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The JohnSlots Guide to Live Baccarat

Played for over 500 years, live baccarat is one of the most played live dealer games worldwide. Simple rules and a low house edge make baccarat a popular choice among all types of casino players, from newbies to the most experienced high rollers.

On this page, you’ll find a full guide on how to play live dealer baccarat games. We’ll tell you where to find the best variants. You’ll learn the advantages of playing the game at live casinos and what bonuses are available for baccarat players. On top of all this, our experts have compiled a list of the best rated online casinos where you can play live baccarat safely.

Find the Best Live Baccarat Sites at JohnSlots!

High-quality live baccarat games selection

Variety is critical in having the best gaming experience at an online casino. Therefore, a great high-quality live baccarat selection is precisely what we’re looking for.

Live casino promotions

It’s always nice to start with a good boost to your bankroll. That’s why we aim to find casinos with the best bonuses that you can use on live games.

Convenient banking

We want you to play at online casinos that offer fast, secure, varied and fee-free payment methods. Whenever we can, we’ll tell you which casinos hit you with admin fees. That way, you’re aware of any additional charges when signing up.

Competent customer support

It might seem like a small part of a casino, but the right customer support can elevate your gaming experience. Whenever there’s an option, we’ll chat with the support team to make sure they are friendly and responsive.

Safety and security

Our top list contains only licensed casinos that keep all sensitive information secure. For this, we’ll check the licence (UK Gambling Commission) and any encryption procedures that are in place at the casino.

By applying the above criteria to each casino, we can offer you the casinos which we believe will bring you a fun live casino experience.

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How Does Live Baccarat Work?

Playing a baccarat game at a live casino is as good as, if not better, than playing at any land-based casino. When you load the game and click play, an HD video connection is established between you and the studio. You’ll be going live within seconds!

Most live dealer games run 24/7, so the game will likely have already started when you join. You’ll have to wait for a new betting window before you can place your bets. In the meantime, use the live chat settings displayed on your screen to say hello and browse the score sheet.

How the Game Works

The score sheet tracks previous results and betting trends which can be helpful when deciding on your next move.

If you’re new to the game, it’s a good idea to play at a table with a lower minimum bet. This will help you get the gist of the game. At most casinos, the minimum and maximum bets will be displayed for each table so you can see before you join in.

When the cards are revealed and the winner announced, the live dealer will open up a new betting round. Use the betting layout at the bottom of your screen to place your chips on either player, banker or tie. The dealer will accept your bets. Then, they will deal two hands from a shoe, one for the player and one for the banker. Your objective is to predict who’s hand is going to win. Whoever has the closest hand value to 9 wins the round.

Baccarat is very simple to play, and the live croupier does most of the work for you. Luckily, if you’re a beginner, they count the card values and decide who received the third card. Once your bets are placed, you can sit back and relax. Nonetheless, knowing the rules of the game can put you in a position to create your own winning strategies.

Game Rules & Bets

The basic baccarat rules involve you betting on which one of the three hands you think will win. These are the player, the banker or tie. Depending on the game variant, you’ll have 12-20 seconds to place your bets using your chips displayed on the screen. The good thing is you only need to make one decision during this time, i.e. whose hand you want to bet on.

Betting on a banker or a player pays 1:1. However, if you win on a banker, the live casino will keep a 5% commission. To avoid the commission, you can play a No Commission Baccarat live game version. A tie pays 8:1 or 9:1 depending on the casino. Although, this is the worst bet you can make according to the experts. The tie bet has the highest casino advantage at 14%, compared to 1.06% for the banker’s hand and 1.24% on the player’s.

Player 1:1, 44.62%
Banker 1:1 (minus 5% commission), 45.86%
Tie 8:1/9:1, 9.52%
Screenshot of Live Baccarat

Dealing the Cards

When the live dealer closes the betting window, two 2-card hands are dealt from the shoe, usually combined from 4, 6 or 8 decks of 52 cards. Two cards are dealt for the player and another two for the banker face down.

