The following list of online blackjack variations are the ones that you can find in various online casinos. If you have played online blackjack, you must at some point or another, encountered some of these variants. The rules of the game are quite similar, but there are still a number of subtle differences that sets the variations apart. Read on to learn more.

Different types of blackjack games

Classic blackjack

The classic version of the game is the most popular and favoured type of blackjack available. The main aim of this game is to create a hand that comes as close as possible to the number 21 but without going over.


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What makes Classic Blackjack stand out:

  • It uses between 2 and 4 decks of cards
  • Dealer hits soft 17
  • Both doubling and splitting are allowed
  • Up to 2 resplits are allowed with doubling being allowed following a split
  • Dealer checks for Blackjack

European blackjack

The European Blackjack version is typically played with two decks of cards. There a few rules in place such as a smaller number of card decks used and the dealer standing on a soft 17. However, the casino makes up for it by imposing the rule of the dealer not checking for blackjack.

What makes European Blackjack stand out:

  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • The Dealer’s Blackjack versus the player’s blackjack results in a push
  • Dealer doesn’t check for a blackjack
  • Players can only double down when they have a total of 9, 10 or 11.
  • Players can double after splitting but no further resplitting is allowed


Pontoon is also quite popular in many online casinos. Also known as “Spanish 21”, what makes this game essentially stand out is the fact that the dealer’s hole cards are both placed face down. The bright side of this lack of information is that it gives the player a higher pay out.

What makes online Pontoon stand out

  • A two-card hand that amounts to 21 is called a ‘Pontoon’
  • Player can only stand when there’s a total of 15 or more
  • Dealer hits on soft 17 and wins all ties

Match play 21

This version is considerably different from traditional blackjack since all 10s are removed from the deck and some hands receive extra special bonus payouts.

What makes Match Play 21 stand out:

  • All 10s are removed from the deck except for face cards
  • Dealer hits on soft 17
  • Player can split and double.

Face up 21

This version of online blackjack presents the dealer’s cards face up. This information gives you an added advantage on your next move.

What makes Face Up 21 stand out:

  • Players may double after splitting. Double is only allowed on totals such as 9, 10 and 11
  • Dealer Blackjack against a player’s blackjack results in a loss
  • Dealer hits on soft 17

Perfect pairs blackjack

This version uses the regular rules as adhered to in classic blackjack with the exception of an extra side bet at the start of each hand. This side bet is an additional bet on the first two cards being on the same value.

What makes Perfect Pairs Blackjack stand out:

  • Doubling down and splitting is allowed
  • Players can play up to 5 hands per round
  • Dealer hits on soft 17

Multi-hand blackjack

This game allows you to play more than one hand at a time. This is potentially one of the most popular and preferred blackjack variations.

What makes Multi-Hand Blackjack stand out:

  • Dealer does not check for blackjack
  • Players can only double on totals of 9, 10 or 11
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • You can only split once

Spanish 21

Very similar to the game of Pontoon, Spanish 21 removes all the 10s from the card deck. Although this would usually give a higher house edge, the game makes up for it by providing players super-friendly rules.

What makes Spanish 21 stand out:

  • Dealer must stand on soft 17
  • You can double after splitting. You can further resplit if you wish
  • You can surrender after doubling

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