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Whichever way you choose to play, knowing the rules and what to expect is a good way to start off enjoying the world of keno. JohnSlots aims to provide our readers with all of that information to help them make the most of their keno experience.


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We know that JohnSlots readers are looking for reliable resources about online casino games and that’s why the team has put together an extensive range of game guides, tips articles, cheat sheets and more.

Whether you are completely new to online gambling and want to get the best start in your keno journey or you are more experienced and have a tricky question you need answering, JohnSlots is here for you!

The JohnSlots team is constantly researching and testing online games, and then updating our pages to reflect the latest and most up to date information in this ever-changing industry. As new innovations take flight, we are right here to tell you all about them.

We are also dedicated to finding the best online casinos available and introducing our readers to them. Through rigorous research, we explore every facet of an online casino before we write our casino reviews and we aim to offer a balanced, fair appraisal of every brand we recommend.

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Keno bonus

Keno bonus

Generally speaking, keno online bonuses are hard to come by, with casino operators preferring to focus on slots as an incentive to players, through the use of free spins bonuses.

However, there are a few things keno players should keep in mind. The first is that this industry is always on the move. Things change fairly quickly and it’s possible that keno bonuses are something that might become more popular in the future.

The second is that there are other ways to enjoy bonus keno play without a keno-specific bonus. The best way to do this is through deposit match bonuses, which tend to be more flexible. Players face fewer restrictions on how they can use their bonus funds and casinos can and do allow keno play in many cases.

While we are not aware of keno-only online casinos out there just yet, casinos with a wide range of games that include keno are the best place to look for keno bonuses.

Play Keno online for free and learn the game

Practice makes perfect is a phrase we hear often, whether we’re learning to play a sport, make a meal or playing casino games. It might sound cliche but it does ring true. The best way to get good at something is to practice.

When it comes to online casino games, players are lucky in that they have access to a very useful feature – demo mode. Most game developers will allow players to play their titles without making a deposit, playing for fun while getting a realistic experience of the game, including its betting features, bonus features and more.

Playing keno for free in this way is a perfect opportunity to see how the game is played, how to make a bet and how wins are calculated. It’s also a great way to test out betting and number selection strategies without any risk to your bankroll.

Play Keno online for free and learn the game

Learn how to win at keno with JohnSlots

Keno has a simple objective and many players love it for this exact reason. However, the game does have rules that players need to know and, like all other casino games, are subject to things like payout ratios, house edge and probabilities.

If these words have you wondering what we are talking about, you are in the right place. JohnSlots has compiled a collection of guides to help you understand the rules of keno and what a standard game of keno looks like.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to our advanced guides, which discuss betting strategies and number selection strategies. Each of these has its own pros and cons and we analyse them in-depth to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using one strategy over another.

JohnSlots Keno tips

Players with specific queries will benefit from our collection of Tips articles. These focus on one element of keno play at a time and explore it in further depth. Think of these articles as trouble-shooting resources that will help resolve sticking points.

You will be able to read about how to utilise strategies when you play, how to find keno casinos and how to use keno bonuses, as well as what makes for a good bonus in the first place.

Playing keno online vs playing at land-based casinos

Once you have understood the rules of keno, you will be able to play it anywhere! There are multiple options available for those who want to enjoy a game or two of keno, including online casinos, land-based casinos and other gambling venues such as betting shops or keno kiosks.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Playing online means you don’t need to travel to a particular place and there are no closing times. Simply fire up your internet-connected device and play, no matter the time of day. To play keno online, you will need to set up a user account at an online casino. With this account, you can easily explore the other gambling options available on that site.

If you choose to play keno at a specific venue, you will be able to enjoy the social element of keno. While you are not playing against other players like in bingo, there is much to be said for the exciting atmosphere as numbers are drawn and players make their matches.

Most casinos host between one and two keno games, though it is possible to encounter brands that host more. Some casinos don’t host any keno games at all but we are noticing that an increasing number of brands are choosing to offer at least one keno game.

