First devised in 18th Century Paris, and played in its current form since circa 1796, roulette has earned its place in casinos all over the world. Originally designed specifically to turn a profit for the house, there are now prediction methods and strategies players can employ to give themselves the edge.

Whether roulette is new to you, you need to dust off those old skills, or want to develop your existing talent as a roulette player further, then you are in the right place. JohnSlots tells you all you need to know about the venerable game. From its history to the strategies employed by those seeking that big win.

Play Roulette Free

Above, you have the opportunity to play roulette for free.

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Roulette Bonus

Those more familiar with classic and video slots might be hoping to see bonus rounds or free spins but, unfortunately, this is not the case when we’re talking about roulette.

Roulette Bonus Variations

Roulette has no game-specific bonuses, but you can benefit from the general bonuses in other ways. Typically, you may be able to take advantage of welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses and free bonuses frequently offered by casinos.

When you sign up for the first time at online casinos you can usually expect a boosted percentage increase on your deposit. This might be 50%, it may be 100% or even greater but, ultimately, it gives you more in your pocket to play with. The same can be said for the loyalty bonuses casinos reward returning players with. Their idea of loyalty is a player who opts to play online at a casino regularly, making frequent deposits and playing games. In basic terms, an active player.

Of course, the best bonuses of all are the ones given for nothing. They don’t materialise very often but, when they do, you can expect to receive a bonus without even having to deposit funds.  

Main Roulette rules

As an iconic game within the casino environment and a regular sight in films, most people will recognise the roulette wheel; regardless of whether they have ever set foot in a casino.

The red and black slots, the rotating disk and the green felt on the betting table have been seen by virtually everyone. While, at first glance, the game may seem complicated it is, in fact, one of the easiest games to play in a casino. Here’s why:

The Right Colour and Number Wins

The roulette wheel is the game’s main component; consisting of 37 slots, numbered 0-36. During each game, the wheel is spun and a ball is dropped in. The ball spins along the roulette wheels rim in the opposite direction to the wheel, and will eventually fall into one of the 36 red or black slots, or the sole green ‘0’ slot.

How to Win at Roulette

There are various betting opportunities for players before each spin in roulette. A betting grid reflects the possible bets available on the roulette wheel, and players can place their chips either on red or black (or the green 0), on any number, or can stake their bets on whether they believe the ball will land on an even or odd number.

Roulette Dealer

In stark comparison to most other casino games, in roulette, players are pitched against the dealer rather than other players. The dealer therefore holds a central role in roulette, and their role encompasses multiple functions. While part of his job involves handing out cards, he or she is also responsible for collecting bets and paying out winnings as well as, of course, setting the wheel spinning.

Online Roulette and land based casino

As with most casino games now, roulette is frequently played online but originally emerged from land based casinos. Thankfully for those accustomed to playing on dry land, the rules for online roulette are much the same. One big perk of playing online is that players get a whole lot more choice. Whereas land-based casinos typically offer one or two roulette variation; in online casinos, there is usually a large selection to choose from. 

Roulette Variants

There are two basic variants of Roulette: European Roulette (also known as French Roulette) and American Roulette. Playing on a European Roulette wheel is preferable as your chances of winning are marginally higher.

A European Roulette wheel consist of 37 compartments, including 36 numbers and a single zero. The American version, on the other hand, has 38 slots; with both a single zero and the addition of a double zero. This means that the house (casino) has a great advantage.

While the standard versions of European Roulette and American Roulette are both available online, casinos also now feature alternatives, such as: Spin Roulette, Roulette High Roller, Three (or Multi-Wheel) Roulette and Live Roulette.

Spin Roulette

In Spin Roulette, the wheel has an extra yellow pocket, often marked with a “b”. If the ball falls into this pocket it generates a number of free spins; similar to the free spins feature on slots. Playing this version adds that little extra element of surprise!

High Roller Roulette

Like other casino games that are given the high roller tag, High Roller Roulette is a more advanced game type. More is very much more in High Roller Roulette; players can win free spins, special inserts and there are a greater number of betting options available.

Three Wheel roulette

Three Wheel Roulette does what it says on the tin; there is not just one wheel but 3. This means a faster pace of roulette game; everything moves that much quicker and you’ll need to keep tabs on all three wheels. It’s one for the multi-takers and those who relish a challenge. Multi-wheel variations, involving as many as eight wheels, also exist.

Live roulette

For an authentic casino experience, players can opt to play Live Roulette. Watching via live video link, players can watch dealers spin the wheel in real time and bet as they go. It is the closest you can get to a land-based casino, while in the comfort of your own home.

Mobile Roulette

More and more casinos are choosing to launch some of their casinos in a compressed format, specifically adapted for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to these developments, you are now able to play Roulette on your mobile from wherever you are. As roulette for mobile is still fairly new, options for mobile casino players are currently sparse. However, as with mobile casino games in general, there will no doubt be more and more choice for mobile roulette players in the coming years. 

Roulette Strategy

In contrast to casino games like poker, it is impossible for players to influence the outcome of a game of roulette. However, this isn’t to say that there aren’t strategies and systems employed by the most successful roulette players to improve their chances of winning.

Of course, the wheel plays a pivotal role, and there are strategies which involve players predicting what side of the wheel the ball will land in (based upon the velocity of the wheel and other factors)- but this only works in a land-based casino. There are also systems of betting which can influence the likelihood of winning back more than you lose, and these can be used when playing roulette in online casinos.

Learn more about roulette strategies and roulette systems here.

Winning is never guaranteed

It’s important to remember that you are never guaranteed profits when you play roulette. You may have the best strategy or system in the world, but you can never know where the ball will land. Winning every time is not difficult. Bet on everything and you win! To actually make a profit is another ball game entirely.

Develop as a Roulette player

The best thing you can do when you play Roulette, is to go in with the attitude that chance can step in at any time. You should never take Roulette too seriously. Although you can influence how much you win back using strategies and systems, you never know if you will get more money off the table than you come in with. Roulette is not a career game like Blackjack or poker. It’s an entertaining game that elicits excitement and anticipation. And, with a large amount of luck, can generate big profits. It’s a game of chance which plays out while you, as a player, stand in the background.

JohnSlots roulette tips

• Learn the rules correctly

• Decide how much to bet with before you play

• Play French/European Roulette for a better chance to win.

• The more you risk, the more you win but never bet more than you can afford to lose

• Play the same strategy until the game is over

• Dare to try different Roulette variations

• Your goal in Roulette is to have fun – profits come second

• Chance rules – not you!

• Strategies require solid bankroll management

• Do not allow profits to get too high. You may lose focus!

Now you have a long list of roulette tips, we hope you’ll be eager and feel completely prepared for the next roulette game. With us, you can play roulette absolutely free, with no registration or deposit. Click here to sail up to the game right away! You won’t win real money but you will get a solid grasp of the game and learn its features. Simply play until you feel you have a solid foundation, then get progressing to playing real-money roulette.