Online baccarat: The rules of the game


In many Baccarat games, the player is the one in control of the shoe and always deals the cards for the two hands in play: the player’s and the banker’s. When it comes to online baccarat game, however, the task of dealing each card is automated to speed up gameplay and keeping it as simple as possible.  Whether you’re playing on a mobile casino or on your desktop, we have got you covered with our handy guides. Read on to learn more about the rules of the game.

Standard baccarat gameplay: a summary

  • A card is dealt face down to the banker
  • Another card meant for the player hand is placed face down next to the shoe
  • Another two cards are dealt out in the same manner
  • The dealer requests the player hand
  • The player views the cards for the first time, then passes them on to the dealer
  • The banker reveals the hand and states the point total
  • The dealer then reveals the player’s hand and states the point total

In many online casino uk versions of this game, this process is skipped. Instead, both hands are dealt and revealed in a fast succession without giving the players the opportunity to see the cards first.

The rules of online baccarat

JohnSlots Baccarat Guide

Point values

The main aim of online baccarat is to place a bet on the hand that comes as close as possible to the hand value of 9. Each hand, whether the player’s or the banker’s has a point value with the exception of face cards that have no points.

The Ace has a point value of 1 while other cards are worth their respective face value.

However, if a hand has a King of diamonds and an eight of clubs, then the total point value is 8 points. Similarly, any hand that has a collective hand value of over 10 points, it is counted only as the second digit.

If you have a hand containing an eight and a five, with a total of 13, the point value of that hand is 3.

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Draws and stands

Like Blackjack’s dealer hand, the point value of the first two cards dealt ultimately determines whether the hand receives a third card. The player’s hand is always based on the first hand. Though the rules for standing and drawing are quite simple when it comes to the player’s hand, the rules for the banker’s hand, rely heavily on the third card dealt to the player.

Player’s hand

  • If a player’s hand value is between 6 and 9, the Player stands
  • If the player gets a natural (8 or 9), the player automatically wins, unless the banker also has a natural
  • If both the Player and the Banker have the same value, then it’s a tie
  • If the Player has an 8 and the Banker has a 9, the Banker wins
  • If the Player has a 9 and the Banker has an 8, the Player wins
  • If the Player’s initial two cards are between 6 and 9, then they stand
  • If the Player’s initial two cards total to 5 or less, then they hit for an additional card

Banker’s hand

  • If the Banker’s initial two cards total between 7 and 9, then they stand
  • If the Banker’s initial two cards total between 0 and 3, then they hit
  • If the Banker’s cards total between 4 and 6, then they hit
  • The Banker always hits with a 4 against a Player’s total value between 2 and 7
  • The Banker always hits with a 5 against a Player’s total value between 4 and 7
  • The Banker always hits with a 6 against a Player’s total of 6 and 7

Exceptions to the rule

Any hand that has a total of 8 or 9 is called a ‘natural’. All play is stopped when either the player or the banker has a natural. Additionally, if a player hand stands at 6 or 7, then the banker must also stand if the value is between 6 and 9.

How is the winning hand determined?

The hand that is closer to the point total of 9 is determined the winning hand. All bets on the winning hand are paid while all bets on the losing hand are lost. There is also the third option of placing a bet on a tie.

In this case, all bets placed are returned as the hand is considered a push. The Tie bet wins if the Player and the Banker hands tie, while all other outcomes lose.

You can further learn all the terms used in this game with our all-comprehensive Online Baccarat Terminology guide right here at John Slots.

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