All-comprehensive guide to bingo terminology

Learn bingo terminology

The following is an all-comprehensive list of terms and definitions used in both live and online bingo games. You are by no means obliged to know all of the terms listed here when playing online bingo.

However, if you want to improve your chances of winning and to better understand the terms used at online bingo sites and other players, it would be best to have a good read of the below terms.

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75 ball bingo: This American variant of the traditional bingo game entails bingo cards with 75 squares. Your main aim in this game is to either cover all the squares or else cover a specific pattern. The first player to succeed in accomplishing this, wins.

90 ball bingo: This game offers more than one prize namely 1 line prize, 2-line prize and a full house prize all varying in monetary value. The first player to cover one of these, wins.

Admission: The number of tickets required to be eligible to participate.

Admission Pack: A pack of bingo cards.

Any Way: A term used to describe a bingo pattern.

Bingo: A game whereby numbers are randomly called out and the first player to have all the numbers called matched on their bingo cards wins by shouting “BINGO”.

Bingo Board: The bingo board displays each number called out.

Bingo Card: Bingo cards are required to participate in the game. You must purchase the cards before being allowed to take part. Each bingo card will either have 15 or 24 numbers in total on them.

Caller: The person calling out the bingo numbers as they are being drawn. The numbers are generated by a machine.

Callers Choice: A bingo game variation whereby the caller decides on what the pattern will be for that specific game.

Calls: The ball numbers called out.

Card: A Bingo card.

Cash Ball: A progressive jackpot that is paid out when bingo is called. The cash ball is ultimately the last called ball.

Chat room: A chat room is a virtual room where players can chat with other players whilst playing online bingo.

Consolation prize: A prize that has a smaller value than the original bingo prize. These types of prizes are given away in special games when there are no winners or else the guidelines haven’t been met.

Coverall: Also known as a Blackout, a coverall is when you manage to form a pattern on a bingo card. This means that every number in the pattern on the card must be called out for you to win.

Dauber: Also known as a bingo marker, a dauber is a marker that is used at land-based bingo games to mark off the numbers called out.

Early Birds: Early birds are bingo games that are played prior to a regular game. Early bird bingo cards are thus purchased separately from normal admission packs.

Four Corners: A pattern that entails 4 numbers located in the corners of the card.

Free Space: The centre square on the bingo card that has no number.

Hard Card: A bingo card that has been printed on a heavy cardboard.

House: The bingo hall or the online bingo site.

Jackpot: A large prize that is up for grabs when winning a game of bingo.

Money Ball: If the bingo game in question has a money ball, then the player’s winnings are doubled if the bingo is hit on that number.

Multiple Winners: When two or more bingo players win with the same number. In this case, the prize is divided equally among the winners.

Nine-Pack: Also known as a Block of Nine, a Nine-Pack is a pattern that requires you to cover the 9 squares placed in a block.

On the Way: A term that refers to when a card is used for a preliminary game on the same sheet as the subsequent coverall game.

Pattern: The shape a bingo player must cover by using the numbers called out during the game.

Payout: The money paid out in winnings.

Session: A session is a program of standard games played all together.

Six-Pack: Also known as a Block of Six, a Six-Pack is a pattern that requires you to cover the 6 squares placed in a block.

Split Pot: A bingo game whereby the winner splits the sales with the bingo hall.

Wild Number: A number that is given freely to players.

Winner Take All: A coverall game whereby 100% of the winnings go to the winner.

Wrap Up: The final game of a session.

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