How to win at roulette

How to win roulette - guide

Roulette’s enduring popularity is down to its ability to thrill as well as its simple rules. Players can easily work out the house edge, something that can be quite difficult in other games like slots and poker. This game is easy to understand but, like other casino games, there is no way to guarantee a roulette win.

The focus for any casino player should be on enjoying themselves but it doesn’t hurt to work according to a strategy. These act as guides, giving players a plan to follow while they play and while some work just as well on high stakes roulette as on other games, many can be adapted for even the lowest possible wagers.

Read our in-depth guide on the best way to win at roulette while keeping in mind the importance of roulette odds. Happy betting!

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How to win in online roulette?

As with all other casino games, the element of chance in roulette means there is no strategy that can guarantee a win every time. There are differences in the kinds of bets that players can make though, which can limit losses and help players hang on to their bankroll.

There’s a sea of online roulette strategies out there, each with their pros and cons, but there is one skill we recommend every gambler works on – knowing when to stop. Spending more than you should is one of the top betting mistakes and it’s easy to get caught up in the moment during a spirited roulette session.

With that in mind, take a look at the things you can do to help you win at roulette and have a safe, entertaining time doing it.

1. Learn the rules and strategies

Knowledge is power. Do you know your American roulette from your European roulette? Does the phrase ‘Martingale strategy’ mean anything to you? The most important thing a new player can do before they start spinning is to learn the rules.

Although roulette has fairly simple rules, it is not without its nuance and aside from being quite an interesting read, resources on roulette types, tables, and bets will help you prepare to play confidently.

2. Know your odds

Understanding roulette odds is a crucial part of deciding which type of game to play and what your chances of winning are on any one spin. In European roulette bets, the odds of a win are always higher than in the American style of game, thanks to that pesky 00 pocket that skews the odds in the house’s favour.

You don’t need to remember all the odds – that’s a very long list of numbers! – but it’s a good idea to give it a once over before you start to play. We’ve put it all together in a table over on our beginner’s guide; “how to play roulette online“.

How to win roulette guide - Know your odds

3. Try roulette free play first

Practice makes perfect and practice that doesn’t cost you anything is a great way to work on your strategy. Many online casino brands offer players the chance to try their games for free, with the exception of live dealer titles in most cases.

Head over to your casino’s table games section and give the roulette options a spin in free play mode. Keep tabs on how much you win and how much you lose. Practice over a long period to develop a strategy that works for you. Because this demo mode doesn’t cost you a cent, you won’t be winning anything but you will be gaining invaluable experience, which is worth its weight in gold.

4. Play European roulette

It’s no secret – European roulette gives the player a better chance to win than American roulette. In European roulette, the player has a 1 in 37 chance of landing a single specific number, while having an additional pocket means the American roulette wheel has a 1 in 38 chance of landing the chosen digit.

A single pocket may not sound like all that much but it does make a significant difference to how a player’s gambling experience goes. American roulette is heaps of fun in itself but for the win-oriented player, European roulette is the better choice.

How to win roulette guide - Play European roulette

5. Go after outside bets

Whichever variation of roulette you choose to play, outside bets are always more likely to be successful. Bets on Odd/Even, High/Low and Red/Black bring the odds of a win as close to 50% as they can get – the holy grail for players who want to minimise their risk of loss. Dozens and columns have lower odds but are still better than straight bets on single numbers.

Combining multiple bets, as indicated in the James Bond strategy, for example, can boost the chances of a win by covering more of the table, as can hedging bets on two columns.

6. Use the En Prison rule

This rule is only in play on French and European roulette tables but it’s worth keeping in mind. Even-money bets are kept ‘en prison’ should the ball land in the 0 pocket. It is then carried over onto the next round, which gives you the chance of winning your money back. Although you can still lose the bet on the next round, that 0 gives you a chance to win it back. Well worth the trouble, we think.

7. Only play at trusted casinos

Shady, rogue casinos are rarely in the business of making their players happy. All they are after is a quick buck, often to the detriment of their customers and their respective bank accounts.

Choosing only trusted online casinos is good practice, whether you are playing roulette, blackjack, bingo or sports betting. Reputable casinos are strictly regulated and are obliged to keep players safe from nasty things like fraud, identity theft and problem gambling. Trusted casinos are held to account by their regulators, which can and do act on player reports of poor conduct so you can rest assured that your play will always be fair and safe.

8. Use roulette bonuses

A great way to get more value out of your casino experience is to use bonuses and a growing number of casinos are offering table games fans promotions and campaigns that specifically cover the categories they like to play.

How to win roulette guide - 8. Use roulette bonuses

Look out for roulette bonuses that offer bonus funds or free rounds. Also keep in mind that these bonuses may reward on table games in general, which is a great opportunity to give other titles a chance if you fancy.

Remember to update your details so you never miss email communication from your casino of choice. Some send their players exclusive promotions in their inbox that are not publicly available through the generic Promotions page.

9. Try a Column-betting strategy

Column betting in online roulette entails betting on either red vs black, even vs odd or high vs low. You’re essentially placing a bet that the ball will end on a number found in one of the table’s three columns. Remember that column bets are outside bets so you are more likely to increase your bankroll more quickly.

10. Remember that the house always has an advantage

Always keep in mind that a casino is a business. Sure, it offers you (the player) a chance to enjoy yourself by gambling on casino games but at the end of the day, the house i.e. the casino always has the edge. There is no casino game out there that, statistically, gives the player the upper hand. In slots, this is evident by the RTP, which rarely exceed 98% – that 2% goes to the casino coffers.

In roulette, the best odds a player can hope for are found on the even-money outside bets, although they aren’t really ‘even money’ at all. Although they offer the closest odds to 50%, there is still that small percentage in the casino’s favour.

If you keep these facts at the fore when you are gambling, you will find it easier to know when to walk away. If you think you can beat the odds, then you are likely in for a painful and rather expensive lesson. Our motto? If you play for fun, you will never lose.


We often get asked for advice on how to win at roulette or how to win a bet every time. Our expert advice is always the same – that what they want is not possible. What we can offer though, is valuable information on how roulette works, what odds are in play, and strategies to help players minimise losses where they can.

Our other piece of advice for all our readers is to always choose their casino carefully. There is an enormous range of reputable brands out there to suit all tastes so there is no reason to put yourself and your cash at risk by playing at a rogue, unlicensed casino. Head to our Online Casinos page to explore top-rated brands that we can wholeheartedly recommend.

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