Roulette Strategy

With a Roulette strategy, you can become a better player. The right strategy will make it easy for you to bet and increase your chances of winning. Play roulette free here to see if the various strategies listed work.

Roulette is completely different to table games such as blackjack. The reason being that it is so difficult to influence the outcome of the game, since it is near impossible to predict, and is almost entirely random. Having said that, many of the most successful roulette players do adopt certain practises which, they believe, increase their chances of winning.

The art of guessing

There is no one in the world that can claim that they always guess correctly. Guesses are sheer luck, and the same goes for Roulette; it’s based on luck and the players hunch. It is purely fortune that determines the outcome and, while you’ll likely get lucky once or twice in a row, it won’t last for any prolonged period of time.


Extend your luck in Roulette

Some argue that you can extend your luck by using strategies. What this means is, you can increase your chances of winning and get a better position on the house. The strategies that really work are few. You need to weed out the phony ones and find one that actually works.


What is a Roulette strategy?

So, while we’ve established that there is a big element of luck involved when playing roulette, game strategies do exist with the purpose of swaying the odds marginally in your favour. Such strategies work for some card games and variations of poker, but are mathematically impossible to apply to roulette. Having said that, there are betting strategies and systems which many swear by.

Some base their bets upon what happened in previous bets (called a Progressive Betting System), while others use the Betting Zone system- placing bets to cover many sections of the wheel so that, wherever the ball lands, a win is almost guaranteed (although this system will never make much profit).

Other players employ predictive systems, such as Martingale- which suggests players stick to betting on one colour and double up the size of their bets whenever the previous bet is a loss. The idea behind it is that you will eventually recoup your losses. However, like most other roulette strategies, winning is not guaranteed and, even when a win is secured, you’re unlikely to walk away with much of a profit.


Think tactically- a Roulette Strategy

When it comes to roulette, there are some simple choices you can make to boost your chances:

1. Play European Roulette!

Given the double zero added in the American Roulette game, thus decreasing your chances of landing in a number or colour, it is generally advantageous to play European Roulette.

2. Set a Gambling Budget Before You Play

It’s easy to become more daring when you have had several winning sessions under your belt. A player can get out of balance and make poor decisions, so it’s usually advisable to decide in advance how much money you will play with. When you get to the point where you have reached your self-appointed limit, it’s time to quit and leave the roulette table.

3. Choose a Progressive Roulette table for Bigger Payouts

Online, there are several types of Roulette. If you want some major gains, Progressive Jackpot Roulette is a good place to start. This Roulette variant makes it possible to place side bets on the progressive jackpot. If luck is on your side, you can win this jackpot and go home a millionaire! Read more about the various Roulette variants on the JohnSlots Roulette page.

Test Progression Strategies

As we mentioned, The Martingale, 1-2-3-6 system and the Fibonacci system are all progression strategies employed by some players. Many claim that these guarantee results and winnings but, unfortunately, this is not true at all. They can help in the short term, however.

A positive progression strategy is based on getting several wins in a row. When a loss comes, you lose everything. A negative progression strategy- like the Martingale, involves doubling wagers every time you lose, until you finally win again. It’s not easy to master these strategies, but with a little luck, they will work at reducing your losses in the short term.


Roulette tips

Albert Einstein- a genius who requires no introduction, is considered among the wisest individuals of all time. He once said, “You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal from it”. So, while there are strategies you can employ, and systems of betting you can consider, perhaps listen to this sound advice and go in with the attitude that, while they might get you closer to your goal, in roulette, nothing is guaranteed. And, frankly, for us, that’s part of the draw.