Tarasque is a new masterpiece from Print Studios that not only dazzles with its cluster pays and eye-popping visuals but also promises a rollercoaster of rewards with its unique gameplay mechanics. All of this is set against the backdrop of a tale as old as time. Are you ready to challenge the beast and uncover the treasures hidden in the depths of Tarragon?
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Pros & Cons of Tarasque Slot

Tarasque puts together a truly unique video slot experience and I loved the several aspects of the game. It’s quite hard to find anything negative to say about the slot, although some players might not be too keen on the following:

  • Thumbs-Up 20,000x maximum win.
  • Thumbs-Up Excellent use of cluster pays and special features.
  • Thumbs-Up Incredibly unique setting and detailed presentation.
  • Thumbs-Up High-paying symbols with cluster wins of up to 1,000x your bet.
  • Thumbs-Down No free spins bonus.

Medieval France gave birth to all kinds of legends, based on occurrences at the time or even more ancient myths from forgotten eras of history. Among the most prominent of these is the Tarasque a mythical creature said to have terrorised the people in the region of Tarragon until good old St. Marta came along and dealt with the monster. And this is where we pick up with Print Studios’ Tarasque.

It’s easily one of the best-looking video slots of all time, with a wonderful look that brings medieval and Renaissance art to life through its backdrops and symbols. It’s all brilliantly animated too, and this combined with a perfect soundtrack, immerses you deep in the world of the game.

The developers could have easily dished out a rehash of a popular slot’s features, but instead, Print Studios has devised an absolutely stunning set of original mechanics that reinvent the way cluster pays work in exciting ways.

⚡ RTP 96.30%
🎲 Volatility High
💰 Paylines Cluster Pays
🔼 Maximum Bet 50
🔻 Minimum Bet 0.10
⭐ Bonus Features Wilds, Progression Meter, Symbol Transformation, Win Multipliers, Feature Bet

tarasque slot screenshot

Tarasque Slot Game Free Demo

Tarasque is a pretty innovative game with a fresh set of features and mechanics that break the mould and create a new experience. So, I recommend checking out the Tarasque free demo first, before playing the game for real money.

It gives you a safe set of rounds to explore all that the slot has to offer, before deciding if you want to put your funds on the line. It’s also a brilliant way to test out the Feature Bet system and decide on an ideal bet level that fits your gambling budget.

Pro Tips:

Tarasque has a relatively high level of volatility, so it can take a while to get things going. I recommend sticking to a low bet level to make sure you extend your game time as much as possible. You may want to experiment with the Feature Bet system too, to see if any of the available options might actually increase your chances of success.

Tarasque Slot Bonus Features

The denizens of Tarragon have quite the conundrum on their hands and they must face the beast across 8 reels and 8 rows. It’s quite a massive board, with cluster pays awarding you wins for clumps of five or more identical symbols.

Winning clusters are removed from the reels, triggering the cascading reels feature, which drops in more symbols from atop the reels. If you get more wins, the feature triggers again. This goes on and on until there are no more wins on the grid.

Moving on to the symbols themselves, as usual, you have a mix of both low and high-paying tokens. The low-paying symbols come in the form of a snail shell, lemon, clover and horseshoe. With the minimum of five symbols, you get wins of 0.2x your stake and if you hit the maximum of 64 identical symbols, that figure goes up to 100x your bet.

The higher-paying symbols are way more fun. They take on characters from this legendary tale, including a bard, guard, town crier and lastly of course, St. Marta herself. Their payouts vary accordingly, with St. Marta being the highest-paying symbol in the game. With five identical symbols, she dishes out wins of 2x your stake, but put together the maximum of 64 and you’re in for a win of 1,000x your bet.

But that’s just the basics and all of these symbols and mechanics take a different turn once the slot’s special features come into play.


Wild symbols can play quite a key part in Tarasque. They look like a Medieval-style eye of providence and step in for any missing pay symbols that could form part of a winning cluster. Wilds have no value of their own, so they rely exclusively on forming part of other clusters. They also get a boost once you trigger the Wild Spikes Progressive Feature.

The Tarasque itself is also a wild symbol, but more on that ferocious beast, below…

tarasque slot wild symbol

Morphing Clusters

The crafty mage has set himself up in the tower on the right-hand side of the reels and he holds a morphing symbol in his hands. Whenever you win with a cluster that matches the mage’s morphing symbol, the cluster is transformed into a different symbol adjacent to that cluster, which in turn has it grow in size too. You’re awarded a consecutive win and the morphing symbol in the tower changes to a new symbol.

The process is repeated until you stop getting any more matches between your clusters and the morphing symbol itself. Should you get to the unleashed stage, the morphing symbol will change whenever you don’t match the unleashed symbol.

tarasque slot morphing clusters

Celestial Blessings

Heavenly powers will swoop in from time to time with imagery from Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam popping up to deliver win multipliers. Cherubins, Adam or even God himself might show up on the reels, awarding you with a win multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x or even 20x on a winning cluster. The multiplier can only be awarded to one cluster, even if several are present during a single round.

tarasque slot celestial blessings

Progressive Features

Every win you make is added to the progress bar and hitting collection points on the bar will activate random reel modifiers. These are triggered after there are no more wins in a round, starting from the modifier of the lowest collection point. As you scale up the progress bar, the modifiers get increasingly powerful.

