Blackjack Guides - Strategies and Tips

Follow our blackjack strategy guides to learn the basics of the game, how to master your skills and advanced tips and tricks to becoming a blackjack pro.

Your complete guide to playing blackjack online

The game of blackjack is potentially one of the most popular card games at casinos all over the world. It even takes pride of position on the lobbies of many online casinos. In fact, the game of blackjack is so popular, that it is available as a number of variants, so you can enjoy various aspects of the game whilst boosting the fun factor.

Gambling fans now have an entire range of blackjack games to pick and choose from. It is for this very reason, that JohnSlots has created a dedicated guide section for the most popular card game in casino: Blackjack.

Here, you will find complete guides, ranging from learning the basics of the game, the rules of the game, how to win, what mistakes to avoid as well as advanced strategies for the more experienced blackjack players.

We have thought of everything. If you are looking for a guide on when to hit or stand, or perhaps when to use the Surrender or Insurance options, we have got you covered. Now’s the time to learn the ropes to this exciting game so you can truly master the game to become an online blackjack champion.