Slot Tournament: Ultimate Guide for Online Tournaments

Top online casinos with regular slot tournaments

Slot tournaments are like custard to your apple crumble, they are an affordable way to add an extra layer of sweetness and depth of flavour to your gaming experience. But more so, tournaments are high-energy slot challenges, that let you compete against other players to win bonus prizes and real money cash.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about the slot tournaments. From the bare basics to tournament winning strategies and where to look for the best adrenaline-filled slot battles.

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What are online slot tournaments?

Slot tournaments are a fun way for you to jazz up your gaming experience, test out some cracking slots and ultimately, win some big cash.

These tournaments vary from casino to casino and come in different shapes and sizes. They can be daily, weekly and seasonal like special Christmas tournaments for example that can last for a whole month. Sometimes, one specific slot tournament can be played across many different casinos like a pooled progressive jackpot.

The idea of a slot tournament is to play against other players and climb up the leaderboard using the credits awarded to you at the start.

Beware that the separate events that take place during these tournaments can get a little frantic. That’s because, during the events, when you play against other players, you only have 10 minutes or so to make the most of the credits that you get at the start of each event.

What we mean by ‘frantic’ is that your main goal in a slot tournament is to press the spin button as fast as you can to beat your opponents on the other side of the screen. And it ain’t as easy as it sounds to keep on tapping a button for 10 minutes straight. But you’ve gotta do it if you want to win. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Different slots

Different types of slot tournaments online

There are two main types, freeroll and buy-in tournaments, but at some casinos, you can also find VIP tournaments for high rollers.

These tournaments, except the VIP, are open for anyone who wants to join and range from daily, weekly and monthly competitions. Some can be joined at any time, some have a specific time frame and can run every 15 minutes for 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Each online casino has set rules, but usually, they choose slot(s) that will host a tournament event and set an entry fee (for buy-in tournaments). After you pay your dues, you get a certain amount of credits to collect your leaderboard points.

The way it works is that each time you spin a slot machine and win, you earn points. That explains the spin button hitting frenzy during the slot tournaments. The point system varies from casino to casino. But mostly, the player who achieved the highest score first is the winner.

Your points can be calculated based on the size of your wager and the number of spins. For example, during your first 10 spins, the amount you win is divided by the amount you have wagered and multiplied by 10 giving you your leaderboard points.

1. Freeroll tournaments

Even though fun to participate and free to enter, freeroll tournaments are the least popular among UK players. That’s due to modest prizes which don’t always involve cash. These types of free contests usually reward players with extra bonuses or free spins instead.

Like other tournaments, they vary in duration and have similar rules but the best part is they come handy as fun and risk-free practice ground for newbies.

2. Buy-in tournaments

The buy-in tournaments are some of the most popular slot battles because they give you a chance to compete for real money prizes. To enter this type of tournament you pay the entry fee, usually £20 – £50, by purchasing some credits.

Prizes in buy-in slot tournaments vary depending on the casino, but the general rule among players is the bigger the entry fee the bigger the prizes. That’s because a percentage of each player’s fee is reinvested into the prize pool.

The perk of a buy-in slot tournament is that you can purchase some added features to improve your leaderboard score. For example, buying add-ons offered by the casino can boost your results, help you overtake your allies and even reach the number one position on the scoreboard.

3. VIP tournaments

VIP tournaments or Member tournaments are usually exclusive invitation-only championships for high rollers only. Although mostly free to loyal members, sometimes they come as buy-in tournaments due to high-value elite prizes offered at the time.

How to play in a slot tournament

There are a few things you need to know before joining a slot battle. While each casino has its own set of rules for you to follow, here is a quick list of things to be aware of before you play.

Find the best slot tournaments to play

Registration and the tournament duration

While some competitions can last only a day, others can take months to complete. Therefore, to join any slot tournament, you’ll need to register with a casino and have an account.

What slots can I play?

Slot offers vary from casino to casino and can sometimes be tailored to a specific season. During Halloween, you might see more horror slots available such as Blood Suckers, Dracula or Halloween Jack. During Christmas time you’ll see more Christmas-themed slots.

Slots like Gonzo’s Quest, Book of Dead or Aloha! Cluster Pays can often be seen as hosts to slots tournaments. But even if you don’t see your favourite slots included, give other slots a chance. You might discover some fantastic new slots you didn’t even know existed.

Tournaments are openly advertised by the casinos so it’s easy to spot which games are eligible to play. Simply navigate to the promotions/tournaments section of a website and click on the advert. You’ll see the games listed in the description and also in the significant terms and conditions.

Winning criteria

Each tournament comes with a set of rules which we will cover later, a leaderboard and payout system but usually, the player who achieved the highest score first is considered the winner.

What is the prize pool and how is it divided?

The good thing about slot tournaments is that there isn’t just one winner. A prize pool can be shared among 50 or more lucky players. So even if you don’t come first, you still have a chance to bag a nice reward from the prize pool.

