Money Cart 4

Money Cart 4

Get ready for an exciting adventure with Money Cart 4 - the latest slot game from the creative team at Relax Gaming. Unlike traditional slot games, Money Cart 4 offers a unique and streamlined experience that focuses solely on an electrifying respin bonus. With the opportunity to win up to 15,000 times your stake, you won't want to miss out on this exciting journey.
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Pros & Cons of Money Cart 4 Slot

Money Cart 4 can be one hell of a ride and I particularly enjoyed it, but there are some issues and I wasn’t all that keen on a few aspects of the game:

  • Thumbs-Up Massive focus on respins bonus.
  • Thumbs-Up Loads of great reel modifiers and boosters in the respin bonus.
  • Thumbs-Up 15,000x maximum win.
  • Thumbs-Up Free spins trigger way more often than most video slots.
  • Thumbs-Down Nothing to win at all in the base game.
  • Thumbs-Down The max win cap is 10x lower than the rate in the original Money Train 4.

Get on board the train full of (potential) cash rewards in Money Cart 4. Relax Gaming decided to give Money Train 4 the lite treatment, and so in this version of the game, all base game features and wins have been removed. Instead, you’ll be hoping to land scatter symbols to trigger the respin bonus, where you can score prizes of up to 15,000x your stake.

The main reason for this is that players in the UK cannot use the bonus buy option in Money Train 4. So, this is a shortcut of sorts, allowing players who want to jump straight into the respins action to do so anyway.

But is this a solid version of an otherwise stellar game, or does it fall way below the standards of its inspiration? Read my full review below to find out.

⚡ RTP 96%
🎲 Volatility High
💰 Paylines N/A
🔼 Maximum Bet 60
🔻 Minimum Bet 0.10
⭐ Bonus Features Expanding Reels, Reel Modifiers, Hold and Spin

money cart 4 slot screenshot

Money Cart 4 Slot Game Free Demo

There’s a cyberpunk, futuristic train that needs boarding in Money Cart 4 and if I were you, I’d start by playing the free demo of the game first. It’s a safe space to get used to the game’s features before risking your funds when playing the game for real money. You can familiarise yourself with the scatter symbol setup, as well as all the reel modifiers that come through the respin game’s special symbols. It can also be a particularly great way to understand what bet levels would best suit your gambling budget.

Pro Tips:

Money Cart 4 is an odd experience, in that it doesn’t follow the conventional structure you might be used to. It is ultimately a highly volatile slot, so I still recommend sticking to a relatively low bet level to stretch your gambling budget as much as possible. You could still score some stunning wins during the respins bonus, especially with all the multiplier mechanics in place.

Money Cart 4 Slot Bonus Features

Well, being the oddball that it is, Money Cart 4 doesn’t give you the traditional video slot setup. The action unfolds across six reels and eight rows, although the top two and bottom two rows are initially locked. So far, so good. But bear in mind that you cannot make any base game wins here, so technically, there are no paylines. Instead, you’ll need to trigger the bonus and score prizes from there.

Scoring wins in the bonus rounds alone with no base game paylines at all may seem pretty strange, but the folks at Relax Gaming have made sure that you unlock the bonus rounds way more frequently than you usually would. It’s a shortcut of sorts into the main action, which can lead to wins of up to 15,000x your stake.


You may have already guessed it, but there are no wild symbols at all in Money Cart 4. With no base game wins or paylines at all, it’s no surprise to see this. While I’m the first to complain whenever video slots remove wild symbols and don’t replace them with anything adequate, in this case, there are so many great reel modifiers that it doesn’t make all that much of a difference.

Scatter Symbol

Bonus scatter symbols do make the cut and they’re your best bet to upgrading into the free spins bonus. During base game rounds, you can land blanks, bonus scatters or special symbols. To unlock the respin hold ’n win bonus, you’ll need a minimum of three scatters or special symbols.

Hold ‘n Win Respins

The respins feature kicks off with three rounds and each triggering symbol comes with its activating symbols. If you have any special symbols among the triggering tokens, their actions are revealed and played out before the very first respin.

Any new symbols that land on the reels are locked in, resetting the respin counter back to three. Should you fill an entire row with symbols, an extra row gets unlocked. This can continue happening until you unlock all four additional rows.

There are loads of different special symbols that can land during the respins phase, as you’ll see below.

