For decades this Irish casino game provider was at the top of the bill for many lovers of casino games. Founded in 1995, it was one of the longest operating game providers too, offering a wide selection of slots, table games, bingo and even had a partnership with the World Series of Poker.


In recent years though, Cryptologic as a brand doesn’t really exist anymore after it was purchased by gaming powerhouse, Amaya Gaming back in 2012. However, their games can still be found at plenty of casinos online and it is worth knowing what there is to know about the Cryptologic gaming variety, which you can learn here.

New Cryptologic Games

Unfortunately, it is quite unlikely that any new games will come out from the Cryptologic brand after it was bought out by Amaya nearly 6 years ago. However, that doesn’t mean that the minds at Cryptologic aren’t still tinkering away behind the scenes there.

With this in mind, if you were a lover of the Cryptologic games then you should find some new products offered by Amaya instead if you want to get some fresh games with a similar vibe to old school Cryptologic.

Why play Cryptologic games?

There are a couple reason why Cryptologic games should still be something you look up. For one, it is the fact that for decades they were one of the most loved providers for casino gaming in the business.

There was a reason for this and it is the fact that their gameplay was so ahead of their time. This is why even today their games will provide a lot of thrills that player crave from modern casino games.

As well as this, if you are looking for a throwback, Cryptologic can also provide this and steer you away from the smoke and mirrors gaming we have today, many of which talk the talk but might not walk the walk.

Cryptologic Slots & Video Slots

If you are looking for a casino gaming throwback, then the Cryptologic slots and video slots should be on your shopping list. They offer a rustic game design with vivid graphics and functional gameplay that might look a bit dated, but still provides a wonderful slot game experience that can be very lucrative for the player still to this date.

This goes both for games with the classic format and their video slots which have certainly lasted the test of time. The pick of the bunch though is their Marvel slots, which was one of the cornerstones of their organisation.

Cryptologic games

Jackpot games

Cryptologic didn’t get to where they got without being a bit on the generous side when it came to the big money prizes. This is shown in their wonderful selection of jackpot slots.

These games come in all shapes and sizes and will reward you greatly for your patience. Depending on the game you choose, on the lower end of the scale you might win yourself a prize fund of around 1000, while on the other end, you could see yourself with hundreds of thousands. With this in mind, make sure you choose wisely.

Table games

Cryptologic remain purveyors of more than just slot games though and they offered a fair share of table casino games too.

One of their specialities in this respect was poker, offering various forms of this much-loved game from their platform and having special deals with big-names in poker at times. However, you will also still find plenty of other table games under their banner too.

Live casino

Live casinos were still an emerging technology at the height of Cryptologic’s success, so you won’t find any of their own. Even if they did, they would be gathering dust by now.

Best Cryptologic Slots

Cryptologic’s slot back-catalogue boasts a great selection of classic games that bring back immense feelings of nostalgia. However, there are a few that really stand out and whether you have played Cryptologic games before or not, these should be the ones to check out soon.

Cleo Queen of Egypt

Everyone love’s an Egyptian-themed slot and at Cryptologic, they are no different. This is why you can enjoy their take on the recurring theme in slots games, with their version based on the Queen of the Nile herself, Cleopatra. The game offers a pick me features where you uncover multipliers and 9 crazy jackpots too, so the Pharaoh’s riches can be yours when you play this awesome game.


This quirky little game is still yet to bested for unique gameplay. Inspired by the famous wooden block stacking game, this takes a hugely different approach to slot gaming.

It offers 18 lines but no reels, with the Jenga blocks being the key to success on this game. There 18 layers of 3 blocks each which correspond with a payline. It is a bit tricky to get your head around it at first, but it is definitely miles ahead in terms of innovation and also offers a free spins round.


A list of Cryptologic games wouldn’t be completed without including at least one Marvel game. In our case, we think Thor sticks out from the bunch. The game is basic in nature but still offers free spins, wilds and a tasty 4000 coin jackpot.

What does John have to say?

Purchased by gaming powerhouse, Amaya Gaming back in 2012, Cryptologic games can be still found in numerous online casinos.
  • Was one of the longest operating game providers
  • Offered wide selection of slots, table games, bingo and even had a partnership with the World Series of Poker
  • If you like Cryptologic games, check out Amaya's new games to find similar titles
  • Was purchased by Amaya Gaming

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