All-comprehensive guide to roulette terminology


The following is an all-comprehensive list of terms and definitions used in both live and online roulette. You are by no means obliged to know all the terms listed here when playing online roulette. However, if you want to improve your chances of winning and to understand better the terms used by the dealer and other players, it would be best to have a good read of the below terms.

Action: The total number of bets spent over a specific time.

Action player: Roulette players who tend to place large bets on a regular basis.

American Roulette: This version of online roulette adopts a wheel that features a 00 slot in addition to the 0 slot most commonly found on European Roulette wheels. This give the house an additional advantage.

Ball Track: The outside rim of the roulette wheel where the ball spins. It is also known as the backtrack.

Bankroll: The amount of money you wish to spend on gambling.

Basket Bet: A wager that covers 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Big number: A number that pops up more regularly than the odds would suggest.

Black bet: A bet on the ball landing on a black umber

Bottom track: The inner sloping area on the roulette wheel. When the roulette ball enters the bottom track prior to landing into the pockets and wheel head.

Carre: A term for the corner bet most commonly used when playing French roulette.

Cheval: A split bet in French roulette.

Column bet: A bet that covers an entire column of 12 numbers.

Colonne: The French term for a column bet.

Combination bet: A bet that covers 2 or more numbers.

Corner bet: A bet that is placed at the intersection to cover all four numbers.

Courtesy line: A bet that covers both 0 and 00 in American roulette.

Croupier: The dealer.

Derniere: The last 12 number or from 25 all the way through 36 when playing French roulette.

Double Up: A betting option where you decrease the amount of your bet following a win only to increase it by an equal amount after a loss.

Double Zero Roulette: This is another name for American Roulette. The roulette wheel in American roulette has a 00 slot option, in addition to the 0 slot.

Dozen bet: This bet covers an entire column of 12 numbers similar to the column bet. You can place bets on 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.

Even bet: Placing a wager on the next number being even.

Even money bet: Outside bets that pay 1:1 including bets on odds, evens, blacks, reds, low numbers or high numbers.

En prison: A rule that is applied to European or French roulette, that lets you stay at the table for the next spin if the land falls on zero.

European roulette: Featuring 37 numbers, ranging from 0 to 36, this version of the game offers better odds than the American version.

Five number bet: A bet on the possibility of the next number being 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3 when playing American roulette.

Flat better: A player who bets the same amount on a regular basis.

French roulette: Like European roulette, this version has a different table layout in addition to en prison and la partage rules.

High bet: A bet on numbers between 19 and 36.

High roller: A player who often places large bets.

House: Another term for the casino.

House Edge: The chances and percentage ratio a casino has of winning over players.

House Rules: The regulations of the game including buy-ins.

Inside Bets: Bets placed on the numbered area of the table.

La partage: A rule that is applied in French or European roulette that sees half of your money lost in a bet returned if the ball falls on zero.

Line bet: A bet on the numbers between 1 and 18.

Low roller: A players that places small bets on a regular basis.

Odd bet: A bet on the next number coming up being odd instead of even.

Odds: The likelihood of an outcome.

Outside bet: Bets places on the outside area including reds, blacks, even, odd, low high, dozens and columns.

Parlay: Doubling your bet following a win.

Push: A tie. Your cash is returned when this happens.

Quarter bet: A bet on the ball landing on one of four numbers chosen. This is also known as a corner bet or a square bet.

Red bet: A bet on a red number.

Single zero roulette: Like European roulette, it has 37 slots, between 0 and 36.

Split bet: Betting on two numbers next to each other.

Straight up bet: Betting on a single number.

Street bet: A bet on the ball landing on one of three numbers.

Surrender: When players get half their wager back if the ball lands on 0 or 00.

Trio: Also known as a street bet, it’s a bet on three numbers.

Wager: A bet

Wheel: A Roulette wheel.

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