The main purpose of Baccarat is for the player to pick one out of three available bets that come closest to the number 9. The simplicity of the game itself reflects the table layout. In total, there are three types of Baccarat tables, namely a full-size Baccarat, mini-Baccarat and Midi Baccarat. Although they are quite similar, there are a few differences you should know of.

Different table baccarat tables in detail

Big table layout

Many land-based casinos offer the big baccarat table, but this table is usually reserved for high rollers. This usually means that the Big Table Baccarat table games are usually secluded to a VIP area.

The full-size Baccarat table is oval and has yellow numbers listed on each side, running from 1 to 15, with the number 13 omitted. The reason behind this omission is that many superstitions claim that the number 13 brings bad luck so it is skipped. Sometimes, the number 4 is also omitted for the same reason, since it is considered bad luck in some Oriental cultures.

The middle part of the table is intended for the dealer, which explains why the table is u-shaped. Depending on the available choices at the beginning of the game, there are three betting areas as well as three dealers.

Each side of the table is surveyed and managed by a dealer who is handling the game. When you play at a big Baccarat table, one dealer will greet you and provide you with the chips in exchange for your money. The game does not kick off until you have placed your money in the green row. The dealer then asks the players to place their bets and eventually announce that bets are no longer accepted.

Mini baccarat table layout

The game of Mini Baccarat has become popular thanks to its simple rules and reasonable table limits. It, thus, makes it ideal for both low and high rollers. In fact, the game of Mini Baccarat poses little risk to one’s bankroll.

The table of Mini Baccarat can host no more than 7 players with the caller positioned at the centre of the table. Mini Baccarat follows the same rules as the standard Baccarat games but the bets one can place on these games is what sets the two apart. You can find three betting areas that correspond to each of the three available bets available.

The betting area for the tie is by the croupier and covers numbers between 1 and 7. The colour of the player bet area is different from the banker’s.

Online baccarat table layout

With the rapid advancement of modern technology in the online casino industry, it’s now possible for players to enjoy a game of online Baccarat without the unnecessary hassle of leaving the house. Playing online Baccarat has a number of advantages.

The online version of the table is similar to the Mini Baccarat table layout. Three betting sections are displayed, namely the player, banker, and a tie. Depending on which online casino you are signed up to, there is also the possibility to place a side bet.

When you play online baccarat, however, there are no other players sitting at the table except yourself. If you prefer the authentic casino experience, then Live Baccarat offers you the possibility to interact with both the dealer as well as other players.

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