7 tips to increase your edge in the game of online craps


The game of online craps is one that provides the most entertainment at online casinos. Although online casinos don’t enjoy vocal support, it still manages to captivate players worldwide. Even though online craps is a game of chance, you can still follow tips and tricks that enable you to minimize the house edge in your favour, and thus boosting your chances of winning.

Learn more about the game of online craps

This goes without saying but even though the game of craps is one that is easy to understand, you still need to know all the rules and strategies that come with it to help you succeed. There are many books available to learn about the game, or you could read our dedicated section right here at JohnSlots. Whichever method you prefer the most, make sure you understand fully what the bets are.

You can play online craps at the following online casinos:

Pass line bet is your best option

Making a pass line bet will give you the best possible position on the come out roll. The house advantage stands at just 1.41% at this stage of the game. You can win this bet provided the shooter either rolls a 7 or an 11.

You could, on the other hand, lose if the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or a 12. Any other number that is rolled out gains a point giving you a payout.

Use the odds bet

Once the shooter has established a point, you can place an extra free odds bet. This bet works in the game of online craps since it has zero house edge.

Two come bets along with a pass line bet

Another great strategy would be to place two come bets following your initial pass line bet. This way, you will have three numbers working to your advantage.  Once you have achieved a winning bet, place another bet so it would enable you to always play three bets.

Place come bets

Once you have established a point, you can proceed to place come bets. After you have placed the come bet, the next roll would be the come out roll. If the shooter rolls out a 7 or an 11, you win the bet.

Stay away from proposition bets

One of the worse strategies in the game of online craps without a doubt is the proposition bet. This bet is usually settled following a single dice role which makes them quite appealing to some players. However, it’s best to avoid them since the house edge for this bet is significantly high.

Avoid some hard bets

Hard 4 and Hard 10 are some of the poorest bets since the house edge stands at around 11%. If you do win, these pay out at 7:1, though the chances of getting a number 2 and 5 in pairs are significantly low.

You can still win with the bets Big 6 and Big 8 in case the shooter rolls out a 6 and an 8 to a 7. However, it’s never advised to place these bets as they only pay 1:1 and the house edge stands at around 9%.

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