Slots How to win at online slot games – 7 useful tips

How to win at online slot games – 7 useful tips


If you have been playing casino games for a while, you probably know that many players have their own system or strategy on how to win at slots. Although these systems tend to work every now and again, you’ll soon realise that slot games are a game of chance and no system can ultimately help you achieve wins every time.

A lot of players think that there is some sort of pattern when it comes to winning at online slots, but truth is that slots employ the services of Random Number Generators. These tools ensure that the game offers fair play as well as randomness, so everyone has an equal chance of winning and no one can take advantage of it.

However, you can still win at slots in a variety of other ways. Read on to learn 7 useful tips.

How random number generator works?

How Random Number Generators work in online slots

Every time you click the “Spin” button on an online slot, a random combination of symbols is picked by the slot game. It is this randomness that makes sure that each and every spin is independent and thus has not been influenced or affected by either the previous or upcoming spins.

A Random Number Generator is an algorithm that is applied to all online casino games including table games and online slots with the aim of generating random combinations. You can also say that the probability of the outcome of each spin is essentially preset.

When it comes to the probability of achieving a win on an online slot, this is usually determined by a number of factors: The number of reels present on the slot machine, the number of symbols per reel as well as the amount of paylines chosen per bet. It is these randomly generated patterns that ultimately determine whether you will win on your next spin or not.

1. Use probability to boost wins

The number of potential combinations on an online slot is simple to calculate. All you have to do is to multiply the number of symbols per reel available on the slot.

Let’s pick a simple example. Let’s imagine you are working out the probability of a three-reel slot machine with 6 symbols. The total number of possible combinations is worked out as follows: 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 possible combinations.

If you have a three-reel machine with 10 symbols on each reel, then you’d work it out as follows: 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000 possible combinations.

Now, if you need to work out the odds of winning on a specific online slot, you would need to divide the total number of winning combinations by the number of possible combinations as follows:

  • Odds of winning on an online slot: Total number of winning combinations / Total number of possible combinations

2. Go for the best Return to Player (RTP)

One of the things that many beginners don’t understand, is the fact that all casino games have a fixed payout rate. This means that over a period of time, the casino game returns a percentage of the money spent by the player back in the forms of winnings.

Instead of going by theme or flashy graphics, you need to find out this information before you start spinning the reels of a new online slot. Not all games have the same payouts, so you definitely should aim for a game that gives back the most.

Learn how to make the most of slot volatility and RTP.

3. Pick the right denominations

You’ve seen this before. There are different amount of coins for you to pick from when spinning the reels. Of course, your bankroll has a massive part to play, but probability also has a very prominent role when it comes to spinning the reels.

In theory, online slots with a higher denomination have bigger and better payouts. The reasoning behind this statement is that, since online casinos are businesses, they want to make money. That’s a given.

On the other hand, you are playing at the casino for fun with the hope of snapping up some wins, if you’re lucky.

While some results such as hitting a jackpot and getting a big or small payout are up to chance,  the online casino holds the house edge over time.

Let’s put this into perspective. Let’s imagine the house edge is the same for every denomination slot game. With a 95% payout, for every pound you put in, the house is bound to keep £0.05. Now, when it comes to online slots with different denominations at the same rate per spin, the results are a little different.

Let’s imagine you have spun the reels 100 times in an hour at £1 per spin and succeed in walking away with £95 in wins. Because of the house edge, the online casino has managed to make £5. The way it works is that the more you play and bet, the more the casino is going to make money off you.

Only play what you can afford to lose!

Our advice when it comes to picking a cost per bet, is to only play what you can afford to lose. Of course, have a bankroll and a loss limit in place.  You should always play according to your bankroll. Betting big erodes your bankroll fast and if you have a small bankroll, you could be done in minutes.

Pay attention to the pay table and keep an eye out for free spins bonus rounds, wilds and multipliers as they will flow money into your account.

Different types of slots - 3-reel slots, 5-reels slots and slots with hexagonal reel structure - JohnSlots

4. Pick your games wisely

Similarly to our previous point, there are plenty of things you need to pay attention to. When you’re playing at an online casino, go for the slot games that don’t offer the biggest or flashiest prizes but medium-range. The less flashy and shiny they are, the more they are likely to pay out.

For example, 3-reel slots might not have stunning graphics, but they are usually the best ones for players who play to win since they pay out on a regular basis. These days, 5-reel slots are all the rage. They offer exciting features and although they are enjoyable and highly entertaining, their payout rates tend to be lower than 3-reeled slots.

Jackpots games offer even lower payouts due to the possibility of winning big. This is due to jackpot games being highly volatile. By high volatility, we mean that a slot game might pay less frequently but when it does, the wins are bigger than average.

Even if you’re going after a jackpot, you should aim to play 3-reeled slots, especially if you have a set bankroll. Games with lower variance are more likely to boost your bankroll. If you’re unsure which game to pick, read our 7 tips for choosing an online slot. You can try out tons of popular and new online slots for free, here at JohnSlots.

Pick slots with the best odds of winning

Online casinos are quick to point slot games with larger payouts since they are the most popular and tend to hold your attention much longer since players hope that the next spin will be the lucky one. Casinos are also promoting the slot games that give them the biggest profit and which could lead to disappointing results for the gambler. Casinos ultimately position specific games on strategic pages so you’re attracted and play them.

But which are the hot and loose online slots? Take into consideration the placement of a specific slot game you want to play. Is it at the top, the middle or at the bottom of the list of online casino slots? Does it have the largest cash payout as declared on the screen?

These are questions you should be asking yourself. If the placement is strategic, it might be a tactic to lure players towards higher risk slot games. The slot games that are mostly hidden or at the bottom, are usually the ones that will payout the most.

Pick games with smaller jackpots

If you want to play jackpot games, your best chance of winning lies with smaller jackpot games. It is easier to win a jackpot that is small since the bigger a jackpot is, the worst are the odds of winning it.

5. Bet on all pay lines or mix up your bets

If you have opted to play a 25-payline slot game, then place bets on all the lines if you can afford it. You could easily miss out on a massive payout, simply for not betting on all the lines. If you cannot afford the max bet of a particular slot game, go after another one.

If you cannot bet on all pay lines as previously advised, mix up your bets. If you are on a winning streak, then up your bets, but once you feel that your luck is running out, lower your betting amount or else, move on to another casino game.

Read also how to win at online slots without maximum betting.

Bonuses and free spins

6. Hunt for bonuses and promotions

The size of your bankroll is crucial in helping you win at slots. The more money you have available, the bigger the chances of winning at this game. This is where taking advantage of casino bonus offers and promotions, can come in handy.

Finding a great offer and promotion can be a challenge, but if you want to win, you need to take advantage of what’s available. Most online casinos offer welcome deposit bonuses as an incentive, which enhances your bankroll when you’re starting out. Some casinos go as far as to offer a 150% or 200% bonus, so you get quite a considerable amount to play with when making a deposit. Keep an eye on the wagering requirements, however, as they can make it difficult for you to withdraw money.

7. Stop when you’ve exhausted your bankroll

One of the best advice we can give you, is to have a set bankroll before you start playing online slots. Once you’ve run out of money, don’t make any more deposits or go chasing after your losses. Slots tend to be highly volatile at times, so there is no guarantee that you will get all your money back.

Remember, slot games are games of chance. Even if you had to employ the best strategy available out there, you have no guarantee of winning big.

Want to learn more about online slots? Check out more strategies and tips about Slots.

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