How to find bonus spins?

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How to find bonus spins?

For an industry teeming with bonuses, it can be surprisingly difficult to track down bonus spins. We’re here to help with some tips on how to find bonus spins to enjoy.

First, keep an eye on our toplists and our weekly promotion articles. Toplists are constantly being updated with new offers so you can discover bonus spins in this way. Our weekly round-up articles include bonuses from a wide range of casinos, some of which you may be interested in trying out for yourself.

A good time for bonus spins is when new online slots are released. Big titles from developers like NetEnt and Yggdrasil are often accompanied by bonus spins that casinos use to drum up interest in these new games. It’s also the perfect chance to give a brand-new slot a go with some extra spins.

VIP packages can also include bonus spins as rewards. Check out your casino’s VIP program to see whether you are entitled to them.

Casinos offer many different ways for players to claim bonus spins, including through welcome packages (for new players only) and through regular promotions open to all players. Check the Promotions or Offers page at your favourite casinos to keep up to date on what is available.

Types of bonus spins

When we say bonus spins, we can mean any number of different types. What is common for all these different types of bonus spins are the wagering requirements attached to them compared to free spins that are wager-free. Here we will explain what each entail.

Deposit spins

There are awarded once a player has deposited money in their casino account. There is always a minimum amount set and players must deposit that amount or more to be eligible.

These types of spins are usually low value but some casinos are quite generous, offering anything from 10 to 100 spins on a single deposit.

No deposit spins

This type of spin is awarded when a player performs an action at a casino that is not making a deposit.

No deposit spins are most often a reward for a new player creating an account but casinos also offer no deposit spins as part of promotions, where a player might be rewarded for logging in a specified number of times, for example.

These offers are usually fairly limited, rarely going over 20 bonus spins at a time.

No deposit spins

Free spins without wagering requirements

For those who enjoy free spins no wagering is the magic phrase. Wager-free spins or cash spins are very popular with players as any winnings are not subject to wagering requirements.

These are the only form of spins that should be called free spins according to the UK compliance regulations.

Offering these spins is also becoming more popular with the casinos themselves, who see how much value they add to the player experience. These can be offered in any sort of promotion and when referring to free spins keep what you win means the same.

The number of wager-free spins awarded usually doesn’t go much further than 50 free spins on average. A casino that offers this kind of spin will clearly state that they are wager-free so always check to make sure.

More valuable spins

Some casinos make a distinction between the value of spins they offer. They will have a ‘basic’ bonus spin, which has a low value, and a ‘super’ or ‘mega’ or other superlative bonus spin that is worth more.

These can range from £1 per spin to £5 per spin and are normally awarded as part of a promotion, not the welcome package. They are rarely offered in bundles of more than 10 at a time.

Bonus spins from casino promotions

Bonus spins offered as part of a casino promotion can vary greatly in value and amount. Most casinos will offer low- to mid-value spins in this case, in bundles of up to 25 generally.

As always, there are no hard and fast rules about what a casino can offer players so this can vary significantly.

Free spins feature in slots

The free spins feature in a slot game is completely different to free spins and bonus spins offered by a casino. The former is built into the slot itself and special symbols activate it during play. Casino spins are free rounds on a game, which may or may not trigger the free spins feature.

Slot games vary in how many free spins are awarded to players as a bonus feature. Most award between 7 and 15, though they can offer more or less than that.

100 bonus spins

For players who are looking for bonus spins as a part of the welcome offer, both Dunder and have more than 100 spins to offer.

20 bonus spins

Players after a more modest bundle of spins can check out Fansbet, which offers 20 no deposit spins on registration. Dazzle Casino has 20 spins included in its welcome package and Slot Planet offers 22 spins are part of its welcome bonus.

Are bonus spins offers worth it? - Read terms and conditions

Are bonus spins offers worth it?

Just because something is extra doesn’t mean it is automatically the right choice. Sure, players love a bargain and being offered something extra without having to pay for it is a pretty attractive proposition.

However, just as bonuses and indeed casinos are different (and not all suited to the same kind of player), so too are bonus spins offers. You might find that they are not worth your time after all. But how do you tell? Read on to find out.

The wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are hugely important when it comes to appraising a promotion. Also called playthrough requirements, these determine how many times winnings must be wagered before they are available for withdrawal.

Some casinos choose to keep things simple by using one wagering requirement across the board for all its bonuses. This means that bonus cash and winnings from bonus spins are all subject to the same wagering requirement.

Other casinos place one wagering requirement on bonus funds, say x35 for example, and another for bonus spins winnings, which would be at x30 in this example. It’s crucial for players to find out what wagering requirements are in force when choosing a bonus spins offer.

There is a range of wagering requirements that is considered the average. Anything from about x20 to around x45 is where most casinos come in. Of course, in general, the lower the better and wager-free spins are the best.

If a player attempts to withdraw their winnings before wagering requirements are met, any associated bonus or spins will be confiscated by the casino.

