What to do when you run bad in online poker

Running bad can come in various shapes and forms. You can either get your money in with a two pair against a flush draw and lose, or maybe, you are always running your KK into AA. You need to remember that you have signed up to play online poker so you need to be prepared for the inevitable.

Playing online poker consistently does not mean you will have a more consistent result. You need to keep in mind that most hands have a chance of winning, even if it doesn’t seem so at first glance. One of a few things you can control as a player are the lines as well as your reactions. Your lines can create opportunities where you can win money with an edge. You also need to keep your emotions in check by being as neutral as possible. Yes, even when you’re playing online poker, you need to make sure you stay neutral even in the chat room.

Here are a few suggestions to help you break your bad run:

1) Take a break from online poker

Most online poker players suggest taking a break when experiencing a bad run. This is very true since running bad can affect your play especially when a tilt begins to take its toll on your game.

The more you tilt, the longer your break should be. Maybe take a couple of days off from poker or play other online casino games while you recover.

2) Stay cool

Once you start running bad, you need to accept that it’s part and parcel of the game. Depending on your personality, this could either be good or bad advice. If you can play better when facing adversity, then this should be your preferred option.

However, if running bad affects you a little too much, it can create added tilt. In this case, take a break.

3) Play tighter

Some poker players suggest tightening up when running bad. It’s slightly incorrect. If you are running bad, it is probably because you are putting money in with an edge and coming out behind. You need to put money in with an edge.

Our main suggestion would be to combine all three suggestions into one kick-ass advice. Sometimes playing a new game could distract you from running bad. It can help your mind focus on something else.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to play for real money. By learning a new online poker game, you should be able to grow and hone your online poker skills whilst giving yourself a fresh perspective on your main game. Rather than taking a very long break from the game, you can repurpose your time into creating longer run benefits.

What we would recommend then would be to first take a break from the main game, play a different online poker game, and play tighter until you understand the strategy better.

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