Are new casinos better than established brands?

There are both pros and cons to both established and new casinos. However, the following highlight the advantages of picking a new casino:

  • More games, more titles: New casinos are more likely to include as many games from new developers as possible. They have a more diverse portfolio with the aim of shaking things up and to stand out from the crowd.
  • Better gaming experience: New casinos invest quite a bit in providing the best mobile version of their website. When casinos fail to optimise for mobile, they are more likely to suffer the consequences.
  • More bonus offers and promotions: New casinos tend to be more creative with their promotions and offers. They might offer more lucrative offers or lower wagering requirements. Whatever it is, they are always coming up with more creative ideas to stand out.
  • Better customer service: The best new casinos tend to be more customer-focused and thus offer services such as live chat. Live chat is the quickest and most efficient way to resolve any issues you might come across.

New Casino Bonuses 2017

When we think of a new casino 2017, we think of daring, of bravery, and of something really quite special. They’ll no doubt offer all the favourite top games that we know and love (to provide something familiar), but they’re also more likely to try something new, take a leap of faith with a new developer, or trust their in-house guys and girls to create something new that you can’t find at the more solid and unchangeable old timers. Providing the latest casinos have a casino license (which they must have to be listed on JohnSlots), you know they are safe, reliable and trusted. So trust them, trust in their new vision, however out there it might seem, and give them a shot!