How to win online bingo: 6 ways to secure a win


Everyone’s favourite game, bingo has a long history. People from all walks of life including children and senior citizens have at some point or another enjoyed a game of bingo. This online casino uk favourite is still luring thousands of players for an exciting game of bingo.

Not only is it a great social game but with a bingo strategy in place, you can increase your chances of winning bingo whilst having fun with other bingo players. Read on to learn more.

Top strategies for winning at online bingo

Although there is not much you can do to change or alter the randomness of the bingo numbers drawn, here are a few bingo strategy tips that should help improve your chances of securing a win. One must also remember that bingo is a game of chance and not of skill if they wish to learn how to win online bingo.

Play when there are fewer players online

With slot games, the more players are playing, the larger the jackpot will be. When it comes to bingo, the prize money will not increase or decrease depending on how many players are playing. Your main goal when playing bingo is to be up against as few opponents as possible since this increases your probability of being declared a winner considerably.

We suggest playing at times when there are fewer players online such as weekdays or at odd hours such as the mornings or late at night.

Buy more bingo cards

One of the most popular bingo strategies around insists on buying a batch of bingo cards, as the more cards you own, the bigger your chances of winning. If a number called out isn’t on one bingo card, chances are it is going to be on another. Furthermore, you also have a bigger chance of completing a pattern on any of the multiple bingo cards.

Know what’s up for grabs

Before you join a bingo room for a game, know what prizes are up for grabs and how you can win them since various bingo games offer either prizes based on lines completed or else a house prize. Also, you can make use of some generous bingo bonuses that you can get when you sign up to a new bingo site! The bingo bonus money or tickets will allow you to play for longer, giving you  more chances to win!

Socialise with other players

One of the benefits of online bingo is the fact that you can chat with other players in the chat room. Although this won’t increase your chances of winning, there are random prizes up for grabs in the chat room, completely separate from the main game.

If you are not feeling particularly social, you can always keep an eye on the chat when the chat moderator announces various prizes and competitions up for grabs.

Granville’s bingo strategy

One of the most popular strategies many bingo players opt for is the Granville strategy. It’s so popular that it’s also been adopted by stock market analysis specialists to predict the movement of prices. Granville’s theory insists on some basic bingo card check rules to increase your chances of winning such as:

  • Having an equal number of high and low numbers
  • Having an equal number of even and odd numbers
  • Having an equal number that ends with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Tippett bingo strategy

A less adopted strategy is the one created by British statistician Tippett with the aim of improving the odds at winning at bingo. After much analysis on statistics and probabilities, Tippett suggested that the longer a game of 75-ball bingo is, the more likely that the bingo balls drawn are close to the medium number of 38. If it’s a shorter game, then it’s more likely that the numbers drawn are closer to the number 1 and 75.

If you want to follow the Tippett Bingo strategy, then you must:

  • Pick bingo cards with numbers closer to 1 and 75 when you are playing short games of bingo
  • For longer games such as blackout bingo, pick bingo cards with numbers closer to the number 38

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