After the live dealer reveals the cards, the values are added together to determine the winner. Whoever has a total number closest to 9 wins. If neither of the hand values is equal to 9, then the next best hand value wins. But if both the player and the banker have the same hand value, then it’s a tie. This means there’s no winner, unless you placed your bets on the tie option.

If none of the hands has a natural value of 8 or 9, the live dealer then draws the 3rd card for either a player or a banker or both. At this stage, the dealer follows specific house rules to determine which party is due to receive a third card. You don’t need to know the specifics but follow the link if you’re curious about the third card rule.

Hand Values

Understanding hand values might be confusing at the start, but it’s easier than it looks. The outcome of the cards drawn is the sum of all cards dealt, like so:

  • Cards from 2-9 are worth their face value.
  • 10s and face cards are worth 0.
  • Ace counts as 1 point.

Based on the above, a hand of 6 and any face card has a total value of 6. A hand of 10 and 6 has a total value of 6, or a hand of Ace and Queen has a total value of 1.

One thing to remember in live baccarat is that a total hand value can’t be greater than 9. Therefore, any sum resulting in two digits will always drop the left digit. For example, a hand consisting of 5 and 7 would be worth 12 points, but in baccarat, it’s counted as 2.

Types of Live Baccarat

Played for hundreds of years, baccarat has always captured players’ hearts across the world for its simplicity and elegance. What’s even more special about this game is the fluidity that allowed the game developers to turn it into a thrilling experience online. Live Baccarat is now available in numerous variations. Here are three variants with their own rules and rituals that can be played at most live casinos.

Live Punto Banco

A favourite of James Bond, Live Baccarat or Live Punto Banco (player, banker) is the classic table game where cards are dealt face down at a bean-shaped table. Your aim is to predict the winning hand. Depending on the developer, the game features score sheets, statistics, and also side bets such as Pairs. In some cases, players can switch from a regular mode to a no-commission game by choosing the super 6 side bet.

Live Speed Baccarat

If you’re a thrill-seeking player wishing to elevate your baccarat game to the next level, the Live Speed Baccarat is a game for you. It uses traditional betting options but in a fast-paced environment. While the traditional baccarat lasts for 48 seconds per round, each round takes only 27 seconds with just a 12-second betting window in Live Speed Baccarat.

Live Baccarat Squeeze

What makes this variant so popular among baccarat players is the ritual of squeezing the cards. In this suspenseful version, the live dealer creates excitement by squeezing and slowly revealing the last card. Some of the leading live casino software developers even use multiple close-up camera angles to capture every aspect of this thrilling game authentically.

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How to Play Online Baccarat with a Live Dealer

If you’re feeling ready to take your virtual seat at a live dealer baccarat table, then you’ll need these simple tips to get you started with any baccarat game:

  1. Choose a live baccarat casino – take a look at our list of the best live baccarat casinos and pick the one you like.
  2. Sign up and deposit – create a new player account to get started and deposit into your new account with real cash using one of the payment methods available.
  3. Claim your casino bonus – don’t miss out on any live casino bonuses from the casino’s welcome bonus.
  4. Select a live baccarat table – in the live casino section, check the min and max table limits and join the live dealer game that suits you best.
  5. Place a bet – hit the ‘play’ button and use the coloured chips to place your bet on the banker, player or tie once the previous game has concluded.
  6. Boost your baccarat skills and win real cash – use the live chat function to interact with the live dealer and other players at the table. Collect your real cash wins after each round. You can carry on playing or leave the table at any time.
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Why Play Online Baccarat in a Live Casino

Human interaction will always be one of the strongest advantages of playing any live dealer games, but there’s more to playing baccarat live than just a chat function. We’ve listed a few more good reasons why playing baccarat at a live casino is a great experience.

Great games selection

Online casinos usually have a wide range of baccarat tables for you to join. An option to play live games in real-time has become so popular among players that both established and new online casinos are competing for your attention. As a result, you can pick and choose from the game’s many variants. You can base your decision on the table limits, surroundings, live dealers, and many other factors.


