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Tips for advanced online craps players


If you have enjoyed some moderate success when playing online craps, you might have reached the stage of wanting to try more advanced techniques to boost your gameplay.

Sometimes you just need to be reminded of something that you did in the past or seen something that worked in the past to help you look at your favourite game of online craps from a different perspective. Needless to say, the game of online craps is a fun and enticing online casino game, but many players tend to fall into a rut with the way they play their moves or do their bets.

More advanced online craps tips could help you break out of old habits and could benefit your game in the long run.

Set a loss limit

This is a tip that we tend to share for every casino game. If you know that you have €250 that you can afford to lose, then you should start with half of that amount to play with. So, if you have €125 to play with, you have €125 in chances to help you play comfortably with your original bankroll.

Keeping half of the money, which you can afford to lose in play at one time, will help you monitor your bankroll and keep your betting in check. You would know very well when to quit.

The worst possible scenario that could happen in this case would be to lose half of what you could afford to lose in the first place. The best case, however, would be for you to retain the €125 plus winnings.

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Only place wagers with a reasonable house edge

This is also good advice for newbies. If you are looking for bets to place in online craps, always go for the bets that have a low or reasonable house edge.

Safe bets you should be considering include the Pass Line Bet, the Come Line Bets, and Place Bets on six or eight.

Understanding Come Bets in online craps

Many online craps players don’t tend to venture outside their comfort zone, which means that they rarely avoid the Pass or Don’t Pass bets. It’s for this very reason that we need to explain the benefits of the ‘Come’ Bet.

For you to place this bet, you must first wait until the Come-out roll to establish the point value. The allure of the ‘Come’ bet lies in the fact that only the appearance of a 7 or the point will affect the pass-line bets. An interesting concept would be to wager on the come box straight after the come out roll.

With a ‘Come’ Bet, you will win with either an 7 or an 11 but will lose with a 2, a 3 or a 12. In the meantime, all other numbers will become the point value. Ultimately, the ‘Come’ bets give you plenty more opportunities to win and to generate more money.

Don’t rely on Hard Way bets

While the ‘Come’ bets can prove successful in your bid to win more in the game of online craps, Hard Way bets are the exact opposite and should be avoided wherever possible. The only big benefit to this bet is that it could increase a small bet significantly.

In the game of online craps, a successful Hard Way bet can provide you with a return of 9:1. For this to happen, however, you would first need to place a bet on one of the hard numbers, including 4, 6, 8 or 10. When backing one of those numbers, you would then need two matching numbers to create your number.

Unfortunately, this bet can drain your bankroll pretty fast, so it’s best avoided.

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