The biggest online jackpots ever won

The biggest jackpots and best jackpot slots

Online casinos have been around for just a couple of decades but even in that relatively short space of time, myths and legends have emerged. Tales of life-changing wins on jackpot slots, sometimes following small wagers.

Progressive jackpots are responsible for the bulk of those record-breaking wins and players all around the world clamour to these titles every day, hoping that their next spin will be the lucky one.

Unlike big wins on lotteries or in land-based casinos, the identities of online winners are not always made public and for good reason – that kind of celebrity can complicate matters. In these cases, the slots themselves become the star attractions and you will notice that certain slots make repeat appearances when we talk about momentous wins.

Read on to learn about the top five jackpots wins (so far!) and what we know about the lucky players who won them.

Mega Moolah jackpot slot from Microgaming

£13 million+ on Mega Moolah

The top spot on this enviable list goes to Jon Heywood. Playing Microgaming’s Mega Moolah in October 2015, the 26-year-old soldier from England struck it lucky just half an hour after opening his first casino account at Betway. What began as a casual nosey turned into the world of online gambling turned into a life-changing, record-breaking win of £13,209,300.

Jon is now in the Guinness Book of Records, holding the title of “largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game”. He became a millionaire overnight and aside from a few luxuries, leads a fairly normal life. He also donated a chunk of change to family and friends.

Mega Fortune jackpot slot from NetEnt

2. €17,861,800 on Mega Fortune

A Finnish player must have been very surprised when a €0.25 bet turned into over 17 million euro! We don’t know much about this winner, other than he’s a he, living in Finland and in his 40s.

This win took place in 2013 and for the longest time, topped this list as the biggest win in history. The exchange rate between sterling and euro is really what bumped this win into second place.

3. €11,736,375 on Mega Fortune

In September 2011, an insomniac switched on his computer and made his way to an online casino to wile away those sleepless hours. But for this guy, located in Norway, there was little chance of getting any sleep once he hit the jackpot on the NetEnt Mega Fortune slot.

He won €11,736,375 and wherever he is now, we wonder whether there are any more late-night visits to the casino.

4. €8,577,207 on Mega Fortune

Another win from the famous NetEnt slot! Alexander, from Sweden, says he woke his wife up to celebrate this massive win. We’re sure she didn’t mind the intrusion once she learned just how much was heading to their bank account! With over €8 million to spend,

Alexander planned to pay off his mortgage, buy a new car and travel extensively. Not a bad plan, Alex!

5. $9.2 million on Mega Moolah

We know very little about the person who won this incredible jackpot as they chose to remain anonymous.

Whoever and wherever they are, we are fairly certain they were flabbergasted when reels stopped spinning on Mega Moolah and landed them a massive win, back in April 2017.

To try to win big or small? To play jackpot slots or not?

To play or not to play jackpots?

Gambling should always be something you do for fun and not as a way to get rich. Players who approach the activity as a means to make money often quickly learn that that is not how any of this works.

On the other hand, these five players and countless others are proof that jackpot online slots can and do pay out and sometimes, those sums are big enough to make it onto lists like this one. While the focus should always be on having a good time, there’s no denying that the potential to win life-changing sums definitely adds appeal to jackpot games.

While the top five jackpots wins have come from two jackpot slots, it’s worth noting that other games such as Hall of Gods, Arabian Nights and Major Millions shouldn’t be discounted – just because they are not record-breakers doesn’t mean those wins are any less significant or satisfying!

If you fancy trying your luck on Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune or any other jackpot game, head over to our casino reviews to read about some of the best brand available and which jackpot slots they host.