When beginners fail to learn from their mistakes, it ends up costing them big in the long run. The choices one makes at the table can either help you win or sink. Take the time now to fix these problems once and for all.

Kicking off with a sub-standard hard

Don’t make the mistake of starting off on the wrong foot. If you enter a pot with a bad hand, you’re bound to see bad results. Make sure you always have a reason to play a hand and not hanging onto the hope of ‘getting lucky’. Check out our starting hand selection article to make sure you have the best possible start.

Over or under betting the pot

One of the biggest advantages of playing online poker is the fact that you have the value of the pot clearly listed in front of you as you play along, so use it to your benefit. If you keep betting an incorrect amount, you’ll be making a losing play so make sure you’re well aware of bet sizing in online poker so as to avoid losses.

Helping your opponent

If you have the best possible hand, then don’t be afraid to bet a little strongly. Don’t try and bluff your opponent with a smaller bet, as it’s pointless especially if the opponent calls. Just make strong bets when necessary, and don’t give your competitors the chance to take the pot away.

Not taking into account your position

One important factor many beginners don’t take into consideration is their position as it has a strong influence on your hand. If you neglect your position, then you’re bound to lose. Always consider your position at the table and fold when absolutely necessary. Remember, the later your position is the better since you have plenty of information gathered from the players acting before you.

Not taking into consideration the other players’ style

If your opponent has a very tight playing style, they might have a very strong hand when they raise, so make sure to analyse the situation carefully and to see if it’s worth your time entering a pot with them.

Not taking into account your own playing style

This goes both ways so make sure that you are well aware of how other players perceive your own playing style during every session and take advantage of the situation. If you prefer to play loose, they might start calling you more often with a wide range of hands.

Not taking odds into consideration

You should mind the odds when making a call. Even if you don’t have the pot odds available, unless you also have implied odds, you should not be making that call. If you keep making a call with bad odds, you’re just losing more money and making more mistakes. Don’t base your decisions on ‘gut feelings’ either. Play wisely.

Not giving the table enough attention

Because poker is mostly a jigsaw puzzle where you’re gathering information, it is best to keep your eye on the table and to pay attention especially when your opponents are playing their turn. Whenever you are out of a hand, try to see the way your opponents are playing to at least, try and maximise your winnings.


There is nothing quite like a tilt, to make players lose chips as quickly as possible. If you feel that you’re no longer zen when you are playing, it would be best to take a break from the table and to calm down when you’re on a losing streak. Trust us on this one. Your bankroll will thank you.

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