Over the years, the leading live casino game developers have created the perfect gaming experience and brought it right to your screen. You no longer need to leave your house to enjoy live baccarat. Load up one of the many live baccarat games on your desktop, and you’ll be transported to a studio with multi-angle cameras. This allows you to feel like you are in a real casino. Away from home? Load it on your mobile device and enjoy the same high-quality baccarat action from anywhere.

Choose your real-life dealers

Just like at land-based casinos, live dealers are also highly-trained professionals at online casinos. Still, each of them has a different style and approach to the game, some of which you might find more appealing than others. Therefore, having the option to play at a table hosted by your favourite dealer is what makes live baccarat that much more fun.

Safety and security

When you play at licensed online casinos, you can trust that none of the games are rigged. What’s more, your personal and financial information won’t be in jeopardy. Each table is broadcast in real-time, allowing you to see the cards being dealt and revealed right in front of you.

Benefits of Live Baccarat infographic

Land vs Online vs Live Baccarat

Take a quick look at the below table if you need help weighing up the pros and cons of playing live baccarat vs video baccarat.

You’re playing against a computer without any human interactions. You can chat with a real-life dealer in real-time.
No rush in placing bets, you can take as much time as you need. You have very limited time to place bets, especially in some baccarat variants.
You can play in demo mode to learn more about the game. Play with real money to win real money.
Play with bonus money. You can’t usually play with bonus money, unless it’s an exclusive live casino bonus.
Game can feel a bit cold, even if you win. The live dealer will always congratulate you on your win.

Best Live Baccarat Software

Every live baccarat table that you can find at an online casino has been developed by gaming software experts to bring you the best live casino experience possible. We’ve listed three names that are passionate about mixing traditional features and advanced technology to deliver the most exquisite versions of this popular game.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming live casino banner

Evolution Gaming is the industry-leading live baccarat game provider. They never stop innovating to take your gameplay to the next level and get things as close to a land-based casino as possible. Whichever baccarat game you choose from their collection, it will come in the highest-quality, optimised for any mobile device. Their top products include Live Baccarat, Live Baccarat Squeeze, Live Speed Baccarat, Live No Commission Baccarat. Also, they offer Salon Prive for the ultimate VIP live casino experience.

Pragmatic Play

Live Casino banner for Pragmatic Play

Best-known among slot fans, Pragmatic Play have been expanding their horizons into live casino games for some time now. As well as having access to live statistics, standard baccarat features and side bets, players can also choose to switch from a regular baccarat mode into no commission mode at any moment. Pragmatic Play pride themselves in two variants, Live Baccarat and Live Speed Baccarat.


Playtech live casino banner

Playtech is another major game developer offering a wide choice of live dealer games across the world. Their classics, hosted by skilful dealers, include Baccarat Seat 7, Baccarat Squeeze, VIP Baccarat and Mini Baccarat. Prestige Baccarat, a modern version of a classic game, will suit players wishing for an authentic baccarat experience. It offers luxurious surroundings and five dynamic camera angles for a closer view of the table game action.

Best Baccarat Bonuses

As a live baccarat player, you can benefit from various bonus offers at online casinos. You’ll just need to keep an eye out for deals that you can use on live casino games, such as bonus money for live games, cashback or VIP programs.

Live Casino Bonus Money

Don’t be surprised to see bonus money offered for joining an online casino. Online casinos have become so competitive that they’ve started giving out cash as bonus money to attract new players. Bonus cash will usually come as part of a casino’s welcome package, giving an instant boost to your bankroll. But be sure to read the small print for any wagering requirements and to see if the bonus cash can be used on live baccarat games as there may be some restrictions.


You’ll come across many live baccarat casinos offering you a percentage of your losses back as real cash. You could get 5%, 10% or even 20% back on your losses when you play pre-selected table games. The amounts can vary from casino to casino, so be sure to check the terms of any cashback offers.

Exclusive Promotions and Offers

One of the best parts of returning to your favourite online casino is the ongoing promotional deals offered to all returning customers. The offers range from reload bonuses, where you get extra bonus money to use on live baccarat on your second or third deposit, to any other extra rewards added to your existing bankroll.

