What is a no deposit bonus?

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What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a bonus that is awarded without the player having to deposit real money to their casino account. This type of bonus is most commonly found as a welcome bonus or as part of a welcome package, as it is highly desirable and casinos are eager to use any means they can to give players the chance to play for free and hopefully retain them as loyal customers.

Some no deposit bonuses require the player to input a bonus code in order to claim but many do not. This is up to the casino to decide. We can think of no deposit bonuses as a free taster, which players can enjoy without committing to depositing at any point. The phrase ‘try before you buy’ is a good one to use in this situation.

No deposit bonuses can vary in their value, though it’s worth keeping in mind that casinos will try to strike a balance between what they give away for free and the likelihood of a customer becoming a return visitor.

It’s fairly common to see a £10 free no deposit but we have noticed that normally, a no deposit free bonus will range from between £5 and £20. Casinos can and do offer higher no deposit bonuses – there are no restrictions on this value after all – but most choose to remain within the average range.

How to find no deposit bonuses?

Finding a good bonus can be a challenge at the best of times, which is why we do what we do at JohnSlots. But no deposit bonuses pose a further challenge. Because they are rarer than other bonuses or promotions, they become even harder to find without some serious research. There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of discovering a no deposit casino bonus you will love.

The best place to find no deposit bonuses? You’ve already found it! The JohnSlots team are constantly working hard to find UK casinos that offer this kind of bonus and then review them thoroughly to ensure that they are suitable for our readers. Our toplist pages are updated with new information all the time and our weekly promo articles also carry news on the latest bonuses available.

Casinos occasionally run no deposit bonuses for returning players, though the majority only offer them as part of a welcome bonus. It’s a good idea to check your account details at your favourite casinos to make sure that you are able to receive communication from the brand, either via the casino site itself or to your inbox. You wouldn’t want to miss any offers!

How to find no deposit bonuses?

£10 free no deposit

mFortune is one of the great casinos for UK players, and they offer £10 no deposit bonus on registration.

£5 free no deposit

Small no deposit bonuses are more popular than large ones, at least from the casinos’ perspective. Keep an eye on casino promotions and out toplists for these bonuses.

Are no deposit bonuses worth it?

It might be tempting to think of these offers as ‘free cash’. In some ways, they are. Players do not have to pay anything, therefore they are technically free. However, they do come with certain limitations that your regular real money play would not be subjected to.

At the end of the day, it is up to the player to decide whether they are happy with the bonus and can accept the restrictions imposed by the casino. Next, we will talk you through some of those restrictions so you can make that decision.

Are no deposit bonuses worth it?

The wagering requirements

If you have spent any time at all gambling online, you will be familiar with the term ‘wagering requirements’. These set out how many times a bonus – whether it is bonus cash, a no deposit bonus, or free spins winnings – will need to be wagered before a withdrawal of winnings is allowed.

A no deposit bonus is also subject to wagering requirements. These will be displayed in two places – the page where you can claim the bonus as well as the bonus terms and conditions, which is always worth a read in any event.

One should keep in mind that some casinos will push the wagering requirements up for no deposit bonuses, even higher than what they would normally apply to their regular promotions and offers. It’s not unusual to see wagering requirements set at x60 for no deposit cash bonuses.

Maximum win from no deposit bonuses

Much like other bonuses, no deposit bonuses are often subject to a cap on winnings. We see this most often in free spins bonuses but even no deposit bonuses can have one.

It’s quite common to see winnings capped at around £100. In the T&Cs, the casino will lay out how much a player can win from this kind of bonus and this cap is individual to each casino and possibly also to that bonus in particular.

Time limits

Casinos will impose time limits on any bonus perks they offer. This is to stop players from letting bonuses sit in their accounts, gathering dust. No deposit bonuses are also subject to time limits, which give the player a set amount of time to use and wager their bonus cash once they have claimed it.

Most casinos allow up to 30 days for a player to clear their bonus but it’s also no unusual to see shorter time frames, such as 14 days, particularly when the bonus amount is quite small.

