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Do you want to know how to win at online blackjack as much as possible? We understand how terribly frustrating it can be to lose at the game of blackjack. After all, it is the online casino game with the best odds, so losing at this game can be disheartening.

The game of online blackjack is very enjoyable, especially when the dealer is on a losing streak and the table is winning. But what is, even more, fun, is sitting back and watching your bankroll steadily grow, no matter what is happening around you.

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Here are our top tips on how to boost your chances of winning the game of online blackjack.

Online blackjack: A game of strategy

When to split Aces and Eights

Before we dive into how to win the game of online blackjack, you should know that this game is based on mathematical probability. Before you start to play blackjack properly, make sure to read up and to learn basic strategy.

If you don’t apply a basic strategy, you’re essentially throwing money onto the table and second-guessing, which is what the casino wants you to do. You might hit a lucky streak and win a few hands but if you don’t know what you’re doing or how to play properly, you might as well throw your money away.

Learning a basic strategy shouldn’t take a lot of time. In fact, we have created an online blackjack cheat sheet that should help you to get started if you don’t quite know how to play the game. Our cheat sheet tells you when to hit, stand, split or even double down when necessary. If you want to win as much as possible, you don’t stand a chance unless you are playing at your very best.

Pay attention

This might come as a surprise to you, but one of the ways to always win at online blackjack has nothing to do with hitting or standing. If anything, it has to do with something a lot more basic: Paying attention.

All mathematicians and experienced online blackjack players will tell you the same thing: If a game is on the level, in the long run, you can’t beat the odds. However, having streaks of good or bad cards is possible.

Imagine you are flipping a coin 50 times. There will be streaks of heads and streaks of tails. Your main task should be to look for tables that can make those streaks easier to predict and to know when they are happening.

Decks of cards

One of the best tips we can provide you with today is to pick games that use as few card decks as possible. Single deck blackjack games would be best but it is very rare for an online casino to offer this sort of game.

Although many people could swear that card counting can work well when using fewer card decks to play online blackjack, you need to remember that card counting doesn’t work when you’re playing online. This is because the casino employs the service of a Random Number Generator, so the decks of cards are automatically re-shuffled after each hand.

However, if you play with fewer decks of cards, it would help you learn the ropes much faster and in the long run, it is more profitable for you.

Know the table

Remember that many online casinos offer different variants of the game of online blackjack. Look at the table as they put a lot of information on there that can help you make a decision. A table that pays blackjack at 3 to 2 is going to make you more money in the long run than a different game that pays at 6 to 5.

Additionally, a table that requires the dealer to hit on a soft 17 will make the casino more money and not so much for you. If another variant allows you to surrender a poor hand against a dealer’s more powerful up card, it would be better for you.

Know the table rules and the variant you are playing very well. Don’t pick an online blackjack game at random.

The Oscar betting online blackjack system

There are many websites and guides out there claiming that they have the right system that could beat the game of blackjack but since blackjack is a game based on probability, this is nonsense. The only real method that works is the one that deals with money management.

Hearing the terms money management and gambling in one sentence may confuse you a little but if you combine the two, it can only lead to success. If you have been playing at online casinos and not applied a money management system, it is time to break the habit as it can only save you more money and win some more too.

The main goal of using the Oscar betting system is to win at least one chip. Here are the three basic rules on how to win by using this system:

  • Whenever you win a hand, increase your bet by one chip
  • Whenever you lose a hand, play the same amount you’ve just bet
  • If you’ve made money in the session, withdraw your winning and start all over again

The main advantage of this strategy is that it helps you limit your losses and not chase them with bigger bets in order to recover. You are not risking any winnings either, only the money you brought to bet when you first started.

The good news is that with the system, it only takes a number of wins in a row to help you recover any losses since you are doubling your money after the first win.

There isn’t much in play to help you win the game of online blackjack. You only need to pay attention to the decks of cards used, the table and the variant played and to play lots of small sessions with the aim of hitting small wins.

Play online blackjack at these trusted online casinos

How to use your mathematical skills for online casino success

Now’s the time to put what we taught you today into practice. Whether you prefer the authentic live casino experience or not, these trusted online casinos all offer more than one variant of the game of online blackjack.

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