  • Bonus Symbol – Transforms into a payout of anywhere between one and 10 coins.
  • Collector – Collects all the symbol values in sight and adds them to its value.
  • Persistent Collector – Carries out the same function as the collector symbol. But the Persistent Collector continues to repeat its action on every consecutive respin.
  • Adjacent Collector – Collects all of the symbol values from the symbol’s eight adjacent positions and then adds them to its value.
  • Persistent Adjacent Collector – Carries out the same function as the Adjacent Collector. But the persistent adjacent collector continues to repeat its action on every consecutive respin.
  • Payer – Reveals a numerical value and then adds it to all the other symbols in sight on the reels. It doesn’t add the value to itself.
  • Persistent Payer – Carries out the same function as the Payer and continues to repeat it on every consecutive spin.
  • Adjacent Payer – Reveals a numerical value and then adds it to all of the token’s adjacent symbols.
  • Persistent Adjacent Payer – Carries out the same function as the Adjacent Payer and continues to repeat it after every consecutive spin.
  • Sniper – Double the values of anywhere between three to eight bonus symbols on the reels. It can double the value of the same symbol multiple times.
  • Persistent Sniper – Carries out the same action as the Sniper, but continues to repeat it on every consecutive spin.
  • Collector-Payer – Picks between three to five symbols, adds their values to its own and then adds the updated value back to the original symbols.
  • Persistent Collector-Payer– Carries out the same action as the Collector-Payer at the end of every spin.
  • Arms Dealer – Turns one to four symbols into feature symbols and once the change is complete, the symbols’ actions are played out.
  • Persistent Arms Dealer – Carries out the same action as the Arms Dealer at the end of every spin.
  • Necromancer – Revive two to seven non-persistent symbols that have already been used. The same non-persistent symbol can be revived several times.
  • Persistent Necromancer – Carries out the same action as the Necromancer at the end of every spin.
  • Unlocker – Unlock a locked row on the grid.
  • Persistent Shapeshifter – After every spin, this symbol turns into a Collector, Payer, Sniper, Collector Payer, Arms Dealer or Unlocker.
  • Reset Plus – Increase the starting value of the respin counter by one.
  • Upgrader – Picks up to three regular symbols and upgrades them to their respective persistent versions.

RTP & Volatility of Money Cart 4 Slot

You may be triggering the bonus rounds more often in Money Cart 4, but the game is still incredibly volatile. Wins are never a guarantee and it could very well take a while to get close to the slot’s 15,000x max win. On the other hand, RTP is set to 96%, which is pretty standard for this kind of game.

Money Cart 4 was developed by Relax Gaming, a reputable provider that has built a strong reputation over the years. So, you can rest assured that the slot is both fair and trustworthy. Of course, it would help to play at an online casino that is equally as legitimate to make sure you get the safest experience possible.

Money Cart 4 Slot on Mobile

Keep chasing the train’s carts wherever you go, thanks to the slot’s excellent mobile compatibility. You can play Money Cart 4 on both Android and iOS platforms, and you can simply fire it up from your favourite online casinos on tablets and smartphones. The slot automatically adapts its interface to suit the smaller screen size and also adds touchscreen controls.

The mobile version of Money Cart 4 has the same win potential, graphics and features that you’d get on the desktop version, so the experience is seamless across all devices.


If you’ve already played any of the previous Money Cart games, then you’d know exactly what to expect here. Money Cart 4 dilutes the Money Train 4 experience, placing its sole focus on the respins bonus mode, which can be quite divisive.

Sure, free spins are ultimately the goal we all strive for, but completely removing all payout elements from the base game leaves the game feeling somewhat incomplete. And it’s not like you get respins all the time. It just means that if you don’t manage to trigger respins during a base game spin, you don’t stand a chance of winning anything else.

The payoff here is that the respins bonus triggers approximately once every 10 spins, which is incredibly frequent, particularly because this is a highly volatile slot. And with Money Cart 4’s respins bonus features so many different special symbols, you’re always going to have an unpredictably great time trying to push for the biggest possible wins.

Speaking of which, while the 15,000x is an excellent win potential, it is way lower than what we got on Monet Train 4. The full game came with 150,000x max win potential, so this lite version takes a very substantial hit.

Visually, the game looks great. You get the same quality of graphics we’ve come to expect from Relax Gaming, all packaged into a more compact form factor.

So, is the cart ultimately worth chasing, or are you better off sticking to the whole train?

Well, that answer will largely depend on the sort of player you are. If you’re happy to enjoy the full experience complete with its 150,000x max win cap, then stick to Money Train 4. But if you’re all about the respins bonus then Money Cart 4 is the one for you. Sure, the max win potential is reduced and you’re effectively getting half a game with no base game wins, but you’ll be getting virtually non-stop action on these tracks.


It’s high time I get to my stop and say goodbye to this cart, but if you have any questions about Money Cart 4 and its respins feature, then drop me a message using the contact form below. I’ll be sure to get back to you with a direct answer as soon as possible.

You can even have a look at the frequently asked questions below, which can shed even more light on the slot’s inner workings.

Money Cart 4 does away with all the base game symbols and wins, so there are effectively no paylines. You get all your wins through the respins bonus, which has none either.

Whenever you land a symbol in the respin bonus, your respins are reset back to three. You can upgrade your maximum respins, increasing each set you get on a reset.

You’ll need to land unlock symbols to open up new rows on the grid. This happens when you fill up an entire row with symbols.

While regular symbols only use their action once, persistent versions of them will continuously activate their features after every respin.

The maximum payout in Money Cart 4 is 15,000x your stake.

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