Prize pools can range dramatically depending on the casino, the tournament entrance fee and how many players are participating. For example, it could be anything from £25,000 prize pool with £5,000 for the top prize to £1,000,000 prize pool across several casinos.

Slot tournament awards usually include cash rewards, luxurious holidays, high street vouchers, gadgets and more. Sometimes, winners can choose between holiday or cash that is equivalent to the holiday expenses. Other prizes, mostly at freeroll tournaments will include free spins and extra bonuses.

Slot Tournament Rules

There are as many different rules as there are casinos, but these are the most common slot tournament rules:

  • Slots selection – In most cases, only gameplay on the selected games will count towards your spot on the leaderboard.
  • Time limits – Each event lasts a certain amount of time and once the time is up the event is over and all leaderboard prize positions are paid out.
  • Winnings – Unless stated otherwise, wins can come with wagering requirements which you’ll have to fulfil before cashing out.
  • Score draw – The player who achieved the highest score first is considered the winner.
  • Bet level – In order to qualify, each tournament event has a minimum bet amount per spin. Therefore spins made below the minimum required will not count towards your leaderboard position.

What happens when you win a jackpot?

How to win a slot machine tournament

We’d like to say that there is a slot tournament strategy that’ll guarantee you the top position on the leaderboard, but there isn’t one. Each player has their own system and gambling pros even have a long term plan at winning such competitions.

But with a little bit of luck and the below slot tournament tips, you could significantly increase your winning chances.

  • Check Internet speed and connection – This is one of the most obvious but nonetheless important slot tournament tips. If you have patchy internet, it will interrupt your game and chances of completing the event in a desirable position. So, before you enter any slot tournament, check the speed and connectivity of your internet and move to a better location if you have to.
  • Know your budget – For the best experience, set your budget limits and try not to wager above your personal set limit.
  • Look at the pay tables – Checking the paytable of a game that hosts the tournament will allow you to better prepare for the challenge.
  • Practice for free – Most of the slots games which host tournaments are available in demo mode. Play them for free to learn more about the special features and winning combinations.
  • Spin constantly and consistently – Remember, slot tournaments are fast and require a high level of concentration. And since you’ll want to use up all your credits within a short space of time, you need to play as fast as possible. Therefore, before entering a competition, make sure you are focused and refreshed.
  • Place the maximum bet – Any credit left unused during the tournament is wasted so play smart and bet max during each round. The more wins you hit, the higher you climb the leaderboard and the bigger the chances you have to finish at the top.
  • Activate all paylines – Be sure to activate and play on all paylines to maximise your wins.
  • Celebrate later – Each winning spin boosts your total score so you’ll want to land as many wins as fast as possible. The key is to keep pushing the spin button and celebrate later. Celebration in slots tournaments equals precious time wasted.
  • Enjoy it! – Above all, don’t forget to enjoy it. This is what these slot tournaments are all about, a little bit of fun with the added benefit of winning.

Best casinos that have slot tournaments

There is a simple reason why so many online casinos offer slot tournaments and that’s because gamblers love playing slots. Also, they are a fun and affordable social activity that’s available to all players.

We’ve picked out the 2 best online casinos in the UK that host regular and exciting slot tournaments that you can join any time.


Battle it out with the Battle of Slots challenge at Videoslots casino. Their daily tournament offerings extend to a range of categories including jackpot tournaments, freeroll tournaments as well as different buy-in options.

At Videoslots, you are just one mouse click away from Battle of Slots screen with the current and future events taking place on the site.

The slots selection is astonishing covering all the favourites including Gonzo’s Quest, Book of Dead and Esqueleto Explosivo.


PlayOJO is a great choice for joining daily slot tournaments that offer free spins with no wagering requirements for the top prize. Anything you win from the Free Spins Package is yours to keep.

The easy-to-join OJO’s Reel Spinoffs will fix you up with some spins to play on a bunch of exciting slots games and see you potentially winning hordes of free spins daily. The more you win the more points you collect, breezy!

Should I try slot tournaments?

You should definitely try slot tournaments because they are fun, affordable and profitable. Here are the main pros and cons of the slot tournaments for comparison.

  • High chance at winning
  • You can win big prizes for free or a small fee
  • You can use buy-ins, add-ons and re-buys to improve score/re-enter the tournament
  • You always know how much you spend
  • You have leaderboards to keep track
  • A large choice of slots tournaments available
  • They are extremely fun to participate
  • You’ve got to be very fast
  • Not all slot games are eligible
  • You have to share the prize
  • Some tournaments can only be played at set times
  • Slots tournaments can get too competitive


With so many ways to enhance your gambling experience and reward you as a loyal player, slot tournaments are probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on. They are a great way to spin some exciting slots and get handsomely rewarded along the way.

So next time you’ll be looking to join a new casino, be sure to check out what slot tournaments they have on offer.