You’ll often find these offers at the casino’s dedicated promotions page, or they’ll be sent to your inbox if you opted into their marketing emails. These types of promotions are usually time-sensitive and have special terms attached to them, so be sure to check before playing.

VIP and Loyalty Schemes

If you enjoy playing live baccarat for real money, you might be eligible for an account upgrade. The best online casinos offer loyalty schemes and VIP perks to their most loyal players, based on their gaming activity. The perks usually include extra bonus cash on live games, real cash prizes and many more special perks tailored exclusively to your gaming style.

To claim some of these exciting bonuses, take a look at our recommendations below. Our experts have carefully selected these casinos to give you the best live baccarat experience combined with the best bonuses available.



Deposit £20, Play with £50

New customers only. Min deposit £20 (exc paypal). Max non-withdrawable bonus £30. Playable on selected games only. 30x wagering required. Expires within 30 days. Max win £2,000. *T&Cs apply Terms & conditions apply

  • Selling Point-1 Good Bonuses
  • Selling Point-2 VIP Programme
  • Selling Point-3 Live Casino

Casino Welcome Offer up to €400!

Significant terms: Full T&Cs apply. New reg only. Opt in chose one of the four deposit casino offers (min. deposit of €10). Wagering/game contributions vary. 30 day expiry. 18+ Terms & conditions apply

  • Selling Point-1 An award-winning casino
  • Selling Point-2 Great offers & promotions
  • Selling Point-3 VIP

50 Free Spins on Lucky Mr Green

  • Selling Point-1 Fast payouts
  • Selling Point-2 Frequent promotions
  • Selling Point-3 VIP

100% Match up to 300 + 150 Spins

  • Selling Point-1 VIP Programme

Welcome Bonus up to 300 + 25 Bonus Spins



Deposit and stake £50 on Live Casino and get £5 bonus on selected live casino games

18+, New players only. 7 days to claim offer and deposit £50 with further 7 days to wager on Live Casino 1x. Wagering contributions vary. £5 bonus has 3 day expiry to use on any eligible Evolution game. Terms & conditions apply

  • Selling Point-1 Multiple Payment Methods
  • Selling Point-2 Cashback
  • Selling Point-3 Classic slots

100% Up to €150 + 250 Bonus Spins

Start Playing Baccarat in the Best Live Casinos Available at JohnSlots!

When you choose the right casino, you can have a world-class live baccarat experience at any time. Different camera angles, professional live dealers, live chat, simple rules and innovative variations from the top game developers make it an easy game to enjoy.

If you’re keen to learn more about all things online casino, carry on browsing our user-friendly website. Our team of experts has built a huge library of slots, best casino bonuses and other live casino games like live blackjack.

FAQ Section

Before you go, we’ve included some quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about live baccarat for your convenience. Check them out below.

Is live dealer Baccarat rigged?

It’s not rigged if you’re playing at a fully-licensed online casino. The game is broadcast live from a land-based casino or a game provider’s studio, meaning that everything you see is happening in real-time. From shuffling cards to dealing and restocking cards, the dealer never leaves the table. You can even see them changing shifts. That’s how real the live baccarat game is.

Can you win money playing live Baccarat?

Absolutely. Unlike video baccarat where you can try the game in demo mode, you’ll need to use real cash to play the game. Even though you can’t play for free, you will be able to withdraw any winnings straight away.

Can you beat the dealer in live Baccarat?

Your aim in live baccarat is to guess which hand will have a card value closest to 9, the banker, the player, or will it be a tie. If you guessed right, you’ve won the round. To learn the rules and bets of live baccarat, refer to the ‘How Does Live Baccarat Work?’ section above.

Is live Baccarat legal?

It’s legal to play live baccarat in the UK as long as you play at online casinos licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission (GC). If you choose to play live baccarat at casinos without a valid licence, you’re risking your cash being compromised. All our recommended online casinos carry a current GC licence.

Can I play live Baccarat on my mobile device?

You can! To create mobile-responsive live baccarat games, top developers use advanced HTML5 technology, enabling you to access all their live games on the go. As long as you have a decent data connection, the games will stream in the same HD quality on your mobile device as they would on your desktop.

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