  • Wild Spikes – A random number of wild symbols burst out onto the reels. The better the level you’re at, the more wild symbols you get.
  • Blazing Glaze – Removes all low-paying symbols from the screen. Triggering the modifier on a higher level will also remove low-paying symbols from any consecutive cascades.
  • Mage’s Morph – A random number of morphing symbols are added to the reels. The higher your level, the more morphing symbols you get.
  • Bulking Beast – The mage tosses a mushroom at the Tarasque which has the beast grow in size until there are no more wins. The higher your level, the bigger the monster gets.

tarasque slot progressive features

The Tarasque – Devour and Unleash Feast

When you activate the first progressive feature’s reel modifier, the Tarasque emerges from its lair to the left of the reels and lands in a random position on the reels. From here, the monster serves as a wild and devours any symbol clusters it forms part of. It remains active until there are no more progressive modifiers to be activated.

Once there are no more wins or reel modifiers left, the Tarasque unleashes all the symbols it devoured in the first place back on the grid. It starts with the lowest value symbols and makes its way to the very top, bagging you more potential wins along the way. You could potentially have the creature unleash a full screen of identical symbols. The only catch is that none of these wins can contribute to the progress bar.

tarasque slot devour and unleash feast

Feature Bet

You could increase your chances of success using the feature bet. This can guarantee you six, 12, 23, 34 or 35 morphing symbols at the start of a round for the price of 3.5x, 12x, 46x, 105x or 221.7x your stake, respectively.

RTP & Volatility of Tarasque Slot

Tarasque is no walk in the park, with volatility clocked in a medium to high setting. While it’s not as unforgiving as extremely volatile games, you still shouldn’t expect to be triggering special features and scoring wins with every spin. RTP is also pretty good at 96.30% and the slot has a max win cap of 20,000x your stake.

Print Studios may not have been around for all that long, but in the few years of activity it’s had, the provider has proven to be a trustworthy and legitimate developer, producing fair games that are safe to play. So, you can enjoy Tarasque with confidence, knowing that you’re getting a legit video slot experience. I recommend you play at reputable online casinos to make sure you have the safest experience possible.

Tarasque Slot on Mobile

This Renaissance farce can be enjoyed on all platforms thanks to the slot’s brilliant mobile compatibility. Tarasque can run on both Android and iOS devices, automatically adapting its interface to suit smaller screens in both landscape and portrait orientations. All of the features, win potential and graphics remain identical, so you have a seamless experience on all systems.


Tarasque is one of these incredibly rare video slot games that I simply cannot get enough of. Print Studios has crafted a modern masterpiece that elevates the genre with a mix of stellar gameplay, rewarding win potential and mind-boggling visual quality.

The theme is the first selling point of the game. You know how much I despise ambiguous slot themes, so playing Tarasque with its virtually unprecedented level of detail was an absolute treat. From the introductory video, all the way through to the symbols, backdrops, sound effects and animations, the game is polished to perfection. The medieval setting works a charm and the art style here is way beyond the level we tend to get in video slots. It sets the perfect setting for this farcical tale and made me want to spend even more time among the silly citizens of Tarragon and their monstrous creature.

And if the wonders of the game’s theme and graphics ever wear off, you know its excellent gameplay will keep you hooked. Cluster pays are the beating heart of this slot and every other feature that has been included builds and expands on this mechanic. There are no free spins or respins to speak of, but once you experience what the rest of the mechanics have to offer, you won’t even notice their absence. All the included features holistically work together and each spin could potentially lead you to the game’s maximum prize of 20,000x your stake.

I honestly cannot really think of things not to like about the game, unless you fundamentally have a subjective issue with the direction that Print Studios have gone for in terms of both gameplay and visuals.

This truly might be a new video slot classic and I for one will be playing through Tarasque for a pretty long time.


The scene has set for this review, even though the townsfolk of Tarragon might still be fending off the legendary creature, and if you have any more questions about the game, be sure to drop me a message using the contact form below. I’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

You can also take a look at the frequently asked questions below to find out more information about the game and its features.

There is no free spins bonus in Tarasque, and neither is there a respin section. Instead, your aim is to fill up the progress bar with wins to unlock reel modifiers that can push you towards better rewards.

The Tarasque symbol comes into play when you fill up a section of the progress bar. It lands on a random position on the reels and acts like a wild symbol, although it devours all the symbols it forms a cluster with. At the end of the round, it spits them back out, giving you the chance to put together more wins.

You can win a maximum of 20,000x your stake in Tarasque.

The highest paying symbol in Tarasque is St. Marta who can pay up to 1,000x your stake for a cluster of 64 symbols.

With the Feature Bet system, you can add more initial morphing symbols, which can get you more wins, filling up the progress bar more efficiently and boosting your chances of landing big wins using the slot’s reel modifiers.

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