Other no deposit bonus terms and conditions

There can be other conditions associated with your no deposit bonus. Each casino is free to set their own rules so there really isn’t a template for you can expect by way of T&Cs related to a free bonus no deposit. Casinos do frequently impose maximum bet limits, which come into play when a player is working through their wagering requirements.

Always read the terms and conditions of a bonus carefully. You might find that play on certain games or categories of games with your newly-claimed bonus cash is not permitted.

What is a good no deposit bonus offer?

There is no one no deposit bonus that will suit every single player. Indeed, some no deposit bonuses are no good for any player because of the harsh conditions associated with them.

When you are considering a no deposit bonus, always check the wagering requirements and make sure you are comfortable with them. Requirements that are too high are impossible to meet, which means you have zero chance of seeing any withdrawable winnings.

Because these offers are most often available as part of a welcome deal, it’s a good idea to scrutinise the casino as a whole. Players are 100% free to walk away from a casino, even if they have accepted a no deposit bonus. They are not obligated to input their personal or banking details, so there is no risk. But choosing a no deposit bonus at a casino you like the look of will save you time down the road because you will have already picked out a brand you can see yourself returning to.


A bonus no deposit is kind of the unicorn of the gambling world. Most often presented as a no deposit welcome bonus or as part of a welcome package, these offers can be harder to track down than other types, simply because not all that many brands are classed as a no deposit casino.

There are several ways to make sure you are the first to know when these offers become available. Before you do though, we urge readers to inform themselves on the restrictions and conditions that affect gameplay when using a no deposit bonus.

Frequently asked questions about no deposit bonuses

Frequently asked questions about no deposit bonuses

Below you can find our answers to frequently asked questions about no deposit bonuses.

Why there are so few no deposit offers?

No deposit offers are seen as less profitable from the casino’s perspective because the player does not have to make a deposit in order to claim them. Therefore, there is the chance that a player will simply use the bonus and then abandon their account.

Why do online casinos offer no deposit bonuses?

These types of offers are very attractive to players, who appreciate the chance to play for free across a casino’s products (some restrictions do apply though).

I claimed a no deposit bonus but want to cancel it. Can I?

Players can cancel any bonus as long as they have not used any part of it. This also goes for no deposit bonuses. Get in touch with the casino support team who will be able to help cancel your bonus if you don’t want to use it.

Are no deposit bonuses a scam?

No deposit bonuses are legit, provided that the casino offering them is reputable. There are shady casinos out there too and they might offer this kind of bonus. However, because the player is not depositing anything, it is unlikely that a casino would go to all that trouble.

Can I win with no deposit bonuses?

Yes. No deposit cash is like bonus cash. It allows you to play for free while still being able to win, which sets a bonus apart from free or demo play.

Why can’t I withdraw the winning from my no deposit bonus?

You should check whether you are within the time limit for that bonus and that you have met wagering requirements. It’s usually one or both of these restrictions that trip players up.

Why am I required to wager no deposit bonuses?

Without a wagering requirement, no deposit bonuses would simply be a case of the casino handing over free money. Lots of fun for players but a very poor business decision.

Is there a limit for how much I can win with a no deposit bonus?

Yes. The winnings cap or limit can be found in the bonus terms and conditions page.

My friend got a no deposit bonus but I didn’t. Why?

No deposit bonuses are generally part of a welcome deal, which only new players may accept. Bonuses can only be claimed once so if you have already done this, you will not be able to claim it again.

How do I claim a no deposit bonus?

Some casinos utilise bonus codes while others allow players to simply click a button to accept a bonus. The casino site in question will provide more information about this.

Do I need a bonus code to claim a no deposit bonus?

You might. This is up to each individual casino and if a bonus code is required, the casino will explain how to get it and where to input it to claim the bonus.

Can I use my no deposit bonus any way I want?

Unfortunately, no. Casinos can restrict the use of no deposit bonuses on certain types of games. Additionally, they also impose game weightings, which come into play when meeting wagering requirements. Read the bonus T&Cs for more information on these.

Can I get no deposit bonuses on mobile?

Again, this depends on the casino. Most brands nowadays do not make a distinction between desktop and mobile players and so offer all their bonuses and promotions on both.