7 Common mistakes to avoid in Roulette

7 Common mistakes to avoid in Roulette

Roulette Online is a simple enough game to understand and that’s probably why it has remained such a popular casino option around the world. However, this does not mean that there are no pitfalls that players should avoid. It may be an easy game to play but there are ways to go wrong.

Read on to learn what you should not do when playing roulette and how to avoid these common mistakes.

1. Not playing European roulette (or French roulette where it is available)

There are two main types of roulette, three if you count French roulette as a subtype, which we do. Let’s talk about European versus American roulette first. These games are practically identical except for one small but crucial difference – a single additional pocket in the American version.

While you might think that one pocket couldn’t really make all that big of an impact, you would be quite wrong. The Double Zero pocket shifts the probability of winning roulette from 1 in 37 in the European game to 1 in 38 in the American version.

While the payout remains the same (35 to 1) in both games, the odds of winning are lower in American roulette so the player has less chance of a win without seeing a potentially larger payout to compensate.

7 Common mistakes to avoid in Roulette - not playing European Roulette

French roulette is played on a European-style table, with the exception that outside bets are displayed in French. There may also be a secondary ‘racetrack’ table to keep track of certain bets but otherwise, the games’ structures are identical. What stands out in French roulette is one of two rules.

En Prison and La Partage rules allow players to mitigate losses on outside bets when the ball lands on zero. In a game without one of these rules, the player in this example would lose their bet, no question. However, with the En Prison or La Partage rule in play, the bets do not automatically disappear into the casino’s coffers but remain, at least to some degree, in play.

For more information on the difference between European, French and American roulette, head to our dedicated roulette page. For a broad range of European roulette options, check out the recommended casino below:

2. Not learning the rules and different bets

This mistake should be avoided no matter what game you choose to play. Roulette is fairly straightforward but it does have rules you need to fully understand as well as a range of possible bets.

When it comes to bets, being aware of what options are possible and how that choice affects your odds of winning and the size of payout you can expect will make a big difference in how you proceed through play.

If you’re confusing your corner bet for your street bet, head over to our roulette beginner’s guide to learn the difference.

3. Sticking to one roulette strategy only

This is a mistake often made by new players. In the absence of experience and/or confidence, a newbie might pick up a strategy and stick to it for much longer than is wise. The truth is that one strategy can only get you so far. None of them offers a foolproof way of beating the game and in fact, none of them professes to do so either.

If you are having difficulty understanding how a strategy works or one strategy simply doesn’t work, try another one. There are plenty of strategies out there for you to use and by playing roulette for free, you can get to grips with the finer details. Our roulette strategy guide has more.

4. Placing combination bets

Combination bets are essentially a specified collection of straight bets. Hitting a single straight bet is a challenge in itself but the high payout of that choice is enticing. On the other hand, combination bets sink more chips across several numbers and the payout is reduced, depending on how many numbers have been included.

Split bets and basket bets are just two examples of bets that can cost the player quite a bit while offering lower payouts as a reward. And that’s if you hit one of the selected numbers, which is already quite a feat. Stick to outside bets for the best odds.

5. Forgetting that roulette is a game of luck

Online casino games have gained quite the sheen of glamour over the years, mostly thanks to gambling films and James Bond. Expert players always somehow manage to win when it’s the most important. In truth, those ‘expert players’ are subject to the randomness of the game as much as anyone else.

Every single spin of the roulette wheel is an independent, completely unpredictable event. The result of the previous spin or the previous ten spins has absolutely no bearing on what happens next. Remember that every round is 100% random and unaffected by previous results.

6. Not knowing when to quit

Roulette is fast and it’s exciting. This means it is very important to have a strict budget and even more important to stick to it. Players can easily find themselves in a situation where a whirlwind couple of rounds at the roulette table leaves them empty-handed.

Establish your budget before you start to play. This should be an amount you are comfortable losing. Once it is gone, step away from the table and return another day. With this system in place, you will not find yourself reaching for funds you might not want to spend but use them anyway in the heat of the moment.

7 Common mistakes to avoid in Roulette - not using Roulette bonuses

7. Not using Roulette bonuses

Roulette bonuses are a great way of adding value to your experience and a good chance to play a little extra without having to pay for it. For new players, this is particularly useful.

Check out some online casinos that offer roulette-specific bonuses to find out what’s on offer. Some brands also offer bonuses that are applicable on the full range of table games available, which allows players to use bonus perks on any game in the category, including roulette.

Below are just a few casinos that offer roulette or table games bonuses that we think are worth checking out.


Playing roulette is exciting and as the classic game has fairly simple rules, even new players can enjoy themselves. To make the most of your time at the table, keep these tips in mind to avoid the most common mistakes players make.