Popular keno variations

When keno made the leap into the online format, it became possible for online game developers to get creative. Today, a number of variations of standard keno exist, each slightly different to the original and offering unique features that players enjoy.

Popular keno variations

Power keno

Power Keno is played in exactly the same way as standard keno, with one special difference. The player selects between two and 20 numbers, as per usual. The drawing begins and if the player has caught the 20th number drawn, any winnings made on that ticket will be quadrupled.

Fire Power keno follows the same concept but the win multiplier is applied if the first number drawn is a match.

Super keno

This variation is played in the same way as Fire Power keno, only under a different name. In this video keno variation, the player’s wins are multiplied by four if the first number drawn during the round matches the player’s selection.

Combination keno

Some games allow the player to select two or more groups of numbers on the same ticket and this is called Combination Keno. It’s a time-saving feature, which allows multiple bets to be made on the same set of drawn numbers without having to wait for consecutive rounds.

Progressive keno

The ‘progressive’ in progressive keno refers to the type of jackpot associated with this game. As in all other games, a progressive jackpot grows the longer it goes unclaimed so players have the chance to win really significant sums through this game. Players can also win a percentage of the jackpot depending on how many of their picks are drawn.

Live Keno

This type of keno is played in a live dealer format. Of course, there is no actual dealer in a game of keno as there are no cards and numbers are drawn using the software. However, live keno involves the live streaming of a number caller and brings an element of the real casino atmosphere to online players.

Why play keno online?

Playing keno online is great fun and have a number of advantages over traditional keno play.

  • Play at any time of the day or night
  • No need to go to a specific venue to play
  • Online rounds of keno are often quicker than traditional games
  • Play different variations of keno easily
  • Easy access to online resources while you play


The game of keno was invented centuries ago but it remains a player favourite today. It can be enjoyed in several ways and playing keno at an online casino is convenient, fun and safe. It’s no wonder that keno lovers across the globe are gravitating towards online keno!

Frequently asked questions about Keno

Frequently asked questions about Keno

New keno players often ask us questions about the game of keno. Below are a few of the ones we receive most often and our answers.

Can you play keno online for real money?

Yes, absolutely! Using a secure payment method, you can deposit money at the online casino of your choice and use those funds to play keno and any other games on offer. Your winnings are paid out as real money, assuming you are not using bonus funds to play.

How do you play keno online?

To play keno online, you will first need to create a casino account and deposit some money. Once you’ve done that, you will be able to launch the keno software, select your numbers and make a bet. Then it’s just a matter of matching the drawn numbers with your selection, which the software handles automatically. It will also tell you if you’ve won!

Can you win money from playing keno online?

Yes! If you are playing with real money i.e. not bonus funds and not in demo mode, you can win real money from playing keno online.

How many numbers should you play in keno?

This question is the cause of much debate among keno players. Most recommend playing between 4 and 8 numbers but you should head to our keno guides to understand why that is in more depth.

What is the objective of keno

The objective of keno is to have your selected numbers or picks match with the 20 randomly drawn numbers generated by the keno software. The more numbers that match, the higher the win. The more numbers you have selected, the more numbers must be matched to win.

Can I play keno for free?

Yes. Many keno games allow you to play for free. You will not win any real money from this play, called demo or free play mode, but you will also not be using up your own funds. It’s a great way to practice keno and see the game in action.

Can I get a keno bonus?

Keno-specific bonuses are incredibly rare but you can use a deposit match bonus to play keno using bonus funds. Many casinos offer this kind of bonus.

Is playing keno online safe?

To ensure your play is safe, always choose licensed, reputable casinos that prioritise fairness and player safety. These brands will only host safe games and use secure payment methods to transfer funds.

How do I find online casinos that offer keno?

Look at a casino’s games section to see if it hosts keno games. You can also head to our Tips section to find our recommendations for reliable keno casinos.

Can I play keno on mobile?

Most modern games, whether they are slots, table games or keno, are being made with mobile players in mind. This means they can be enjoyed on any device such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

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