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Movies featuring the online casino game craps


If you’re not quite familiar with the alluring game that is craps, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. At a land-based casino, there is a large table reserved for the game of craps with the shooter rolling the dice across it.  With the bettors and table staff buzzing around the table, it adds up to a thrilling experience. Now, imagine if you roll a specific number for a big win and you get the perfect concoction for a movie scene. In fact, there are plenty of Hollywood movies based on craps gambling.

Top movies featuring the game of craps

Guys and Dolls

One of the most popular movies featuring scenes of the game of craps was released in 1955 starring the iconic Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra. Based in 1940, the movie sees illegal gambling in New York spiralling out of control. One of the most prominent scenes sees Marlon Brando rolling in a game of craps with the aim of saving his love interest. Brando wins the game and the two lovers get married, resulting in a happy ending.

The Big Town

Released in 1987, Big Town sees Matt Dillon acting as a craps shooter by the name of J.C. Cullen, who is living in a small town but has the amazing talent of hitting big wins in the game of craps. He is also used to visiting Las Vegas and has a good life as a professional gambler. He has, in fact, won a lot of money in a private craps game at the Gem Club. After having fallen in love with two women, one of whom is the wife of the Gem Club’s owner, the movie ends on a fantastic high note.

Hard Eight

Although this movie is not primarily focused on the game of craps as such, the movie is based on one of the terms used in this game. There is one fantastic scene in the movie, where a shooter places a bet on a hard eight and wins the game with flying colours.

Diamonds are Forever

Although many of the game-related scenes in James Bond movies, mostly feature Baccarat games, there are still a number of scenes that feature the game of craps in the movies. One perfect example is ‘Diamonds are Forever’. In order to get clues for trapping some diamond smugglers, our hero James Bond goes to a casino to meet with a famous shooter by the name of Plenty O’Toole. Plenty used to run a casino with the aim of luring high rollers and Bond acts as a willing victim to catch one of the criminals.

Ocean’s Thirteen

In this classic movie, Elliott Gould is conned by his partner Al Pacino into giving him the ownership of a casino. George Clooney gathers a team with the aim of taking the casino to the cleaners. One way of doing this is by cheating at the craps table by exchanging the classic dice for loaded ones. These loaded dice have a higher probability of rolling a total of two (snake’s eyes). They proceed to bet heavily on the number two and win aplenty.

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