingly request from players online. Currently you cannot play for free from the App through our site, but what you can do is to go to one of our recommended sites. With them, you can register for free and then also play for free with your bonus. It may be worthwhile to carry out a quick registration for the Mega Fortune on the cell phone and thus have access to entertainment around the clock.

Mega Fortune on iPhone & iPad

If you own an iPhone or iPad, or perhaps both, you can easily play this somewhat unprecedented game. Mega Fortune on iPhone & iPad works just as flawlessly and smoothly as when playing online through your computer. It looks a little different when it comes to size, but otherwise this is the slot machine intact. For those who like a larger size recommended course Mega Fortune on the iPad. If you are unfamiliar with how to play via your mobile phone, this comes in handy. Learning Mega Fortune on iPhone, however is nothing difficult. The rules are the same as online and you just click on the game by touching on your touch screen. To download mega fortune in the mobile phone does not take long – it loads as fast as online!

Mega Fortune on Android

Mega Fortune on Android has proved really popular. Android users are increasing every day and more people discover the slot machines in the mobile and subsequently the Mega Fortune in mobile. It is easy to play and it’s quick and easy to download the games to your phone or tablet. The game is also portable, in that you can play anywhere unless you have access to the Internet.

Mega Fortune RTP

RTP is a kind of percentage reimbursement. For every $ 100 wagered so goes 96.4 crowns back to the player. Note that this is a calculation in the long run. RTP on the slot machine Mega Fortune is the theoretically reimbursement to players in the long run. Average ratio for the Mega Fortune is on 96.4%. RTP varies from session to session. RTP can be both higher and lower.

Mega Fortune Tips

We at would normally finish by giving you some extra Mega Fortune tips that can help you when you play. We want your gaming experience here at JohnSlots or on any of our partner casino sites, to be as useful as possible – both when it comes to gaming pleasure of entertainment. Therefore, take with you the following tips when you start Mega Fortune next time! – Play to have fun! – Is there a bonus – make sure to use it! – If you play for the first time, start with the free game and learn the rules. – always has the best deals for slot machines! You can now give yourself the title of Mega Fortune pro after reading this entire review. We hope that our knowledge is now also yours and can help you achieve success when you play. All you need to do now is simply to get started with the fun and play!