Live Casino

Live casinos are a land based casino that offers real money casino games to players online via video link. Using this video technology, you can follow the action at the roulette tables, blackjack tables and even Baccarat. A live dealer is at your service and is responsible for making your experience as authentic as possible.

Live casinos give a completely different atmosphere compared to the usually online gambling. Here, you play directly with real dealers on webcams who deal the cards and spin the roulette wheel. It’s the best experience on the computer that you can get

The best of both worlds

A live casino gives you the best of both types of casinos. Playing in real time like in a live casino, but in the comfort of your own home like online casinos. With live dealer casinos, you avoid any fees that correlate with land based casinos. There are also no dress codes with live dealer casinos since you’re playing in your own home. You can easily sit back in your couch with your PC and play your favorite games without any special requirements from the live casino section.

Betting on live casinos

livecasinoToday’s live casinos are linked to already established online casinos such as Mr. Green, BetSafe and Betsson. To play at a live casino, you must be a member of the online casino. Once you are logged in, you will find the live casino menu that you can click on to navigate to the live casino section where you can select the games to play. Today’s live casinos offer blackjack, roulette and Baccarat. After selecting the game, it’s time to select the table and the dealer. If there is room at a table, you can click on it to start playing immediately. You can also choose a single player table where you can play by yourself against the dealer. You can also play with other players at the multi-player tables. Sometimes it is also possible to choose the dealer for your tables. The table itself is an animated game window with a live video feed form the casino. The video shows the Roulette wheels, the Blackjack tables and the dealers, depending on which=h game you choose. You can also chat with the dealers at many of the tables, further enhancing the effect of live casinos.

Live casino bonus

livecasinoMore and more casinos continue to invest in their live casino and live game. As the interest grows in video linked casino games, so does the interest in live casino bonuses. If you play a lot of live casino games, you want to be able to play for free or on the cheap. This site has established casino sites and provides a number of bonuses for live casino players. Instead of requiring the player entry fee, players are welcomed with a bonus to use. This is quite unique and almost unbelievable for those who are used to playing at a land based casino. You would do well to check your e-mails regularly as many live casinos send out bonuses all the time.

Reasons to play live

When you play at a live casino, it gives a very vivid game experience. It’s both surreal and real at the same time. An exciting mix of virtual entertainment that is webcast on your computer. You have the opportunity to interact with other players without having to reveal your true identity. If you don’t have any desire to interact with other players, you can choose not to and just enjoy your game. The risk of being disturbed is minimal because the atmosphere is neutral. There is no noise or flashing lights. No loud music or un-wanted odours. It’s simply you and the live casino. livecasinoAn obvious reason you should be playing live casinos, is that you can play with less effort than at a land based casino. You also have the chance to win more money. Land based casinos are burdened with massive overhead fees and costs such as employees, building costs and more./ Live casinos have fees as well, but nowhere the amount of a land based casino. This makes a live casino high gain with little risk. Live casinos can also offer more games since there is no limitations on space like in a land based casino. Another reason to choose live casinos is that they never close. They are open 24/7, giving you enormous freedom to choose when you want to play. The unlimited opening times also make it easy for you to plan a game with your friends.

Behaviour at live casinos

You are expected to behave respectfully towards the dealers and other players in live casinos to maintain the good atmosphere. These are default rules when you play live, online or in a land based casino. If you behave poorly or get out of line, the casino can ban you. Most casinos have a point in their terms and conditions explaining the responsibilities you have as a player. There’s no need to read through every single point, as common sense should be enough to make sure you act appropriately.

Live Casino

JohnSlots editors believe that, live casinos will become the most popular form of online gambling and be the fastest growing market. There may be standalone live casinos offerings land based casino games via video link. We look forward to following the development of live casino games form real casino, and we hope you do the same.