Maximum win from bonus spins

Casinos will generally cap the amount a player can win through bonus spins. Actually, if we are being more precise, they cap the amount that can be withdrawn.

Say a player claims 10 spins as part of a casino bonus. One of those spins turns out extremely well, landing the player a £1,000 payout. The casino has capped winnings at £100, so that player can only withdraw 10% of their total amount.

Time limits

Alongside winnings limits and wager requirements, casinos often impose time limits. This gives the player a fixed amount of time to use up any spins they claim and in some cases also set limits on how long the player has to meet wagering requirements.

Some casinos are more generous than others in this respect. On average, the bonus spins expiry time ranges from 14 days to 30 days after the spins appear in the player’s account. In cases where only a few spins are awarded, this limit may be even lower.

Other bonus spins terms and conditions

Bonus spins may be awarded on one specific game only or on a selection of games. This can be a small collection of four to six titles or on one game developer’s entire slot catalogue, though the latter is significantly rarer than the former.

Game weightings also apply when meeting wagering requirements. Bonus spins winnings are considered bonus funds until they are released from these requirements and so would need to the turned over.
The percentage contribution to wagering requirements is different for slots, table games and other categories so this can affect how quickly players can clear their winnings for withdrawal.

What is a good bonus spins offer?

As you have probably realised, the quality of a bonus spins offer is not based solely on the number of spins available. Players may be tempted to go for the largest number of spins but will soon notice that wagering requirements, time limits and winning caps all impact the quality of those spins in important ways.

Having sky-high wagering requirements is a sure way for players to see very little, if any, return on their spins because it all goes towards meeting those requirements. Offers with extremely short time limits on spins can mean that players simply do not have the time to meet requirements and so end up losing their bonus spins.

And of course, the slot the bonus spins are awarded on makes a difference. An offer might look great – having an average wagering requirement, reasonable winnings cap and a doable time limit – but if the spins are on a game you dislike playing, it will not really be worth your time.


Bonus spins and promotions are an exciting way to get more value from your online casino experience. Not all promotions are the same and when it comes to bonus spins, casinos have a lot of liberty when it comes to how an offer is structured and restricted.

Getting all the information about a promotion or bonus before you accept it means that you can make an educated decision on whether that offer is right for you.

FAQs about bonus spins

Frequently asked questions about bonus spins

Below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about bonus spins and extra spins.

Why do casinos offer bonus spins?

Bonus spins are offered as a way to give new players the chance to try slot games and for returning players to claim bonus chances to play with a bit of extra.

I claimed bonus spins but want to cancel them. Can I?

Yes, but only if you have not used any of them. Get in touch with your casino’s support team to have them cancel your bonus.

Why can’t I withdraw my winnings from bonus spins?

If you have not met the wagering requirements, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings.

Why do I need to wager the winnings from bonus spins?

Without wagering requirements, casinos will be faced with a deluge of players spinning for free and then withdrawing all their winnings at once. Great for the players, not so great for a profit-focused business.

How do I know the terms and conditions for bonus spins?

The significant terms and conditions are always required by UK law to be clearly visible below the bonus, or via a clickable link somewhere on the bonus.

These can be also found in the terms and conditions document, usually located in the footer of the casino website. Some casinos split their T&Cs into two – general and bonus – and bonus spins conditions will be found in the latter.

Why can’t I win more than £100 from the bonus spins I got?

The casino has set a £100 winnings cap in this case. This information can be found in the T&Cs.

My friend got bonus spins but I didn’t. Why?

Welcome bonuses and the bonus spins therein are only available to new players. Similarly, some VIP programs only award bonus spins at certain levels. Not all players get the same offers.

How do I claim bonus spins?

If bonus spins are being awarded as part of a promotion, you may need to opt-in before you can claim them.

Some casinos require players to do something else in addition to that, such as verifying their email address, making a deposit, visiting a specific page on the site etc. Read the full description of the promotion to find all this out.

Do I need to use a bonus code to claim bonus spins?

That depends on the casino. Some brands use bonus codes while others don’t, only requiring the player to click a button to opt in. If a bonus code is needed, you will need to input it when claiming your promotional perks.

Can I use my bonus spins on all games?

No. The casino will specify which game or games the bonus spins can be redeemed on and they will not work on any other slots.

Can I cash out the bonus spins instead?

Sadly, no. Casinos want players to play and so they do not allow them to withdraw the bonus spins’ value as cash.

Can I transfer my bonus spins to a friend?

We have not yet come across a casino that allows this kind of transfer and it is unlikely to ever be allowed simply because casinos want the players who claim the bonus goodies to use them themselves.

Can I win from bonus spins?

Yes! Slots are purely luck-based and whether it’s a real money spin or a bonus spin, it has the same chance of landing a winning combination.

Can I get bonus spins on mobile?

Yes. Many casinos open their promotions to players across desktop and mobile, and some even offer mobile-exclusive bonus spins. Always check the T&Cs to ensure that you can use the bonus spins on mobile to avoid disappointment.