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Jackpots games, whether they are slots or lotteries or sports bets, are immensely popular with gamblers. And why wouldn’t they be? These games regularly reach life-changing jackpot sums and who wouldn’t love to win a gigantic amount of money? We certainly would!

Large jackpot wins are relatively frequent, in part thanks to the growing number of ways that they can be won. It follows, then, that there are many past jackpot winners out there, having made a fortune through a gamble. So where are all these winners?

To answer this question, JohnSlots has developed Jackpot Hotspots, a site that provides information about the biggest jackpots and who won them, where. The world’s ten biggest lottery wins of the 21st century have totalled $3,989,005,710. To find out the biggest wins in 5 different categories, lottery, bingo, online slots, casino and sports betting, visit Jackpot Hotspots!

One winner inspired a scam

Back in August 2017, Mavis Wanczyk won an eye-watering $758.7 million in the Powerball lottery in Massachusetts. This is the biggest jackpot win to date and Mavis was, understandably, pretty elated. Such a big win was well publicised, which means that a lot of people suddenly became aware of the name Mavis Wanczyk and the fact that she had a lot of money.

Shortly after the win made the news, residents of Mavis’ native town of Chicopee began receiving calls and social media messages from a person or persons claiming to be Mavis and offering them some of her newfound wealth in exchange for personal information.

Police issued a statement informing residents that they should not share any personal information over the phone or via social media and that doing so could result in identity theft or fraud. Of course, poor Mavis had nothing to do with this scam but becoming the biggest lottery jackpot winner ever can cause unexpected consequences.

One winner completely overhauled his life

Samuel Abisai was born in the impoverished area of Lurambi in Kenya. In 2017, he won $2 million by correctly predicting the winner in 17 games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot. He was the first Kenyan to win such a large amount.

With his newfound wealth, Samuel completely changed his life. He took his very first holiday and then the University of Kenya graduate went on to set up his own fashion brand in the Netherlands. He has helped family members by building them new homes and occasionally still visits his hometown and helps his dad out in his shop. Money can change a lot of things about how you live but in the end, your friends and family are what make it all worthwhile.

Anonymous winners

Mavis and Samuel are clearly very well known, though whether they willingly gave up their anonymity or not is unclear. For national lottery winners, it’s harder to keep the media at bay when so many people participate in such events.

A number of winners since 2000 have chosen to remain anonymous. We don’t know the name of the winner of the biggest online slot jackpot, an incredible $24 million. All we know is that the man was living in Finland at the time of his win. When a win is on an UK online casino, it is likely much easier to be able to keep it under wraps. After all, when you play slots online, you’re just another username.

A survey in UK – stay anonymous or go public?

This question of anonymity versus publicity got us thinking – given the choice, would people publicise their win or keep it to themselves? Thanks to data from Censuswide, which asked 2,066 adults living in the UK questions on jackpots, we can answer this and other interesting questions.

The survey revealed that 2.5% of adults in the UK (that’s over 1.2 million people) would willingly give up their anonymity for the chance to be on TV if they won a big jackpot. Men are more likely to seek that kind of fame than women.

Respondents were asked what would persuade them to go public with the news. 12.3% of them said that they thought that staying anonymous would be pointless. Perhaps they felt that word would get out anyway and they might still encounter challenges, so may as well become a celebrity in the process!

People gave other reasons too. These included getting recognition for making a charitable donation, finding help in managing their newfound win and giving a potential new business a visibility boost.

In conclusion

Jackpot Hotspots lets curious players find out more about the size of jackpot wins across different types of casino games and where they took place.

Users can explore jackpot wins on the map or sort by game. It’s a fun and informative way of keeping track of the latest and greatest jackpots, and the people who have won them.

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